Why God Does Not Like WhatsApp – Popular Evangelist Reveals

Why God Does Not Like WhatsApp – Popular Evangelist Reveals

Evangelist reveals reasons God does not like WhatsApp, warns against using it.

WhatsApp which is one of the top four social media platforms, has caught the interest of a well-known controversial Evangelist, who alleges the platform is against God’s plan.

The platform, according to the prophetess, is always recognized for a generalized message, which God despises.

She said that broadcasting a message is a bad practice that should be discouraged.

The broadcast message is as follows:

”If you love me send this message to 5 people, if you do not send it, I’ll know you do not love me.”

The clergywoman added that publishing such messages alongside an image of a supposed ‘Christ’ is a promotion of Heresy and evil activity, which the Almighty does not approve of.

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