Every week I earn 1.5 million naira in Carbin Malam's profession, says Ramatu

A woman was found in the village of Fadima, 6 kilometers from the capital Katsina, the most active entrepreneur in the village.

Fadima is a Hausa-Fulani town on the Katsina-Kano road, before reaching Eka. Their main occupation is farming and raising livestock.

Ramatu, a middle-aged married woman who had no formal education, started making carbine candy after her first marriage shortly after.

amatu spoke in detail about her success in her carbine candy business.

Ramatu said: “It was my mother who got me into this business. She taught me everything I knew and how to make traditional candy. ”

You will be amazed at the house of Ramatu when you see how more than 70 staff, including girls and boys, are working to assemble the candy package quickly and efficiently.


After graduating, Ramatu started her business for the first time with a price of N400 and a coconut. After assembling, she took the carbine owner to a nearby market to sell. She continued her business, but the business collapsed as a result of a lack of trade and a lack of funds in her hands.

“It simply came to our notice then. I suffered a lot because I kept falling but I kept going. ”

She continued, “At the time my mother and grandmother refused to help me with some money to revive my career. When I saw no way out, I sold my wedding furniture and used the money to rebuild my broken business. ” She said

After five years of investing her furniture in the craft, God blessed her with the ability to train her mother-in-law who had taught her the craft.

Asked how much she earned every day, she said, “I earn 200,000 naira a day.”

“I buy 13 bags of sugar every day,” she said.

That means Ramatu buys more than 91 bags of sugar every week. She later made a profit of N1.4 million, weekly.

It currently sells its carbine in all 34 local government areas of Katsina State and other neighboring states.

In her efforts to employ the young men and women of her village, Ramatu employed more than 80 workers. Most of its employees are young people between the ages of 14 and 25. It has now expanded its market to Kano, Kaduna and Lagos states.

Yusuf Iro, a resident of Fadima village, said carcasses for Ramatu were being transported to other parts of southern Nigeria.

Safiya, a Ramatu employee, said, “Since I started working with her, I have not asked my parents for money. I use the money I earn to pay for my school and my family. ”

Aisha, 20, says she is no longer worried about her parents’ money. She uses the money she earns to feed her parents and pay her school fees.

Also each employee earns at least over N500 to N3000 per day, but the cost depends on the number of kits you can combine.

Ramatu said her goal is to support girls with skills that will help them earn a little money to keep their secrets.

She later said the biggest challenge she faced was the cost of sugar, so she urged the government to subsidize it so that it could increase the amount of sugar it buys. She said this would help her increase profits and hire more staff.

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