The kannywood hero who worshiped Maryam Yahaya is almost dead


Maryam Yahaya was the first Hausa film star to face the verge of death.

Many people at first thought it was just an illness that God had placed on John the Baptist to test her faith according to the human way of life.

The kannywood hero who worshiped Maryam Yahaya is almost dead

It was only after the doctors did their best that things became impossible and the main obstacle for Maryam Yahaya’s family was how she was taken to the main hospital which had a large number of doctors and as long as they were passed over then they had to go abroad. However, the hair always hurts and gets worse.

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In the end, Maryam Yahaya could not understand anything, so her family began to despair.

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However, the appearance of a teacher later eased Maryam Yahaya’s illness by assuring her parents that she was suffering from a concussion thrown at her by a colleague.

Arewasocial ruwaito.Bayan John and Mary back home and the teacher continue to treatment with her rukiyya and reading al-Quran Allah has brought her relief.

The teacher then explained to her that it was a colleague of hers who was a musician who had done this to her and her life had asked God to protect her.

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The teacher revealed the singer’s name but kannywood has asked for his name to be withheld, watch the video below which is being reported by tv.

Stream video below;


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