[Video] The wife of Nura Murnai, a gunman in Katsina, has been arrested with N2 million in her bag


The wife of Nura Murnai arrested

Katsina State Police Spokesperson Gambo Isah described the arrest of the wife of a gunman who was torturing the state.

PremiumTimes Hausa newspaper ruwiato Jesus said the woman was arrested Murnai on a motorcycle after returning from Kaduna where it comes to business ransom.

Nura Murnai’s roommate was arrested after returning from Kaduna in response to a two million message from her husband’s business partner, Nura Murnai.

Gwamnatin Kaduna na taya iyayen daliban Afaka murnar sako su da ‘Yan bindiga suka yi

”She was searched and found N2 million in her bag.

The wife of Nura Murnai arrested

Isah added that she herself had confirmed to the police that she was making money laundering traffic from places.

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Nura Murnai is known for his kidnappings and gun cases.

Stream the video below.


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