Sahara Reporters published an Insulting Story of the Prophet Muhammad

Sahara Reporters, owned by Sowore, published an insulting article about the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Sahara Report quotes Afenifere Jare Ajayi, information secretary of the Yoruba group, as saying that Sunday Igboho is like the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), who fled Mecca from Medina due to injuries.

Is this an insult and an insult to our leader Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), how can a non-Muslim sorcerer like Sunday Igboho be included to say that he resembles Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)?

If the comparisons are made with the Prophet, why don’t they compare with the Prophet Moses (pbuh) since it comes in the Bible that they believe in Sunday Igboho and the tyranny of the Prophet Moses caused him to flee the city with a few his Jewish brother?

Suspected kidnappers disguise as Bishop, Naval officer storm Dunamis church to defraud Pastor Enenche

Despite their intentions, they mentioned the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) with the intention of humiliating and insulting him in order to provoke Muslims.

Sahara Reporters published an Insulting Story of the Prophet Muhammad

We call on the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) to take action against this insult published by Sahara Reporters on our Prophet

Sahara Reporters, since they have insulted our great Islamic scholars and today their insults are allowed to fall on the Holy Prophet (SAW), Muslims, what is the use of our lives if no action is taken?

We call on the Nigerian Government to take immediate action against the defamation of our Prophet by Sowore

We call on every prominent cleric in the country, and every Muslim leader, from His Highness Sultan Muhammad Abubakar III to the Nation, to take legal action against the insult to our Prophet by Sahara Reporters.

Dear Muslims, everyone should convey this message in the right format until action is taken. By God, we will not allow it.

From Datti assalafy


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