Why I Become a Singer – Hauwa Yar Gombe Gombe

Hauwa Ƴar Fuar Fulani Fulani, a well-known Hausa and Fulani singer in Nigeria, has revealed to the world why she started her music career.

The actress made the remarks in an interview with W TV, a video of the conversation.

Why I Become a Singer - Hauwa Yar Gombe Gombe

I was born in Gombe, I went to primary school and secondary school in Gombe.


It was when I was in secondary school, so I didn’t finish until I got married, then after my marriage died I came back home, I went back to school and I lost SSCE after I finished I went back home and lived, I looked for different schools, but God forbid, I started a women’s jewelry business, so since there are so many people in debt, it was difficult and I had to give up.

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The main reason I started singing was when my brother became a soldier, I wanted to sing for him, and I wanted a woman to sing for him like me because I grew up wanting to sing, so God destined me. lost the one who would give birth to him because in reality there were no female singers.

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I spoke to a singer and I said we wanted to sing, but I wanted a woman to sing. I told him I could not, he said you could, he said he would write us, he wrote us and he told me to shoot an arrow, I went home two days later and we went to Studio since the time in Gombe Studio was the same. , we said goodbye tomorrow, there was a day when I had to go into the singing hall and I was told I had to come out because I was going to have a hard time since I was going to start now.

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So I came out and he came in and he came out, he came out and I came in since I started I didn’t stop until I finished, everyone was full of surprise, the studio started to feel good, they said chickens sound like Fantimoti honestly you tried, then the studio owner said we will get my number if the call is up they will call me this is why not start singing.


Right as I said earlier I got up I loved music so much, but I never thought I would sing in my life, and I never thought our house would let me start singing, but since God has written and there is food in it, when I started I had a lot of trouble in it because I was lost and the people of our family finally came and understood that I was given rules that I was following.

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