BANICE BA ALJANACE – Complete Hausa Novel

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BANICE BA  ALJANACE - Complete Hausa Novel


BANI CE BA๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๐ŸŒš๐ŸŒš๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


By hassy soja

Bisimilahi rahamani rahim

Da suna allah mai rahama mai jinkai

Sadaukarwa ga mahaifina Allah ya jikan sa ya masa rahama ameen.

Page 1—-5

———————— wata yarinyace bazata wuce shikara goma zuwa shaษ—aya ba naji tana cewa inna dan Allah kiyi hakuri wlh bani bace inna tace hmm shigeya mayya ni zakiye ma karya eh to shikenan bari malam yadawo wlh ya biyani ehe bata rufi baki ba sai ga malam yadawo kasuwa yayi tsaye yana kallon yar shi ya juya yana kallon inna uwani sai yace haba uwani yanxu sabida Allah abun da kikeyi ya kyauta kenan eye ai ko inna uwani tace ehe malam ni kake gayawa magana saboda tayi mani laifi na mata fada shikenan ni bani da ikon na aje abu sai a ษ—auka to shikenan to wlh bazan yarda da wannan ba ehe tana jijiga jikinta sai wuce dakin ta

tana fanata faman faษ—a duk ta ajiye abu sai anษ—auka

Allah sarki malam ya tausaya ma yar sa malam adamu kenan yace rufaida zonan yarinyar da akace wa rufaida ta taso tazo wajen babanta rufaida na kuka tace abban dan Allah wace ce mahaifiya ta aiko duk in da hakalin sa yake yata shi yace kiyi shiru ‘ya ta wlh nima ban san ida take ba Amman kiyi hakuri insha Allah zata dawo kin ji ta ษ—aga mai kai

Dare mahuta bawa misali karfi 2:30 wata dariyace naji hhhhh hhhhhh hhhh dariya tayi tsawon miti 50 gaba ษ—aya gidan sai da ya amsa wa saboda dariyar sanan wata kalar hallita ta bayana tana saukowa a kasa saida gidan ya girgiza saboda yau ta fara bayana tafiya take sai da takusa kawowa ta kalli dakin rufaida ta fara magana kamar haka


Daga nan sai ta nufa dakin inna uwani ta iske inna uwani bisa gado tayi ษ—ai ษ—ai tana minshari nanta ke ta kalli malam tasa masa wani kalar bacci sai ta jiyo wajen inna uwani tana nuna ta da yatsa aiko akayi sama da inna uwani nanta ke inna uwani ta falka sai ta kalli sama ta komar da kanta kasa taga bata sama kuma bata kasa nanta ke ta saki ihu wayyo Allah na wayyo uwata wayyo ubana wayyo malam kazo kace ce ni wayyo ni uwani dan Allah inna aljannah kiyi hakuri wlh bazan kara zuwa gidan yalwa ba inna aljanna dan Allah kiyi hakuri bani kara zuwa bata karasa ba aka buga ta da kasa akayi sama da ita aka sako sai da ta suma sanan ta qyaleta nan tabace bat itace bata falkaba sai da gari ya waye

Gura ren karfe goma innah uwani ta falka babu sallah babu salati sai ihu koda ta duba taga gari yayi haske shine take kiran ai ashe ma mafalki ne nayi amman fa nasha wuya ai sai tayo waje ina kike munafa mayya kawai to kurwata tafi karfin ki badan nacika jaruma ba nayi yaki da aljannun ki aida kin karni barkar munafuka kawai kina inane wai hazaka Rufaida tazo jikin ta na kerma ta duka tace innah ina kwana wani mugun kallo ta watsa mata tace da ban kwana ba kina gani na muguwa maza tashi kiban abinchi na kuma kibani kudin goro na aiko sai hawaye wlh innah ba,a sai da ba kuma kuษ—in sun faษ—i eye innah ta kwalalo ido waje tace shigiya bari na kwaci kuษ—ina take ta jawo icce tayo kanta gadan gadan………..

Idan naga ruwan comment zanci gaba

Daga alkalamin โœ๐Ÿปyar mutan gusau

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{Kungiya Domin,wayar da kan mata farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban mata.}

โ‡{F J W A}โ‡ ๐Ÿ“

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๐ŸŒš๐ŸŒš๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€BANI CE BA๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๐ŸŒš๐ŸŒš๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


By hassy soja

Bisimilahi rahamani rahim

Da suna Allah mai Rahama mai jinkai

A gaskiya INA godiya ga yan uwa agaskiya wannan comments naku da addu,oin Ku naji dadi Allah yabar zumunci amin

Sadaukarwa ga mahaifina Allah ya jikan Sa ya mass rahama ameen.

Page 6——10

—————————-ba tunani komai kawai ta fara dukan ta kamar Allah ya ai kota tayi mata lilisi sai da ta ji mata ciwo tabarta ko hannuta bata iya dagawa san nan han kalin ta ya kwanta sai surfa mata zagi take

Allah sarki Rufaida nan ta barta ga rana ga ciwo sai da ta kusan shude awa biyu sannan ta fara jan jikin da kyar ta kai gurin da zata samu ruwan da zata tai makawa kanta tunda babu mai tai makon ta malam Ne baya gida kuma makota basu isah su shigo ba balle tasu masu tausayin ta haka dai tasamu ta Dan watsa ma kanta ruwa take taja wata irin ajiyar zuciya tana mai tausayin kanta ta tunanin shin INA mahaifiyar ta takene ta barta cikin irin wannan halin haka tasamu ta koma inuwa tana Dan futawa Dan tasan babu hana inna Uwani Dora mata tallar wake da shinkafa

Inna Uwani kuwa ayau cikin wani irin farin ciki take tunda tasamu ta rama cutar da Rufaida me mata gashi yau mlm bai dawo ganin ko ta tafi makaran ta ba duk da ko yana nan bazai iya komai ba sai dai ya tausaya was yarsa ita yanzun ma mlm mamaki yake bata tunda har zai iya tanka mata Dan ta jibgi mayyar yarsa

haka inna Uwani tazo gurin Rufaida babu kunya babu tsoron Allah tace ke shegiya mayyar banza zoki Dora Mani girki na kar rana tayi kona ida ke take Rufaida jiki na kyarma tace to innah

Haka Rufaida ta gama komai ta dauki tallah sai gurin tallah inda tasaba zuwa gurin kakan ta mlm shu,aibu tana zuwa mlm shu,aibu ya qura wa jikar tasa Ido yana goge kwallah daga boye batare da ta gani baya kira almajiran Sa suka sauke ta take kuwa aka fara sayen abinchin yana qarewa takoma inda mlm shu,aibu suka fara karatu gashi Allah yabata kwakwalwa suka gama karatun yaci gaba da bata hakuri had lokacin sallah yayi tashi ga cikin gidan kaka ninta tayi sallah lokacin zuwa gida nayi ta kama hanya gaban ta na dukan ukku ukku

*************************A Garin Abuja kuwa

Royal LAND City ke nan wani qaton gidane naji nagani nafada na bugawa a jarida gidan ambassador kabir shu,aibu Muhammad ke nan gidane na alfarma bazaka taba cewa ana samun matsala a irin wannan gidan ba matan Ambassador kabir shu,aib Muhammad Biyu gidane da ya tara iyaye da yayan su Hajiya saudatu ita CE ta fari tanada “ya”yan ta hudu Biyu maza Biyu mata Ridwan Ne babba sai ralat sai two win hassan da husaina sai mace ta Biyu Hajiya makal tume mace ke nan makira batada mutumci ko kadan kuma batason talaka kai ko iyayen mijin ta bata son gani yana da yarsa Biyu nafisat da karema suma duka halin ta Ne da su sabanin hajiya saudatu ga hakuri ga kawaici gashi kowa natane sai dai ada take iya Jan wani ajikin ta badan da yanzun Dan ko ambassador albarka ya kawo wani

Hajiya kaltume mace CE mai biyar bokaye domin ta yadda da boka Dan tukunya fiye da zato sharudda babu Wanda bai gin daya mata ba koma hakan take bin Duk abunda ya sakata shi yasa take mallake da gidan da mai gidan ke harda abokiyar zaman ta da yayanta in banda Ridwan mai bakar zuciya gashi boka Dan tukunya yace shine zai zame mata matsala shida matar Sa wadda yafi qauna a duniya shiya Sa ta kasa ta tsare tana son jin ko ganin wadda yake so Amman har yanzun shuru shine tayi alkawarin sai dai ya Auri yar gaye mai yawon tallah Dan tasan bazata iya da ita ba tunda yan kauye jahillai Ne ace warta fa

Mundawo gidan mlm adamu inda inna Uwani take jin cewa fa yau take sallah dan ta mori mayyar CE warta

Inda Rufaida take kokarin daukar tallar dare zuwa kasuwa haka ta dauki tallar sai gidan kakan ta gurin mlm shu,aibu yau kam ta dori aniyar sai taji cikakken tari hinta kuma sai taji shin INA mahaifiyar ta ta kene kuma ya take da shi kakan nata ta na zuwa ta aje abin cin tayi cikin gidan gurin yin sallah

Koda ta dawo sallah ana nan ana cinikin tuwon ta zauna kusa da kakanta suka gai Sa

HADUWATA DA KE โ€“ Complete Hausa Novel

Inna Uwani kuwa hat tayi bacci babu ruwanta da amanar da ke kanta gashi mlm adamu yayi tafiya

