The girls who beat up their friend were arrested in Yola on suspicion of gossip

The Adamawa State Police Command in northeastern Nigeria says it has arrested six girls on suspicion of “stabbing” a friend.

DSP Suleiman Nguroje, who confirmed the incident to BBC Hausa , said they were currently being investigated before being arraigned in court.

“The victim is being treated for her injuries and we will take them to court in a few days,” he said.

The girls who beat up their friend were arrested in Yola on suspicion of gossip

Last week, Northern Hibiscuss on Instagram posted a video showing girls beating a young woman and verbally abusing her.

The video has sparked controversy, with human rights activists intervening and reporting to the police.

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The video first shows a young woman in a shanshanbale sitting on a chair and a woman in a black dress beating her chair.

From the other side, some girls were seen standing and watching what was happening and making noises.

Someone was quoted as saying, “Fati is enough, enough is enough,” but Fatin seemed to be the one to give up.

Bail on Instagram, 1

In the second video, the situation is relegated to a room where the victims are all in bed and the beatings have increased to four.

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The moon beats the mop with a mop, while the one who is being beaten screams like a rattlesnake coming out but no helper.

And it seems that the person who took the video was one of the girls in the house at the time.

The perpetrators are often out of their minds and saying that they do not even feel sorry for them.

What has she done to them?

In the video, one of the young men is seen abusing her, saying, “My boyfriend and I are going to Abuja with your money?” Am I going to Abuja with your money? ”

However, the actions of Fati’s motivators and apologists who stopped her from hearing the rest of Fatin’s complaints.

But DSP Nguroye told the BBC that a preliminary investigation had found that the girls had called the young woman from their home and had beaten her on the grounds that she had “done something wrong to them.”

“Instead of taking the matter to the police, they take the law into their own hands, which is not fair.”

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“They closed the house and gathered five men to come and beat her with whips and all her cries did not stop her,” he said.

The officer added that the girls were arrested after receiving the video, “and they did not deny their guilt and said they did it.”

What did the victim say?

The BBC contacted Sakina Ahmed, who said she had been pressured by her friends to meet at one of their homes to see her new phone.

“Later, when they pressured me, I said let’s meet at Fati’s house to check on her. She has been ill for a long time and she complained that I did not go to see her.

“Then we made our way around the four of us and we all went to see our friends, including a married woman.

“When we entered the house, it was rushed and we ate meat, only to have one of them start saying that I was separated from her boyfriend and he broke up her marriage.

“It simply came to our notice then. Then all of a sudden they covered me with both.

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“Four people invited Fatin’s sisters. Eight of them found me with a broom, a machete, a belt and a mop stick,” Sakina said.

What happened next?

Sakina said that after they had seduced her, she flirted and went home but could not tell anyone because they had warned her that if she did, they would do more for her.

“I do not want the word to spread in the world so I have to give my body warm water and go to bed.

“But the next morning I was so sick that I fainted twice and betrayed my blood.”

Sakina was rushed to the hospital and her family reported the matter to the authorities, who said the news had already reached them.

Sakina is still recovering from a heart attack.

The police said it would combine medical records with the information it collected to present the case, which is expected to be heard on October 7.

However, the BBC has not heard from the girls as they are being held by the authorities.

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