Porsha gets blasted on Twitter and fans say she’s the problem

Porsha gets blasted on Twitter and fans say she's the problem

On “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Porsha Williams was a divisive, polarizing, figure. Either people loved her, or they hated her, there was no in between. That is what made her feud with Kenya Moore so epic, as fans also viewed her the same way.

Porsha Williams decided to leave the show, after the 2021 season. Now, she has her own mini spin-off from the show, entitled “Porsha’s Family Matters.” On this show, Porsha finds herself being dragged by the fans over her decisions and treatment of her family.

Thus far, the fans love Porsha’s sister, Lauren, and her ex, Dennis. After the initial dragging, viewers also seem to be warming to Simon, but Porsha is an entirely different story. Following tonight’s episode, the fans are really trashing her, and saying that she is the biggest problem in her family.

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