Can cikin baccin NATA taji anwani irin daketa da wani irin sha hararren Marin da sai da ta sako hitsari aikuwa sai ehuu take tana kiran yau sai taga ubanda yayi Mani wannan Marin ai sai ta dauko filah tana CE shegiya mayyar banza yau dukan da namaki bai ishe kiba yau zaki ci ubannnnnnnnn ai bata ida ba tayi to zali da katuwar mage ta kai girman icce ta daga kai sama ta fara Koran kuka ganin Mu bamu ka ganin Ku ba wayyo Allah wayyo uwata wayyo ubana wayyo mlm wayyo kakata kizo ki gani abunda nake gani bata kara Sa ba akayi sama da ita aka sako ta kasa inna Uwani race Dan Allah wlh karya nakeyi dazu nace ni jaruma CE da wasa nake hhhhhhhh Uwaniiiiiiiiiiiii kici gaba da dukan Mu kings aike jaruma CE kooooo wayyo karya make yi aka dauke ta da mahauka con mari take ta sume aka kara mata ta farfado uwaniiiiii hhhhhhhhhh kitashi kirama mana bake munyi maki kashedi baki jiba to yanzun zanyi maganin ki take aka kara daukar ta akayi saman kwano da ita akace sai ta dira da kafarta race wlh bazan iya tashi ba aiko anayi mata wata uwar tsawa sai dai naga Uwani har ta dire dayi daki da gudu ta haye gado da sun kule wai ita ta tsira Ashe ba agado take ba saman wannan magen Ne take wannan magen tayi gir Giza wadda taxa Mayan dakin Uwani zubowa Uwani taji rufin dakin zai yo kanta sai ga Uwani ta zabura sai tayi Ido Biyu da inda take take takoma somewa sai magen ta bace bat

Uwani atashi lfy duk da nasan kin leko inda kika so leka baiwar Allah

Agurin su Rufaida ta gyara zaman ta tace yauwa yau kam mlm kaci ka alkwari INA son jin tarihina baki daya kakan yace tabari sai da safe race ita kam yanzun take so

Malam ya gyara zaman Sa yace yanzun kuwa zakiji wacece ke Rufaida ta natsu tana jiran malam take malam yace

Asalin tarihin ki Rufaida…………….

Wai nagaji

Daga alkalamin ………โœ๐Ÿป

Yar mutan gusau

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*๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€BANI CE BA๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€*


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja



_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“

Bisimilahi rahamani rahim Da suna Allah mai rahama mai jink’ai.

*ina mika sakon ban girma ga daukacin shuwa gaban non kunyar Farin jini Allah yakara d’aukaka Amin*

“`Bayan Nance da kaiba YAya Muhammad na group din Hafsat Hausa novel na face book Allah yakara girma “`

_Sadaukarwa ga mahaifina Allah ya jikan Sa ya mass rahama Ameen._


Asalin labari

******************kamar yanda kika sani suna na malam shu’aibu ni dan A sali wannan karama hukumar malum fashi ne koda natashi naganni A wannan karamar hukumar

Koda nataso natashi da tarin ilimin addini Wanda Allah yabani gashi inada matana Biyu muna zaman lafiya dasu dak kuma hakuri da juna inda uwargida na ta rasu gurin haihuwar fari gaskiya mun zautu da wannan mutuwar bayan wata shidda mata ta wato delu tabiyu ta Haifa Mani yaro namiji nayi godiya ga Allah da irin wannan kyautar inda yaro yaci sunan Sa kabiru cikin ikon Allah daga kabiru bamu kara samun haihuwa ba to dama bamu da muba tunda Allah yabamu daya ai mun gode

Kabiru yataso yaro mai kokari da hazaka cikin ikon Allah kabiru Nada shekara goma cif ya sauke al,Qur’ani da wasu littafai kuma gashi yana mugun son boko hana shawar ci Aminina wato malam husaini inda yabani kwarin gwiwar cika wa kabiru burin Sa haka kuwa nasan Sa bokon.

Bayan kabiru yagama secondary sai gashi Allah mai iko yabawa delu ciki munyi murna sosai

Bayan wani lokaci takkatun kabiru sun fito kuma sunyi kyau shine yasamu tallafi daga Dan karamar hukumar Mu inda yatura shi cikin katsina karatu

Kafin tafiyar kabiru yasha kuka haka ya hakura yatafi muna karfa fa masa gwiwa haka yara bu dashi da abokin Sa wato adamu Dan gidan malam husaini domin kuwa ba karamar shakuwa ceba a tsaka nin su

Bayan yan tafiyar kabiru da wata daya delu ta sauka lafiya inda ta Haifi yarin yarta wato Asma,u kyakyawar gaske kuma ga nutsuwa da hukuri kuma akwai son karatu har Asma,u ta shekara shidda sannan kabiru yadawo da aikin Sa domin sai da yasamu aiki yadawo inda yayi murnar ganin kanwar Sa gashi ta girma

Bayan dawowar kabiru shakuwa sosai ta shiga tsaka ninsa da kanwar sa haka ya samu Aminin Sa wato Adamu inda yasamu Adamu da iyalin Sa.

aka kabiru ya kare hutunsa ya koma inda take Aiki domin na yadar masa .

Bayan komawar kabiru da mahaifin Adamu ya rasu dama mahaifiyar Sa ta dade da rasuwa A gaskiya munji mutuwar ban anraba gado duk da yake Adamu shi kadai yake A gurin iyayen Sa sai ya dauke ni matsayin uba Agare Sa .

To ganin yawan dukiyar da yasamu ta gonaki da dabbobi mutane sukayi tabinsa da yayan su Amman baya kulawa .


Haduwar Uwani da Adamu domin kuwa zan iya cewa tsotsayi ne saboda Uwani ta kasance jarababbiya gashi bata ganin darajar kowa

Uwani ta kasance yar macece kuma domin tun tana aciki mahaifinta ya rasu yabarta aciki bayan an haifi Uwani dangin ta sunso karbar ta Amman mahaifiyar ta tace bata yaddaba har sai da ransu ya baci sukayi babu su babu ita idan matsala tasamu tace ta yarda

Haka Uwani ta tashi babu mai kwabarta idan tayi Abu duk da dangin Baban ta sunce ba ruwan su Amman haka nan suka hakura suke mata fada idan tayi Abu Amman haka uwarta zata ce suna yimata hassada babu runsu da ita Uwani bata da halin mai kyau haka ta hadu da kawar ta yelwa suna tsula tsiyar su

Tun suna A hanya suke biyar bokaye idan sunga Abu suna so to dole su samu domin bazasu barka a haka ba

Can cikin yawon su suka hadu da Adamu suna ganin shi suka tunada labarin Sa da suka sani shi mai tarin dukiya Ne haka suka gaisa da shi shi basa komai a ransa ba .

Bayan koma warsu gida suka shirya sai gurin bokan su .

Bayan kwana Biyu Adamu ya dage shifa Uwani kawai yake son aure koda yazo Mani da zancen nanu masa ilar ta Amman ya dage harda kuku ganin irin kukan da yake dole na hakura duk da nasan da wata a kasa.

Bayan Auren Uwani da Adamu haka kawai ya saki uwar gidan Sa domin mun bincika babu laifin zaune babu natsaye .

Adamu kullum cikin sai da dabbobi yake narasa INA yake kai kud’in .

Bayan wani lokaci Adamu ya fara Neman Karin Aure Amman da zaran Uwani taji to lallai Auren ya fasu anyi hakan sau da yawa haka Allah yasa wata bazawa ta yarda da Auren ganin itama ta taki wani Abu cikin ikon Allah akayi auren lafiya duka duka watan ta Biyu a gidan hauka ta kamata haka suka rabu haka yakara Auro wata ita kuma duka duka sati Biyu tace shakure mashi wuya tace in bai saketa ba sai ta kashe shi dole yasake ta .

Daga nan ko ya nemi Aure ba,a bashi ganin irin halin da yake ciki Ne yasa nabashi Auta wato Asma,u yayi murna sosai Asma,u kam daga jin wannan zan cen sai ko ta fadi Ashe wai dama tanada Aljannu bamu sani basai wannan lokaci sukace bazata Auri Adamu ba sabo da Uwani daker suka hakura suka bari akayi Auren da sharadin bazasu bari acuci Auta ba .

Bayan Auren Adamu da Asma,u Auta lafiya lau take har kokin ta Uwani ganin Auta lafiya sai take shish shige mata har dakin ta take zuwa cikin ikon Allah sai ga Auta ciki ya bayyana ai kuwa hankalin Uwani inyayi dubu yashi Adamu kuwa murna ba,a magana saboda wannan Ne farko a gurin Sa .

Ranar haka Uwani tace zata je gida Adamu baisan INA zata ba ai kuwa sai gidan yelwa domin itama tayi Auren bayan taje Ne Tafada mata cewa wannan mayyar fa ciki gare ta .

Yelwa ta mike tsaye tabugi kirji tace cikiiii fa kikace Uwani kina aikin mi Uwani tace yanzun dai mutafi kawai gurin boka suka kama hanya sai gidan boka .

Wani mugun daji Ne ga duwar watsu ga Itace masu duhu sosai abun gwanin tsoro Amman fa su babu wani tsoro a gare su duk miya gun kukan da ke tashi i kafin suje Inda zasu aka daka masu tsawa aka fara magana kamar haka.

Kai Azzalumai matsiyata Ku dakata anan gurin kuma nasan mi kuka zo da shi to kusani kada Ku kara kawo wannan matar domin idan muka matsa akanta da aiki tofa laillai duka mun shiga tsaka mai wuya domin ba ita kadai bace wan can aikin da mukayi akanta saura kadan yaza me muna illah kutashi Ku fita kuma duk inda kuka tafi haka za,a fada maku kada kudawo sai bayan ta haihu haka suka kafafun su suka koma gida .

Bayan wata Tara Auta ta Haifu ta haifi yarta mace kyaky kyawa da ita .

