Datti Assalafy Condemns Maryam Yahaya's Illness

Today, the famous writer dirty assalafy writes about the illness of the heroine Maryam Yahaya who spent three months in a state of illness. her parents.

Here is what he posted on his social media page.


Maryam Yahaya is a young girl in the Hausa film industry. Before joining the Hausa film industry, she used to sell high-end jewelry in her neighborhood in Kano. ordinary pity

When the girl was introduced to the Hausa film, her breasts were not fully grown, that is, she was not yet fully grown, her dignity and everything, at first her father did not want her, he was deceived and his daughter was cast in the drama.

Suspected kidnappers disguise as Bishop, Naval officer storm Dunamis church to defraud Pastor Enenche

Her co-workers, after ruining her life, bringing her to her parents’ house and dumping her at home, now don’t even pay a visit to check on her condition, despise her.

This is a violation of the rights of vulnerable women. This is not the case with Hausa filmmakers at her father’s house.

We call on government agencies and major girls’ rights groups to take action against Maryam Yahaya, to help restore her rights and that of her parents.

We hire other girls who are interested in acting, inherit Hausa film there is no good in it at all, until I know it is useless

O Allah, grant Maryam Yahya peace, forgive her, and empower her to reclaim her rights. Amen.

More than a thousand people responded to it but here are a few.

Datti Assalafy Condemns Maryam Yahaya's Illness


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