Following the arrest of Sadiya Haruna by the Kano State Hisbah Commission for allegedly spreading pornographic videos and statements in the name of drug advertising.

Hero Shehu Shehu has come out to challenge the Hisbah Board, saying that there is no interference between God and His servant, adding that the Hisbah Board also has adulterers who should not be named.

It is alleged that Umma Shehu Itama was also arrested for throwing big Hisbah with the word Mazinata

However, her remarks angered the public, especially the religious ones, who saw in her remarks that there was a lack of understanding of the religion, and she was reprimanded on social media for even deleting the article.

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Tsakar Gida reported that they received the news this morning that it was widely reported that Umma Shehu had also been arrested in Kaduna for allegedly defaming Hisbah officials.

Here is the full description of the video.


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