Malam shu’aibu ya nisa yace him kin san wace ce aka Haifa Rufaida ta girgiza kanta tace a,a malam sai malam yace to ba kowa bace bayan ke Rufaida malam yaci gaba da cewa .

Bayan Auta tayi arba,in da haifuwa sai ta koma dakin ta .


Malam Adamu yana zaune shida Auta suna Renonki kawai sai Auta ta mike ta dafe kanta da taji ya amsa mata da sauri da sauri ta fara magana cikin karaji tafara taci gaba da cewa malam ga Rufaida nan yarka ce kuma Amanar ka karike ta da kyau ka kula da tarbiyar ta nasan bakasan miyake faruwa ba Amman da sannu zaka sani take hankalin malam Adamu yatashi yamike tsaye da Rufaida a hannun Sa kawai Auta ta shige daki da sauri koda malam Adamu ya shiga dakin babu Asma,u Auta babu dalilin ta haka Adamu ya ke ta Neman Auta Amman bai ganta ba har karkashin gado .

Haka Adamu yazo Mani da kuka yana sanar Mani hankali na yatashi duda na dade INA wannan mafalkin dole na dinga ba Adamu hakuri da lallashi nace kawai yabada ke wa kakar ki ta reneki haka kika dawo hannun Mu muka doraki kamar yanda mukayi wa mahaifiyar ki .

Uwani kuwa ta dawo daga gurin bokan ta da mugun nufi duk da ni bansan miye ba Amman Uwani bata ga Auta ba tayi bakin ciki bata neme ki sai bayan kinyi shekara Tara sannan tasa malam Adamu gaba yadawo dake hannun Sa duk da cewa yayi yanason yadin ga tunawa da mahaifiyar ki .

Bayan kin dawo gurin su shine ta maida ke baiwar ta gashi naji makontan Ku na cewa kullum sai ta jika wurin kwanciyar ki komai sanyi komai kuma komai zafi .

Kuma kullum cikin duka da zagi da hantara Amman kici gaba da huri wata rana sai labari .

Andawo labari

Rufaida ta goge hawayen ta tace yauwa malam to ya maganar Kawu kabiru fa malam ya nisa yace ai yayi Aure a inda yake aiki kuma yanada yara kuma naji ance yakara Aure Dan ni Rabo na da shi tun kafin ayi Auren mahaifiyar ki lokacin yanada yara biyu namiji da mace .

Malam yace Muje na rakaki gida kinga dare yayi haka kuwa akayi Rufaida tazo gida bata samu inna Uwani ba duk da tasaba hakan dama ita dai burin ta takawo mata kud’i .

To Rufaida asuba ta gari Dan baki San wane hali Uwani take ciki ba .

Nikam nace Uwani Allah yasa gobe a kara maki.

Masha Allah

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alkalamin โœ๐Ÿป

hassy soja

*yar mutan gusau*

4/19/20, 7:43 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿผโ€โ™€BANI CE BA ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿผโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja

Ina godiya masoyana Allah Ya bar mu tare ameen ina jidadi Addu,o in ku nagode sosai Allah yabar zumuci

Bisimilahi Rahamani Rahim

Da sunan Allah mai Rahama mai ji’kai

Sadaukarwa ga mahaifina Allah Ya jikan sa da Rahama ameen.



Da asuba kuwa Rufaida ta tashi tayi sallah tana addu’a tana cewa Ya Allah ina rokon ka ka bayana mani mahahifiyata idan tana Raye idan kuma ta mutu Allah kayi mata Rahama ameen sai ta fashe da kuka sosai a hakan bacci mai nauyi ya dauketa

Bata falka ba sai do Gari yayi haske misalin10:45 Rufaida ta Tashi da addu’a tace kai yaushi gari yawaye ne bata gama mamaki ba ta tuno inna uwani to ina ta shiga kuma gashi bata tadani ba abunda ban taba gani ba koda kuwa ina ciwo kamar zan mutu tofa aikin nan tunda asuba zanfara nice share share nice girkin karin kumallo gashi koda nayi bazata ganiba sai duka da zagi daga nan sai zuwa tallar goro tunda uwar Safiya dan ma Allah yasa a gidan kakana nake Zuwa do naga takaina gashi har yanzun bata gane ina nake zuwa ba him tanisa tace bari dai naduba gani ko lafiya

Haka Rufaida nufi dakin Inna Uwani gaban ta nadukan tara tara domin batasan miza ta riskaba tana shiga taga inna Uwani kwance kamar matata fuskar nan kunbure Rufaida tace inna Uwani mai yasa meki taji shiru ta koma cewa Inna lafiya kike kuwa nan ma taji shuru Aiko ta fita waje da gudu tana kiran makociyar su aiko sai ga Asabe da dasauri tashigo hartana tuntube saura kadan da tafadi tace Rufaida lafiya wannan kira haka Rufaida ta rude kawai sai nuna mata dakin inna take aikuwa batayi kasa a gwiwa ba tashiga dakin abun da tagani shiya daga mata hankali take tayi waje sai gata da kofin ruwa batayi wata wata kawai ta kwalaya wa Inna Uwani ai ko nan tasaki wata irin ajiyar zuciya take tafarka tasa ki ihu wayyo Allah na wayyo kakata kizo ki taima keni wayyo uwata wayyo ubana wayyo ni uwani wani irrin Bala’i ne wannan Dan Allah inna Aljana kiyi hakuri wlh bazan Sake be Dan Allah inna Aljana kinji

Ai Asabe da Rufaida kuwa suka baki da hanaci suna kallon ikon Allah sudai ba suga wata aljanaba anyama inna Uwani lafiya take kuwa gata kamar wadda tayi hatsarin mota Asabe ce tayi karfin halin danne dariyar ta tace Ke Uwani hatsari kikayi kasa bata amsa tayi tazo daga hannun hagunta yace baisan wannan ba aiko to kurma uban ihu har sai da Asabe tarufe mata baki tace yauwa Asabe taimaka Mani natashi inajin nata samu targade ne sai alokacin ne idon ta Ya sauka akan Rufaida wadda tazama mutum mutimi Tana tunanin shin ina tajiyo wannan miyagun raunuka Wanda take yimata mummunar fatan gani ajikin to acikin zuciyar Inna Uwani kuwa cewa take tofa ita Kuma wannan Aljanan mitakeyi annan

Haka Kuwa Asabe Taimaka ta gyara gashi itama kafar taji ciwo bata takuwa Asabe kuwa Allah Ya Kara take yiwa Uwani domin daurewa kawai take tana danne zuciyar ta dan Uwani bata ragawa kowa Asabe nagawa tayi mata Allah yabata lafiya tayi gaba abunta

Rufaida tace sannu

Inna Uwani ta juyo tace shigeya mayyar banza mai kika zo yimani adaki iye nace munafuka kinga ban mutuba ko to kurwata dacine da ita

Rufaida tace wlh inna Uwani bakomai najiki shiru shiyasa nace bari na zona gani ko lafiya aiko Inna Uwani tace rufe mani baki

Rufaida tace inna kiyi hakuri wlh bani bace takarasa do radar murya kamar zatayi kuka Inna Uwani tace iyye to munafuka kukan mai kikiyi na dakekine iye Rufaida ta girgiz kai tace Aa

Inna tace mayyar banza tashi kibani waje sai na nemeki Rufaida tace to inna Uwani ga kudin Anshe abunta tayi saida ta kirga taga suncika Rufaida tace Allah Ya baki lafiya itako inna Uwani tace mata nace maki bani da lafiya iyye lallaima sai na ci uban ki shigeya mayyar banza mai faska kamar Aljana

nace hhh inna Uwani taji jiki


Ridiwan ne zauna bisan kujera tare da su Hassan da Husaina da mami tace my son ya kukayi da Abban ku. Ridiwan yace uhm mami wlh Abba sai a hankali wai yanzu saboda Allah abuda yakeyi ya kyauta kenan mami tace meya faru yace humm waifa Aure zaiyi Mani do duk wadda yaga Dama kuma yace baiyarda nakula yargidan kowa ba haba Dan Allah yayi Mani adalci kenan sai kace wata macen

Nisawa mami tayi tace kuzamo masu biyayya kunji ko domin kuwa wata Rana sai labari suna cikin magana sai ga Ramla tafito Tana taunar cingam kamar wata tsohuwar karuwa babu sallama kawai tafado masu

wai momy tace kuzo sai ta juya ta fita su mami su katashi dama Susan wai kiran tashin hakali ne domin kuwa itace maigidan

Sun shiga falon suka iske Abban su da Aunty amarya da yaran ta Sun zauna Abba yace Ridwan ashe ban isada da kaiba ko toshi kenan dama nasan za’ayi hakan kuma nagode Amman wlh tallahi humm sai Aunty amarya tace kabar shi basai karan tseba nariga na nemo mashi mata kuma wlh sai Ka Aure ta hankali su ya tashi mami dai batace komai ba Ridwaan dama yasan mami bazata tankaba duk Susan hakan ce zata faru kuma abun nadamun ta batada yanda zatayine

Aunty amarya tace nagama magana to Shannan kuma wata shidda Nasa Za,ayi ambassador take kaji Angama magana

Kada naji kuma kada Nagani haka taron yatashi Anty amarya MA dariyar nasara shi kuma Ridwan najin kamar Ya lakada Nata duka dan dai babu damane

A gurguje bayan wata shidda abubuwa sunfaru yanzun Uwani to daina dukan Rufaida Amman stilling kam da tallah sai abunda yayi gaba

Rufaida ce kwance tana barchi sama Sama taji and magana kamar haka

Rufaidaaaaaa you Zaman wanna bautar yakare yanzun kam zakiyi rayuwa zaki San cewa kema kinda Rana babu Tsoron koma waye kitashi kitafi yanzu…….

