How A Bride Escaped During Her Marriage After Finding Her Husband’s Marriage Is A Rental Car Driver

How A Bride Escaped During Her Marriage After Finding Her Husband's Marriage Is A Rental Car Driver

As you know, marriage is the essence of human life in one form or another.

However, before marriage, a young man or a young woman may have to deal with his or her own business in order to feel comfortable and secure in marriage. Seeing Her Life Improve.

Toh Today And Then We Went Up With A Story Like This;

A shocking incident in Kenya’s village of Kilifi has left people spitting after the bride fled from their wedding venue after discovering that her husband had lied to her.

Gafa Mutuniyar a Islamiyya Tsakiyar Yan Yara Sadiya Haruna Ta Fara Daukar Hukuncin Yan Hisbah Kano

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According to Vanguard, the groom explained to the bride that he was a banker, which made her want to marry him, but the situation changed after the bride found out that the groom was going to marry her. He is not a banker, in fact he is a taxi driver.

The woman, Jackeline Wanjiru, came out of the Mbeeni wedding church when she heard that her fiancé Alfred Musa, whom they had been in love with for four years, was a taxi driver, not as he had informed her that he too is not a KCB bank employee.

The marriage, which was attempted on Wednesday, was called off after hearing the scandal.

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All efforts by the groom’s friends, relatives and wealthy friends to persuade her to remarry were unsuccessful.

The big lesson in this is that we should try to be honest wherever we find ourselves. Let your loved ones know the kind of work you do so that they will like you because of how you are and not because of your money.

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