Honorable Reporters Respond to Famous Reporters and Presidents of Nigeria

Hero and poet Abdullahi amdaz who is best known for his excellency in my story program made this video very sad on this Sahara reporters reprimanding the superiority of the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

The one in the video starts with the word innallillahi wa Inna alaihi rajuun who says that this video does not need to be submitted.

He calls for three things: –

Suspected kidnappers disguise as Bishop, Naval officer storm Dunamis church to defraud Pastor Enenche

1.President Muhammadu Buhari

2. Members of the National Assembly

3. and lawyers

You will notice how the hero describes a satisfying and wise statement that must have told the trut

Here is the video below to listen to the answers to these questions.h.


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