Tofa waye wannan ku biyoni muje Dan sanin ina Rufaida zata



Yar mutan gusau

4/19/20, 7:44 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€BANI CE BA๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja



_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“

Ina alfahari da Ku masoyana Allah ya Saka da alkhairi Allah Ya bar zumunce ameen.

Bisimilahi Rahamani Rahim DA sunan Allah mai Rahama mai ji’kai

Ina godiya da addu,oin Ku a gareni Allah yabar zumunci

Sadaukarwa ga mahaifina Allah Ya jikan Sa da Rahama ameen.

Page 21—-25

—————————————-taci gaba jin ana cewa Rufaida wannan tafiyar itace mafarin ban kado duk wani Abun da yashige maki aduhu Rufaida tashi kitafi kitashiiiiiii kitafi kitafi nace ce kitafiiiiiiiii.

Firgigit Rufaida ta tashi tana salati take duk wani abu da yasha fi mafalkin ta yake zomata daya bayan daya kamar yanzun Ne ake bata umarnin tafiya to yanzun ta INA zata farane

Haka kawai taji itafa tafiyar nan tayi mata kuma ta kwanta ma arai Amman kuma INA zata dosane

Gashi kuma ita karamar yarinya ce iya karta shekara sha ukku da watanni yanzun Ne take Neman ta sha hudu Dan ma Allah yasa tanada giman jiki idan ka ganta zaka dauka takai shekara sha shidda Ne ko kuma sha bakwai tana cikin wannan tunanin Ne

Inna Uwani ta ahigo dakin kamar wata kububuwa sai huci take kamar wadda ta hadiye kunama tana cewa Dan ubanki uban mi kike yi kina jina inata kwala maki kira kin maidani kamar abokiyar wasan ki ko to Dan ubanki tashi kidauki tallar can tunda ba ubanki bane zai dauka ko kuma kina nufin nice zan dauka munafu ka

Shegiya mayya daina kallona konayi maganin ki yanzun nan

Rufaida tace yi hakuri inna ganin fitowa to kadama kifito mayyar banza

Haka inna Uwani ta juya jin takeyi kamar tamaketa kawai ta huta ita fa baki ace Rufaida ta mutu ba tadaina ganin ta adoron duniyar nan ba musamman da taji malam Adamu hanata talla wai aure zai mata ba karatu take ba gashi tasan duka dukiyar shi zaiyi mata amfani da ita

Ita kuma gashi bata jin cewa akwai ranar da Rufaida zata zama wani Abu balle har ta kaita ga aure tariga ta kudurci cewa sai taga bayan Rufaida tunda duk kanin boka yen nata tsoron taba Rufaida suke itafa abun na damunta Abu kamar uwarta da takasa ganin bayanta duk da yake babu Wanda yasan inda take kilama ta mutu tunda boka Dan tsito yace mata shi yabatar da ita kuma ya haukata ta

Itafa yanzun burinta shine kawai ta kawadda Rufaida gashi ko INA ta tafi sai ace ta kiyaye domin ita Rufaidar ko sunnan ta ta fada sai sunyi mummunar asara ga duk wani aikin da suke so gashi ba boka daya ba duk inda taje maganar dayace

Shiyasa take cemata mayya gashi har yanzun ta kasa fadawa kowa cewa ana tsorata ta kuma ana dukanta akan wata banza can

Haka dai inna Uwani taci gaba da saka da warwara ta samu bakin gado ta zauna taci gaba da zancen zuci itafa yanzun Dole Ne ta dauki matakin da ya dace akan Rufaida tun kafin malam Adamu ya dawo tana cikin wannan tunanin Ne

Taga kayan jeren ta na zubewa kamar amafalki kafin ta Ankara har anfara jefo kayan a saman kanta gashi tayi yun kurin tashi ta arta a guje Amman kamar andaure ta kuma ta kasa yin ihu balle tayi

Ita kuwa Rufaida tafito domin daukar tallar sai taga bataga kayan ba gashi ko alamar fura wuta bataga anyiba abun yayi matukar bata mamaki har takama hanyar dakin inna Uwani komai ta tuna kawai sai ta koma hanyar kofar gida bata tsaya ko ina ba sai gidan malam wato kakanta tana zuwa tashiga gurin kakarta inna bayan sun gaisa take cewa Rufaida ina tallar ne naga shiru tace wallahi inna yau banga anyi ba Amman tace nazo natafi koda nafita banga komai ba kuma ba,a fura wuta ba

Ni nasan ni keyin girki yau batace ayi komai ba Dan naga kamar yau halin ya motsa ne arasa gane kanta komai fada da zagi

Inna ta nisa tace yi hakuri Rufaida wata rana sai labari yanzun mikika zo nema ne

Yauwa inna Dan Allah ki bani photo mamata da yayan ta Inna tace miza kiyi da shine tace kinga Inna Uwani ta kone Mani nawa da duk wani Abun amfani haka innar ta tausaya mata ta shiga daki ta bin ciko mata ta kawo mata ta ce gashi harda Wanda muke tare haka kawai na ganshi naji sha,awar dauko maki

Ai kuwa Rufaida tayi murna da ta amsa ta boye a cikin hijab dinta bata ko duba ba tace mata tayi gida sukayi sallama tana kawowa kofar gida ta hadu da malam ya dawo gurin daurin aure malam yace matar harzaki tafi da ban dawoba da mun samu sabani ko Rufaida tayi murmushi tace to yanzun mun hadu ai zan wuce yace Allah ya kiyaye kuma Allah ya kawo maki mafita a cikin al,amuran ki Allah yakara maki hakuri Allah ya bayyana maki mahaifiyar ki

A gaskiya Rufaida taji dadin addu,ar malam kamar bazata kara ganin saba hakan take ji har idon ta ya cika da hawaye tace amin nagode malam gashi tana son fada masa abunda ke damun ta Amman ta kasa kamar anrufe mata baki sukayi sallama da har ta juya malam yakirata yace zo matar ga kudin cefanen ki shima dai yau tsakana take ji sai dariya suke yabata kudin tace yawwa malam INA sauran kudin da kake ajiye mani

Makuwa yaji dadin yanda yaji zata anshi kudin ta yau Dan yana son farin cikin yar jikar Sa yace jirani yanzun nan zan baki kuwa haka malam yashiga gida ya dauko mata ya bata tayi murna sosai suka rabu

Haka takama hanyar gida tana tunanin Inna Uwani domin kuwa idan taga kudin nan kashin ta ya bushe cewa zatayi nata Ne kuma gashi duk sanda tane mi kudin ta ta rasa sai ta chage tas wannan ne dalilin da yasa take barin kudin gurin kakanta

Haka ta isa gida bata ga Inna Uwani ba kawai ta fada dakin ta ta dauki kayan ta da basu kala bakwai ba domin Inna Uwani ke amshe mata kaya tana gama dauka tafito sai gurin mashin tace a kaita tasha suna zuwa tasha ta hau mota

To Rufaida sai kuma wane garin ke nan

Inna Uwani kuwa na hango andaga ta sama ita ba samaba kuma ba,akasa ba sai halin ta take wato ihu wayyo waye zai CeCe ni wayyo makota wayyo malam kadawo muna gidan guguwa wayyo zamu bar maku gidan ku wayyo jama,a kuzo kuyi jahadi wayyo ni kaina inna Rufaida kizo ceto wallahi yanzun Inna Rufaida zan rika ce mata kuma zan dinga goyata inbata abinchi abaki wayyo inna aljannu kuyi Mani rai duk wannan kuwar da keyi idon ta arufe suke domin tana budewa zata ga kamar zata mutune

A Abuja kuwa Anty amarya ana nan ana mulki kuma tana nan kan bakanta na yiwa Ridwan auren dole………………

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๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€BANI CE BA๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja

Ina Godiya DA Addu, oin Ku Allah Ya Saka DA Alkhairi Allah Ya Bar Mu Tare Amen

Alhamdulillah Nagode Da Addu,oin Da Kukayi Wa New born Baby Da Allah Ya Azurta Antyna Da Ita Allah yabar Zumunci Amin

Bismillahir Rahamanin Rahim DA Sunan Allah mai Rahama Mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifina Allah Ya jikan Sa Yayi Masa Rahama Amin.

