Sahara reporters reprimanded - jealousy kannywood

Poet and hero amad abdallah popularly known as excellency in my story program has once again come out on the blasphemy of the sahara reporters against the Prophet Muhammad saw

The actor made a video with a text on the kind of jealousy that is being shown about mercy now and has been silenced.

Here is the video below the text after reading it then listen.

“You can advertise your songs, games, movies, pornography, you spend time posting obscenities and your name is celebrity, but once you can’t protect the honor of Prophet Mohammad (SAS), you are lying. with dances in the name of his love, it is a disgrace that all your followers have no share in God and His Messenger, it is hypocrisy and hatred or something happens to someone who is rumored to be jealous.

Honorable Reporters Respond to Famous Reporters and Presidents of Nigeria

I’m sorry @rahamasadau God forbid when something goes wrong I don’t belong to you, I don’t know how much I love you. , but now I realize how many of them are jealous of your hatred, such as those who cry out for lies and hypocrisy, and those who curse you. On the other hand, if you are a Muslim, you will not be treated fairly. I see some infidels, enemies of God, enemies of peace in our country.

And we will not stop telling you, even if you are deaf and can tell you the truth, whether you like it or not. Sorry for the inconvenience… muhammadubuhari @buharisallau @bashirahmaad @mrs_indmi hanan_buhari @profosinbajo @musahalilu @umarkhan__nuhu

#saynotosaharareporters #saynotosaharareporters.”


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