I was lucky to be in the film industry – Fati Shu’uma


Kannywood actress Fati Abubakar, popularly known as Fati Shu’uma, has revealed how lucky she is to be in the film industry. , she got involved and at the same time became a famous hero.

Fati Shu’uma made the remarks in an interview with a Democrat newspaper correspondent.

I was lucky to be in the film industry - Fati Shu'uma

“I really consider myself lucky to be in the film industry, because I was in the film industry for less than two weeks, and I became a film star two months before I joined. Because the commercials for the movie have been seen, you see not every hero gets the same luck as me. “She said Regarding the problem, we asked her if she had any problems.

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She said, “Yes, I have a problem, because since I was going to see the movie” Here I am for you “, her uncle kept saying,” Why did I go? ” You know how people react to the film industry. He wondered if I would go with him to the brothel, but later he realized he had left me. ”According to her

Finally, Fati Shu’uma called on her colleagues to take care of their lives and deal with people because they are different because the world knows their faces.


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