Page 26—-30

Anty Amarya kuwa tana Nan Ita DA yayan Ta Sai Shige DA Fice Suke Akan Auren DA Suke kidan Su Da Rawar Su Domin kuwa Jin Suke Babu Wanda ya Kaisu farin ciki Domin Kuwa Abba ya Sakar masu Bakin Ajihu kudi suke Tatsar Sa Babu tausayi ko nan da in duk wannan Abun da suke yi babu wani Abun Azo Agani da Sukeyi Suna Dai Fatat Takar Kudin ne kawai Gashi duk yarin yar da suke Son hada shida Ita Batayi Masuba

Akwai wata Yar Kawar Anty Amarya Wadda Take Mugun Son Ridwan Gashi Maman ta Kawar Anty Amarya ce Irin Sosai din nan Safina Yarinya ce Mai Son Namiji Hadadde Gashi Tana Ganin Bakin Cikin Su Anty Amarya yayi Mata Cikas Ita da Maman ta Sun kyafce Wannan Auren Shi Yasa duk Wannan Bata Lokacin Duk Aikin Sune Domin Hajiya Khalisa Mace ce Maison Kanta Sosai Kuma Tana Kawan Cene da Anty Amarya Dan Tasamu Burin Ta Yacika Akan Abba da Dansa Da Dukiyar Su Yanzun Burinta Wannan Auren ne Take Son Ta Canza Shi Ayi DA Yarta Da Anyi Yanda Ta Tsara Shike Nan

Shin Wai Wane Miye Wannan Tsarin Na Su Hajiya Khalisa Da Yarta

Duk Wannan Abun Da Hajiya Khalisa Keyi Anty Amarya Bata Gane Nufin Taba Duk Da Boka Dan Tukunya Yana Jamata Kunne Akan Wasu Daga Kawayen Ta Kuma Yafada Mata Cewa Aikin Su Baison Yarda Da Kowa Amman Takasa Kin Bin Shawarar Kawar Ta Dukda Tasan Yarta Nason Ridwan Tasan Sharadin Dan Tukunya Gashi Tafi Yarda Da Auren Yar kauye Wadda Take Jihila Batada Ilimin Isalama Bare Ilimin Boko Dan Haka Bataga Wanda Zai Lalata Mata Aikin Shekara Da Shekaru Shiyasa Take Ta shirin Yiwa Ridwan Auren Zabin Kanta Yanzun Hakan Saura Sati Biyu Ya Rage

Ridwan Bawan Allah ko Ajikin Shi Wannan Auren Domin Yasan Badan Mahaifin Sa Ya Rantse ba Da Babu Wanda Ya Isa Yamasa Dole Amman Babu Komai Idan Aka Daura Ranar Zai Sakar Masu yarin Yarsu Him Indai Nine Ridwan To Sai Nayi Maganin Yar Tashar Nan

************** Allah Sarki Rufaida Ko Acikin Mota Bata San Inda Zataba Amman Taji Ana Cewa

Kano Kaduna Zamfara Sokwato Abuja Da Dai Sauran Su Ita Dai Kawai Tarasa Wace motar Zata Hau Kawai Tayi sha Hada Ta Rutse Ido Tayi Halin Yarin Ta Kawai Tafara Nuna Motocin Da Yatsa Tafa Inci Nan Ko Inci Nan Ta Allah Tacce Inci Nan Aikuwa Haka Ta Rikayi Babu Tsayawa Mutane Har Tsayawa Suke Suna Kallon Ikon Allah Wasuma Abun kallo Yasamu Sai Dariya Suke Sun San Akwai Kuruciya Atare Da Ita

Wani Bawan Allah Ne Dattijo Yazo Gurin Ta Yace Yarinya Ina Zuwa

Itakam Rufaida Sai Kawai Taji Tace Masa Abuja Zani Aikuwa yarinya Kinga Gurin Da Ake Biyan Kudin Kibiya Ku Wuce Dan Mutum Daya Ya Rage

Haka Rufaida Tabiya Kudi Suka Kama Hanyan Abuja Yanzun Kuma in Muje Abuja Gurin Waye Zani Kuma A Inane Zan Sauka Allah Ka Kawo Mani Mafita Allah kado Rani hannun Kwarai Rufaida Ce Ke Wannan Tunanin Har Bacci Ya Dauke Ta Bata San MA Sunzo Ba Har Sai Da Taji Ance Yarinya Mun Iso

Bayan Rufaida Ta Sauka Ne Takama Hanya Tafita Tasha Taje Gurin Masu Bread Da Lemo Ta Saya Tasamu Wani Masalacin Mata Tayi Sallah Ta fara Jero Addu,oi Iri Iri Da futa Takama Hanya Tana Tafiya Gashi Batasan Ina Zata Dosa ba Gashi Dare Yasoma A haka Allah yakawota Gurin Wata Mai Abincin Sayarwa Taje Ta Sayi Shinkafa Da Miya Harda Su Nama Gashi Abinchin Da Tsada Kunsan Abuja Da Tsadar Rayuwa Haka Takoma Gefe Tacinye Ita Ko Mai Abinchin Da Kallo Take Ta Binta Cikin Zuciyar Taji Lallai Yarinyar Nan Tana Bukatar Taimako Koda Na Gurin kwanane Tunda Taga Tagama Cin Abinci Amman Kuma Tana Zaune A Inda Take Bata Tashi Ba Take Ta Matsa Kusa Da Rufaida Tace Baiwar Allah kin Manta Gurin Da Zakine Ko Unguwar Ce Kika Manta Ai Kuwa Rufaida Tace Eh Hajiya Na Mance Sunan Unguwar Ne Gashi Yanzun Ban San Gurin Da Zan Dosaba

Matar Tace Allah Sarki To Zan Taimaka Maki Idan Nasayar Da Abinci Na Daman Yakusa Karewa Taso Kizauna Cikin Shagona Kafin Ya Kare

Haka Kuwa Akayi Abincin Na Karewa Suka Nufi Gidan Matar koda Suka Isa Matar Tabude Gidan Suka shiga Ta Nunawa Rufaida ko Ina Kuma Tace Tayi Wanka Tayi Sallah Sai Ta Kwanta Ta Futa

Rufaida Kuwa Tayi Murna Sosai Kuma Ta Gode Allah Domin Shine Yakawo Mata ‘Doki

Bayan Rufaida Tayi Sallah Ta Kwanta Domin Futawa Da Kuma Tunanin Yanzun Kuma Daga Nan Ko Sai Ina Oh Allah Ka Kawo Mani Mafita A Haka Har Bacci Yayi Awon Gaba Da Rufaida

To Rufaida Asuba Ta Gari

******************** Keeee Rufe Mani Baki Wato Ke Tubar Mazuro Ko To Yau Taki Tazo Karsheeeeeeee Ai Inna Uwani Bata San Sanda Tafara Fesa Zawo Ba Gashi Da Mugun Wari Sai Kiran Take Wayyo Inna Ta Kiyi Mani Rai Ai Duk Halina Ya Sauyu Da kansa Idai Dan Nice Uwani Bazan Koma Shiga Fadar Kuba Gidan Nan MA Yafita Raina Amm Amm In In Kuma Daga Yau Kowace Sallah Bata Wuceni Nazama Malama Uwani Ba Muguwa Uwani Ba Kuma Zan Nemi Malam Da Duk Wanda Nacuuutaaaaaa Yafuya BalanTana Ma Inna Rufaida Haihuwar Albarka Yar Malam Adamu Jikar Malam Shu’aibu Aikuwa Aka Bushe Da Wata Irin Dariya Mai Firgitar wa Aikuwa Uwani Ta koma Somewa

Kuyi Hakuri Naso Nafi Haka Amman Saboda Hidima Ga Wannan kuyi Hakuri Da Shi

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Daga Alkhalamin โœ๐Ÿป

Yar mutan gusau

Hassy Sojaaaaaaa

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๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€BANI CE BA๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja



_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“

Wow Ina Alfahari Da Ku masoyana Allah Ya Bar zumunci Amin.

Bismillahir Rahamanin Rahim Da sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifina Allah Ya Jikan Sa Yayi masa Rahama Amin.

Page 31—–36


Koda Su Rufaida Sukayi Sallar Asuba Basu Kwanta Ba Sunata Faman Aikin Abinci Sune Basu Gama Ba Sai Gurin karfe Takwas Bayan Sun Gama Ne Sukaci Abincin Sannan Matar Tace Rufaida Jeki kiyi wanka Kinsan Yanzun Zanfita kigama Kizo Muyi Magana Rufaida Tace To Hajiya

Bayan Rufaida Tafito Ne Tana Shafa Man Shafin Da Akabata Sai Matar Tafara Yimata Bayani Kamar Haka

Duk Da Ban San A,ina Kika Futo Ba Kuma Naga Kinada Hankali Shiyasa Na Sauke Ki A Gidana Duk Da Ban San Inda kike Nemaba Nabaki Sati Daya Har ki Futa Kuma Kigane Gurin Mutanen Da Kikazo Gurin Su Duk Da Girman Garin Abuja Amman Insha Allah Zaki Gane Gurin Da Kikazo Domin Kalar Ki Da Yanayin Da Na Ganki Bai Nunamin Cewa Kin Gudo Bane Ko Kuma Kinzo Yawon Duniya Neba Tun Lokacin Da Kika Tun Karo Gurin Da Nake Sana,a Naji Inason Zamanki

A Gurina Gashi Baki San Sunana Ba A Takaice Dai Sunana Hajara Ni Yar Garin Nan Ce Kuma Nayi Aure Amman Mijin Allah Yayi Masa Rasuwa Bayan Rasuwar Sane Naga Zaman Bazai Fiddani Ba Shiyasa Na Fara Neman Aika Tau Amman

Wulakan Cin Wasu Daga Cikin Masu Kudin Ne Abun Babu Kyau Cikin Ikon Allah Nayi Tunanin Ko Nafara Saida Abinci Sai Gashi Allah Yasaka Mani Albarka A Sana,ar

To Kinji Takai Tacce Labarina Rufaida Tanisa Tace To Anty Hajara Nagode Insha Allah Zaki Sameni Cikin Masu Gaskiya Hajara Tace Nagode Yar kanwata Kinga Nikam Nayi kanwa Ta Cikin Ruwan Sanyi Aikuwa Abun Yabasu Dariya Suka Kama Dariya Kamar Kar Sudaina

Haka Suka Gama Firar Su Lokacin Fita Nayi Hajara Tafita Takira Masu Daukar Mata Abincin Suka Fita Hajara Tace

Rufaida Kizauna Ki Futa Kuma Ki Kula DA Gidan Kafin Nadawo

Haka Kuwa Akayi Sai Yamma Ta Dawo Harda Su Tsaraba Takowa Kanwarta

Haka Rayuwa Tayi Ta Tafiya Har Satin Tafiyar Rufaida Yazo Yaune Tafiyar Rufaida Jin Sukai Kamar Kar Su Rabu Domin Kuwa Sunyi Shakuwa Wadda Take Itace

