The Singer Worshiped Maryam Yahaya said the Truth

Subhanillahi it is a new thing said chacha this thing and what it looks like a True zallah Tv page on instagram they post that there must be something happening with the hero and ladder.

Here is what they posted on the Instagram page.

“Maryam is the one who gives birth and whoever worships her.

The kannywood industry is in a state of flux,

Covetousness and materialism have led some political dogs to adopt witchcraft, witchcraft, witchcraft and bloodshed.

I don’t catch a name but it is a singer who worships it and makes his name. ”

The site added:

Suspected kidnappers disguise as Bishop, Naval officer storm Dunamis church to defraud Pastor Enenche

“ I don’t want to make too much noise but the big kannywood know everything.

God forbid. ”

This is exactly what the website says about the illness of the hero Maryam Yahaya.

Be with us all that is clear about us.


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