NECO 2021 Physics Objective And Essay Answers

NECO 2021 Physics Objective And Essay Answers (29th July, 2021)

Paper III & II: Objective & Essay – Physics 10:00am – 1:00pm.

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NECO 2021 Civic Education Objective And Essay Answers (Thursday 29th July, 2021)










(i) A multimeter

(ii) Reads if there is short circuit in the electric circuit.


(i)A simple microscope uses one lens while a compound microscope uses two lens

(ii)A compound microscope produces a higher magnification than that of simple microscope.


Using M= ZIt

I = M/Zt

I = 450/3.30×10-⁴ x25x60

I = 909A



– Simple Microscope it is used for reading small prints and for studying biological specimens.

– The magnifying glass or simple microscope is a convex lens which is used to produce magnified images of small object.

– When a converging lens is used as a simple microscope the object is placed between the principal focus and the optical center of the lens.

– The Compound microscope consists of two converging lenses of short focal lengths.

– To produce a higher magnification that obtained from a simple microscope.


A Simple Microscope uses the optical power of single lens or group of lenses for magnification. While A Compound Microscope uses a system of lenses (one set enlarging the image produced by another) to achieve much higher magnification of an object.


The range of the projectile is the displacement in the horizontal direction. There is no acceleration in this direction since gravity only acts vertically. shows the line of range. Like time of flight and maximum height, the range of the projectile is a function of initial speed.


A wave front is the locus of points characterized by propagation of position of the same phase: a propagation of a line in 1D, a curve in 2D or a surface for a wave in

3D. In other words a line or surface in the path of an

advancing wave on which all the particles are vibrating in

phase is called a wave front.


Lost Volt refers to the amount of energy lost (in a battery, generally) to energy resistance of components. It is generally fairly negligible, but to calculate: V=IR

where I is the current and R is resistance.


(i) Secondary cell last long and can be used over again and again.

(ii) A secondary cell is rechargeable meaning that the chemical reactions taking place in the cell are reversible and can be carried out in the opposite direction to charge the cell again.

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