Haka Tabawa Rufaida Kudin Mota Tace In Bata Gane Gurin Da Zata Ba To Takoma Gida Domin Yawon Zai Iya Hadata DA miyagun Mutane

Haka Tarakata Har Bakin Titi Sai Da Rufaida Tayi Nisa Sannan Hajara Ta Koma Gurin Sana,ar Ta Tana Maiyiwa Rufaida Fatan Dacewa Da Addu,ar Neman Tsari Ga Duk kanin Abunki

Rufaida Tafiya Take Hankali Kwance Kamar Tasan Inda Zata

***********Momy Yanzun Kina Ganin Haka Za,ayi Auren Nan Nifa Naga Wannan Yarinyar Kamar Ta Afka Son Wannan Mugun Mai Fuska Kamar Anyi Masa Bushara Da Mutuwar Uwar Sa Him Kema Dai Reema Gane Mun Hanya Wannan Yarinyar Sam Batayiba Tafayi Aikatau Kuma Kinsan Tayi Makarantar Muhammadiya Kinji Fa Wai Harda Su Cemuna Lokacin Sallah Yayi Mutashi Muyi Kada Mu Makara Jifa Nayi Wannan Yarinyar Bayi Ba Sam Dan Ko Kinsa Wani Aikin Bazayi Ba

Him Saudat Kinsan Kuwa San Harda Boko Tayi Cewar Safina Boko kumaaaaa Har Suna Hada Baki Gurin Fada Ita Kanta Anty Amarya Abun Ya Tsorata

Anty Amarya Wadda Yayanta Suke Kira Da Momy Tafigita Sosai Hajiya Khalisa Tace Shiyasa Na Kiraki Domin Kiji Binci ken Da Nayi Akanta Uwar Dakin Nata Tun Tana Karama Tasanya ta makaran ta Bayan Tasauka ne Ta Nemo Mata Aikatau Amman Tana Zuwa School

Wata Irin Zuface Tafara

Ambaliya Ga Duk Ilahirin Jikin Anty Amarya Da Yayanta Baiki Na Rawa Anty Amarya Tace Kirasu Kifada Masu Anfasa Auren Kawai

Hajiya khalisa da Safina Jin Suke Kamar Su Tashi Su Taka Amman Saboda Tsabar Makirci Tace Wane Irin Afasa Idan Akafasa Kina Ganin Zaki Samo Wata Cikin Satin Nan Gashi Fa Saura Kwana Shida ne Koma Biyar Tana Fada Cikin Irin series Din Nan

Cikin Wata Irin Tsawa Anty Amarya Tace Nake Kikirata Kice Anfasa Ko Kin San Kuwa Irin Asarar Da me Tunkaro ni Kuwa

Cikin Makirci Hajiya Khalisa Tace Kiyi Hakuri Aminiya Bari Nakita Haka Takira Uwar Dakin Yarinyar Da Sukaso Su kulla Auren Kai Tsaye Tace Mata Kai Talakawa Matsiyata Kujika Yarku Kusha Munfasa Auren Duk Abunda Kukasan Mun Baku To Kurike Ku Aura Mata Dan Garuwa Bata ko Bari Matar Tayi Magana Ba Ta Yanke Kiran

READ:   Yar Mahaukaciya - Complete Hausa Novel

Ta Maida Kallon Ta Ga Aminiyar Taga Duk Ta Rude Duk Da Yanzun Da Sauki Ba Kamar Dazuba

Haka Sukaci Gaba Da Tattaunawa Amman fa Har Yanzun Babu Wata Mafita Safina Ta Matsu Taji Ance Ita Amman Har Suka Tashi Tafiya Babu Wannan Zancen Kom Dangane Da Abunda Yashafi Safina

A Haka Sukayi Masu Sallama Suka Dauki Hanya Inda saudat ke Driving

Rufaida Haka Take Tashan Tafiya Saida Ta Gaji Ta koma Bakin Wani Icce Ta Zauna Ta Futa Bayan Ta Futa Taji Lokacin Sallah Yayi Ta Dauki fiyo Water Tayi Alwala Takoma Tayi Shinfida da Dan Kwalinta Tayi Sallah Tayi Addua Ta Chanza Zanin Dake Daure A kugunta Ta Daura Wani Cikin kodaddin Kayan Ta Tamaida Wancan Ta Mike Taci Gaba Da Tafiya Gashi Abincin ta Saura Kadan Batason Ta Canye Shi Bata San Inda Dare Zaiyi Mata Ba Tayi Nisa Cikin Tunani Sai Kawai Kaji kiiiiiiiiiiiii

Antaka burki Rufaida Kuwa Ta Dawo Hankalin Amman Kuma Ta Sadakar Domin Itafa Ganin Take Kamar Harta Sumane Domin Kuwa Takasa Koda MoTsawa Inda Take

Tofa waye Wannan Wanda Yayi Wannan Aikin๐Ÿ˜ณ


Mamy Miyasa Bazaki Saka Baki Akan Wannan Wasan Kuran Da Ake Sonyi Da Yayanki Ba kina Ganin Shiru Shine Mafita Kada Kimanta Cewa Idan Angama Da Yaya To Da Sauran Kannen Sa Za,Adawo Mamy Kiyi Wani Abu Kai Mana Ramlat Ke Nan Wannan Auren Ada Nayi Shakkar Sa Amman Banda Yanzun Saboda Lamuran mu Ga Baki Daya Sunaga Allah Kuma Ni Yayanku Yafara Watsawa Katsa A ,ido Kiduba Irin Matan Da Ke Son Sa Amman Yaki Kula Kowa Kuma Aminan Mahaifin Ku Babu Kunya Suke Taronsa Da Maganar Yayan Su Amman yaki Yace Shi Sam Babu Wani Aure Dake Gabansa Yanzun Dan Za,ayi Masa Sai Inji Haushi Amman Kuma Wannan Auren Inaji Ajikina Akwai Abunda Zaifaru Na Alkhairi Banijin Bakin Cikinsa Ko kadan Ramlat ce Tanisa Tace To Allah Ya Sanya Alkhairi Kuma Allah Ya Karemu Daga mugun Nufin Su Akanmu

Haka Ramlat Ta yini Gida Itada Kannenta Tana Debe Masu Kewa Koda Ridwan Yadawo Yana Gurin Ramlat Suna Firan Abunda Yake Kullum Koda Awayane Zaman Gidan Nasu Abun Tattaunawa Ne Atsaka Nin Su Bare Wannan Auren Gashi Babu Damar Kaucewa Saboda Abba Zai Ita Daukar Maraki Akan Mamin Su Dasu Kansu Abunda Basu Fata Ke Nan

Har Ramlat Takoma Gida Rayi Sa,a Bata Hadu Da Su Anty Amarya ba Hakan Yasa Sukaji Dadi Sosai

Allah Sarki Ramlat Abba Ne Ya Aura Wa Ramlat Aure Da Drivern Sa Wannan Aikin Umarnin Anty Amarya Ne Tunda Ramlat Batada Mashin Shini Acewar Ta Bayan Kuma Itace Ke Koramata Samari

Cikin Ikon Allah Abbas driver Matashi Ne Ba Tsoho ba Abbas Driver Kuma kayan Sa Kala ukku Ne Kacal Kuma Marar Kyau Gashi Baki Ga Hakori

Wannan Ne Dalilin Da Yasa Akayi Auren Ramlat Dashi Ramlat Bayi Fushiba Gudun Kada Mamarta Tashiga Wani Hali Aikuwa Sunga Dariya Sosai Ga Habaici Kamar me Damma Mami Mace ce Wadda Tasan Darajar Dan Adam Kuma Bata Barin Yayanta Suyi wa Kowa Rashin Mutumci Ta Azasu Bisa Hanyar gaskiya mutuntawa Girmama Nagaba Da kai

Mamy Ta Zaunar Da Ramlat Tana Fada Mata Ba kyaune Aure Ba Ba Kuma Talauci Ba Ta Dauki Auren Sannu ce Kuma Ta Girmama Shi Sannan Kuma Mamy Tayi Mata Nasiha Sosai Kuma mami Tafada Mata Cewa Insha Allah Auren Tanaji Ajikinta Alkhairi ne

Aikuwa Rana Tsaka Aka Daura Auren Ramlat Da Angonta Abbas driver

Kuma Anty Amarya Takasa Ta Tsare Tace Dady Bazai Yimata Koda cokali Daya ba Kuma Babu Mai Rakiyar Ta Kuma Daga Yau Babushi Babu driving Aikin Sa Yakare Gidan

Haka Ramlat Sukayiwa Mamy Sallama Ramlat Na Kuka Su Hassan Nayi mami Kuwa Sai Fatan Alkhairi Takeyiwa Yarta Su Anty Amarya Kuwa Abun Nema Yasamu Matar Bakanike Ta Haifi Sufana Harda Su Guda Abba Kuwa Dakin Sa Ya Wuce Baice Wa Kowa Kalaba

Ramlat Suka fita Bikin get Suka Dauki Hanya Sai Da Suka Bar Unguwar Baki Daya

Abbas Yace Ramlat Kin Tsaneni Ko Saboda Ina Baki Mummuna Kuma Talaka Ko

Sai Ramlat Taja Ta Tsaya Shima Juyowa Yayi Yafus Kanceta

Ramlat Tace Kokadan Bakinka Baida meniba Muninka Bai Gabana Dan Ban Ganshiba Sannan Kana Maganar Talauci Ni Miye Dukiya ne Ban Dauki Dukiya Abakin Komaiba Sai Jara Bawa Da Dukiya Nada Amfani Da Tayi Muna Maganin Damuwar Mu Rayuwar Mu Tana Tafiya ne Kamar Ta Almajirai Sanadin Dukiya Gashi Mahaifin Mu Yazama Muna Abun Tsoro Aure Babu Cokali Miye Marabar Mu Da Marasa Gata Ina Amfanin Dukiyar

Abbas Ne Yanisa Yace Ramlat Kina Sona Duk Da Yanda Kika Sameni Ramlat Ta Dago Ido Tace Kada Kadamu Nakarbi Wannan Kaddarar Tawa Hannu Biyu Allah Ya bani Ikon Cin Wannan Jarabawar

Abbas Yace Kin Canye Da Yardar Allah Ramlat Dubeni Da Kyau Ki Gani Yanzun Ne Zaki San Waye Mijin Ki

Ramlat Cikin Rashin Fahimta Take Binsa Da Ido Yafara Jawabi Kamar Haka

Yanzun Dai Sunana Abbas Senator Idris Nasan Kinsan Wannan Mutumen

Aikuwa Ramlat Har Bakinta Na Rawa Tace Abbas Idris Dai Wanda Nake Jin Anafada

Yace Kwarai Kuwa Ramlat Kece Kika Maidani Haka Nayi Ta Bibiyar Ki Amman Ban Samu Na Is a A Gabanki Ba Kuma Gashi Naji Cewar Matar Babanku Bata Kaunar Kiyi Gaba Saidai Baya

A Cikin Wannan Lokacin Da Kika Ganni Da Wannan Shigar Aikin Mamana Ce Domin Kullun Cikin Tausayin Ku Suke Duk Wani Kusa A Gwannati Yanason Hada Zuriya Da Mahaifin Ki Amman Wannan Matar Tasanya Mutane Sun Cire Wannan Burin Duk Wanda Yazo Neman Auren Ki To Zata Chanzawa Ambassador Shawara Yace Sai Dai Bazai Bada Ramlat Ba Sai Dai Karina ko saudat

Shi Yasa Mutane Ke kin Neman Aurenki Bawai Bakida Kowa Bane Kinji Dalin Badda Kamata

Kuma Dady Na da Momey Na Duk Sunsan Da Wannan Auren Domin Kuwa Burin Suke Nan

Suna Cikin Wannan Halin Sai Ga Manya Manyan Motoci Da Jami,am Tsaro Sun Doso Inda Suke Motocin Na Tsayawa Aka Bude Ta Tsakiyar Sai Ga Senator Idris Da Momy Sunfito Suna Dariyar Far in Cikin Da Annashuwa Suka Rungumi Ramlat Sukayi Mota Da Ita

Koda Suka Koma Gidan Su Ramlat Taga Gata Kuma Tayi Murna Harda Kika Domin Kuwa Allah Ya Chanza Mata Kaddara

Buki Na musamman Akayi Agidan Kuma Ango Yadauko Wanka Na Mussam Gashi Haddade Dashi Son Kowa Kin Wanda Yarasa Shiyasa Yan mata Ke Son Samun Sa Aka Tsayin Mijin Auren Su

Koda Ramlat Tayiwa Mamy Waya Saida Tayi Sujudud Shukur Kuma

Tasanar wa Ridwan Wanda Saboda Wannan Auren Brain Gidan Yayi Amman Daga Jin Wannan Albishirin Yadawo Su Yan biyu Kuwa Kamar Su Zuba Ruwa Akasa Su Sha

Anty Amarya Ba Haka So Ganin Su mamy Ba Taso Tagansu Cikin Damuwa Allah Bai Nufaba

Cikin Ikon Allah Har Yanzun Basu San Waye Mijin Ramlat ba Yanzun Haka Ramlat Haihuwa Yau Ko Gobe

Kunji Yanda Akayi Auren Ramlat Kunji dalilin Dayasa Ramlat Batayiwa Mahaifiyar ta Jayayya ba

Rufaida Nabude Ido Sai Taga Yan Gayun Mutane Tsaye Akanta Kuma Daga Gani Sune Suka Tashi Karta

Aikuwa Tafashe Masu Da Kuka Tana Cewa Dan Allah Kada Ku Shanye Mani Mini Dan Allah Kuyi Mani Rai Wayyo Allah Inda Nayi Yanda Inna Taso Nayi Karatu Da Nayi Addu,a Aljannu Dan Allah Kuyi Hakuri

Aikuwa Anty Amarya Ita Dasu Reema da Saudat Suka Fara Kallon Kalo suke Saudat Tace Munyi Nasara Yau Aikuwa Kowace Takama Dariya Harda Anty Amarya

Ita Kuwa Rufaida Tarasa Miyasa Bakinta Yafadi Abunda Ba Gaskiya Ba Bata Gama Tunani ba Taji Takara Cewa Wayyo Inna Shike Nan Bazaki Kara Ganina Ba Dama Saboda Makarata Nagudo Gashi Kauyen Mu Da Nisa

Aikuwa Anty Amarya Taji Dadin Wannan Abun Gashi Tasamu Irin Yarinyar Da Take Mafalkin Samu

Takun Dai CE

Hassy Soja

Yar Mutan Gusau

4/19/20, 7:45 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€BANI CE BA๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja



_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“

Wow ina jidadi comments din Ku ina godiya sosai Allah Ya bar zumunci Amin.

Bismillahir Rahamanin Rahim Da sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa ga Mahaifina Allah Ya Jikan Sa yayi masa Rahama Amin

Page 37—40


Anty Amarya Tace Ke Yimuna Shuru Kingan Munan Yan Shan Jinine Dan Haka Kokinyi Addu,a Bazatayi Amfani ba

Reema Tace Kuma Yanzun Dake Zamu Gida Bazamu Yankaki Da Wuriba Sai Muyi Maki Jarabawa In Kinci Kin Tsira In kuma Kin Kasa Towww Kinzama Matatta

Allah sarki Rufaida fa Tayar Da Gashi Kuwa Tarazana Sosai Take Idon ta Yafara Zubarda Kwalla

Aikuwa Su Anty Amarya Murna Kamar Wadda Aka Bata Rabin Gari

Saudat ce Tace Wannan Shine Hukun Cin Jin Sirrin Mu Da Kikayi Zaki Zauna Tare Damu Yanzun Haka Dakene Domin Sanya Ido Akanki Idan Mutafi Gidan Kisa Muna Ido Akan Duk Abunda Mukeyi Kada Kibiyewa Kowa Kinji Ko Tana Mai Rike Kunnen ta Da yen Yatsunta

Rufaida Ta Jin jina Kanta Tana Zubarda Hawaye Tace Najiku Kawai Taji Bakinta Nafadin Amman Kada Ku Kaini Dakin Da Kuke Kisa

Yanzun Dai Tashi Mutafi Cewar Anty Amarya Haka Suka Sanyata A mota Sukaja Kowace Na Kunshe Dariyar Ta Suna Gudun Ta Dagosu

Isar Su Gidan Sukayiwa Masu Gadin Get Wani Irin Wawan Horn Masu Gadin Jin Suke Kamar Su Hayesu Da Duka Domin Daga Jin Wannan mugun Horn din Sun San koma Suwaye

Haka Sukazo Dagu Suka Bude Masu Gets Din Suka Shigo Kamar Subi Takan Ma,aikatan Gidan Da Mota

Itako Rufaida Tsabar Mamaki Kasa Rufe Baki Tayi Gashi Gidan Azahirin Gaskiya Yabata Tsoro Saboda Tsabar Girma da Fadi Itafa Ko A mafalki Bata Taba Ganin Irinsa Ba

Sufa Ala Dole Su Kara Tsorata Rufaida Shiyasa Suka bida Ita Ta Ban Garen Masu Aiki Aikuwa Suyita Zagin Mutane Komai Tsufan Mutum Zaginsa Suke Wata Tsohuwa Mai Masu Aiki wacce Ake Cewa Iya Akalla Iya Ahaife Ta Haifi Abba Bawai ma Aunty Amarya ba Amman Saboda Tsabar Wulakanci reema Ta Bankawa Iya Mari wai Tayi Masu Laifi Sun Dawo Batayi Masu Sannu Da Zuwa ba

A Mai Makon Su Burge Rufaida Sai Akasin Hakan Domin Rufaida Saida Ta Kawar Da Kai Take Hawaye Suka Ballewa Rufaida Acikin Zuciyarta Jin Take kamar Taramawa Tsohuwar Wata Irin Bakar Zuciya Taji Takawo Mata A Wuya Jin Take Kamar Ta Shake Reema Ta Mutu Kowama Yafuta

Kara Kawar Da Kai Tayi Gudun Kada Wani Yakula Da Chanza War Yanayinta Domin fa Rufaida A wannan Lokacin In Kuka Hada Ido Da Ita To Dolene Fa Mutum Ya Firgita

Wucewa Sukayi Suna Jan Tsaki Har Sun Kusa Barin Gurin Suka jiyo Sai Asan Nan ne Sukaga Bata Biyosu ba Dolene Anty Amarya Tace Saudat Zomin Da Bagidajiyar Can Dubi Yanda Take Kalle Kalle Saboda Tsabar Kauyen ci Taja Tsaki Kamar Wata Tsaka

Saudat Nazuwa Gurin Rufaida Tace Mata ke Yar Kauye Maza Kizo Saboda Ta Isko Tana Kallon Gurare Nadaban Alamar Kauyen ci Nan Kuwa Wani Mugun Wari Takeji Kuma Ga Hayaki Mai Muni Ko Ina Dubawa Take Amman Sai kadauka Kauyen cin ne Da Gaske Take Yi

Saudat ce Tace Ke Muje Mungaji Da Jiranki Yar Kauye Kawai

Haka Rufaida Tabi Bayanta Suka Shiga Babban Falo Aikuwa Rufaida Kallo Yadawo Sabo Ita Dai Azahiri Han kalinta Mugun Tashi Yake Domin Haduwar Ta Da Mutanen Nan Duk Tasauya Tazama Kamar Ba Itace Rufaida ba Anya Kuwa Nice Dai Rufaida Yar Gidan Malam Adamu Wadda Ta Taso Cikin Kangin Bauta Wadda Batasan Wace ce Mahaifiyar Taba

Toni Miyasa Nake Jin Cewa Gidan Nan Yana Cikin Kuncin Wannan Azzaluman To Miye Yasa Zan Damu Da Rayuwar Wasu Miyasa Nake Jin Cewa Lallai Inada Gatan Zaman Gidan Nan

Oh Ya Allah Kabani Lafiya Idan Wani Ciwo Nakamu Dashi Duk Rufaida ce Mai Wannan Zancen Zuci

Anty Amarya ce Tace Kai Wannan Bagidajiyar mugun Kauyanci Gareki Kodaya Ke Miye Nawa Tunda Nasamu Abunda Nakeso Kuma Dama Muguwar Bagidajiya ce Nayi Niyar Aura Mashi Kuma Burina Yagama Cika Saura Aiki Nagaba Kwashe Dukiya Gidaje Companys Da Dai Sauran su Dan Burina Baiwuce Naga Sun Koma Almajirai ba Suna Yawon Bara Maula Zaman Haya Da Dai Sauran su

Aikuwa Suka Kwashe da Dariya Harda Tafawa Kamar Wasu Sa,anni

Ita Kuwa Rufaida Murmushi Take Afakai ce Ta kuwayi Kamar Bataji Mi Suke Fada

Kareema Tashi Kaita Wan can Dakin Dake Bayan Sashen Ku Wanda Ba,a Aiki komai Cikin Sa

Kareema Tace Wuce Muje Ba kauyiya Kinzo Sai Gida Danci Kikai Muna

Haka Tayi Gaba Rufaida Na Biye Da Ita ta wani corridor Suka Suka Bulla Wasu Dakuna Sai Wani Dakine Can Aka Kai Rufaida Tana Bude Mata Tajuya Abunta Harda Su Cewa Ga Daki Nan Duk Da Nasan Cewa Bani Shara Kowanka Zakiyi Ba Balle Ace Inyi Wahalar Gwada Maki Wani Abu Tayi Tafiyar ta

Ita Kuwa Rufaida Ida shiga Dakin Tayi Tasamu Guri Ta Zauna Tana Tunani Tana Murmushi

Tofa Miye kika Tunani Hakan


Inna Uwani Kuwa Abun Ba,acewa Komai Domin Kuwa Kwanta Biyu Kullum Sallah Cikin Lokaci Take Kuma Kullum Rike Take da carbi Amman fa Bakin Dai Ke Motsi Dan Bata Iya Komai Ba

Kwana Biyu Bataga Rufaida ba Amman Saboda Ta Tsorata Da Lamarin Gidan Su Dan Tace Matattarar Aljannu

Inna Uwani ce Zaune Abun Duniya Ya Isheta

Wata Shawara ce Tazo Mata Kawai

Tafigi Gyale Tarufe Kofar Gida Sai Gidan Su Aminiyar Ta yelwa

Tana Zuwa Tayi Sallama Yelwa Tafito Daki ,aa Yau Manya ne A Gidan Namu Uwani Yau Antuna Dani To Barka da Zuwa Ga Gurin Zama Ta Shimfida Tabar Ma Suka Zauna

Bayan Sun Gaisa ne Yelwa Ke Cewa Nikam Uwani Miyasa Mike Kwana Kin Nan Daga kariya Sai Ciwukka Nifa Wannan Abun Nada muna

Uwani Kuwa Tanisa Tace Ke dai Bari Aminiya Muje Ni Kirakani Kin San Kuwa Akwai Babbar Matsala Tace Ke dai Fadamani Mana Uwani Tace Muna Tafe Ina Fada Maki

A Hakan Suka kama Hanyar Kauyan Bokan Su Suna Tafe Uwani Tasaki Baki Sai Zuba Take Kamar Ganyen Iccen Kanya

Yelwa Tace Kam Bala,i Uwani Kike Nan Ai Wallahi da Nice Sai Na Rama Kariyar da Akayi Mani Sai dai Kowa Yayi Jinya

Waima Kuwa Uwani Nin Danasani ce Kuwa Kodai An Chaza ki Wannan Dan Abun da Kike Gani Shine Kawai Ke Firgita Ki Amman Uwani kin Bani Kunya Wallahi

Danice Ke da Sai dai Kowa Ya Mutu Uwani dai Jin Yelwa Take Dan Tasan Bata dai Ga Abunda Take Shan Haduwa dashi ba Dan ma Ita Jaruma ce da Allah Dai Yasan Mizaifaru Sunyi Nisa Sun Bar Cikin Gari Sun Doshi Daji Kawai Suka Fara jin……….

Ayi manรจge da Wannan

Daga Alkhalaminโœ๐Ÿป

Hassy Soja

Yar mutan Gusau

4/19/20, 7:46 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ยฎ๐ŸŒ


_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“


๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€ BANI CE BA ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja

Agaskiya naji dadi sosai masoyana Allah Ya bar zumunci Amin

Ina Mai Baku hakuri Najina Kwana Bishuru Munyi Hidimar Sunane Sunan Baby Saudat Ajiya Laraba 8/4/2020

Bismillahir Rahamanin Rahim Da sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifina Allah Ya Jikan Sa yayi masa Rahma Amin.

Page 41—-45


Wani Irin Gurnani Ke Tashi Kamar Zaki Kamar Na Damisa Kuma Ba Zaki Gane Kukan Miye ba Sai kuma Kukan Kamar Na Kura Kamar Kuma Karen Daji

Dukan Su Sun Shiga Mummunar Faduwar Gaba Sai Sumuy Sumuy Suke Da Baki

Wata Irin Zufa Ce Ke Ambaliya Wa Yelwa Kamar Tayi Wanka Daruwa Sai Zaran Ido Take Kamar Wadda Tayi Karya Aka Kamata

Abun Idan Yayi Kukan Sai Dajin Ya Amsa Har Itace Na Karka Dawa Ganyen Iccen Na Zubewa Akasa

Yelwa Fa Ido Ya Raina Fata Sai Hawaye Ke Zuba A,idon ta Ga Cikinta Na Jujjuya wa Sai Zawayi Kake Jin Fe fessssss

Wani Irin Iskane Yataso Yelwa Sai Cewa Take

Wayyo Mutuwa ta Tazo Wayyo Uwani Sanin ki Baiyi Mani Amfaniba Sai Dana Sani Wa Innahu Sulaimanu Wayyo Attahiyatu Wayyo Gwaggona Wayyo Uwani Kema Manyace Gashi Kin Jawo Mani Bala,i Wayyo Wayyo Yelwa Fa Tayi Haje Haje Da Hawaye Kamar Zata Fasa Dajin Da Kuwar ta

Uwani Kuwa Duk Da Itama Tana Cikin Tashin Hankalin Amman Dariyar Yelwa Take Gani Take Itafa Wannan Masifar Bakai Wadda Taganiba To Ita Yelwa Ina Cika Bakin Yake oh Ni Uwani

Mukawo Kanmu Mahalaka Auran Malam Adamu Baijamin Komai Ba Sai Bala,i Wannan Aljanar Yariyar Tashi Duk Itace Sila Gashi Da Na shiryu Yanzun Nadawo Ruwa Gashi Zanyi Mutuwar Rashin Gata

Ai Bata San Sanda Tafara Ihun Nataba Wayyo ni Uwani Naga Takaina Dama Zanje Gurin Boka ne Nace Awalware Duk Wani kullin Da Akayiwa Jama,a Wayyo Ni Uwani Nayi Shiryuwar Gaskiya Inna Aljana Kiyarda Da Zance Na Wayyo Ni Uwani Inna Aljana Kiyi Mani Rai Ki Rike Yelwa Dama Itace Ke Bani Mugayen Shawar Wari Wayyo Innata Kin Cuceni Daga Nan Sai Gurin Baban Nina

Inna Aljana Kada Kisheni Yanzun Aikuwa Abun GabaYake Domin Kuwa Jin Sukeyi Abun Nisan Suda Shi Bazaiyi Taku Biyar ba Ga Duk I Lahirin Dajin Yayi Wanin Mugun jaaa Zuwa Can Kuma Yayi Mugun Baki

A gaskiya Yanzun Kam Sun Kara Tsorata Zuwa Can Kuma Sukaji Tsit Kamar Anshuka Dusa

Jikin Su Na Mazari Suka Bude Ido Tare Da Sauke Nan Nayen Ajiyar Zuciya

Bude Idon Su Keda Wuya Sai Sukaji Da Sun Sani Da Basu Bude Idon Ba Domin Kuwa Wata Babyn Robace Suka Gani A Tsaye Gaban Su Sai Dariya Take Masu Tace

Haba Inna Uwani Aminiya Yelwa Miye Abun Gudu Anan Kuma Miye Abun Tsoro Anan

Nimafa Rakiya Nazoyi Ko Kuna Nufin Bazan Biku ba bari Kuji Wani Labarin Takaici

Wai Kamar Nitin Nan ne za,ayiwa Kiciya Ai kuyma Kuntan Bajan yaldaba Cine jani Guril Bokan Can Amman Wai Tsoyona Yakeyi Kudube Cifa Ta Nuna Masu Gefen Su

Ai Kuwa Suka Juya Da Sauri Sukayi Ido Biyu Da Boka Dan Tsito Yayi Zuru Zuru Daga Gani Anji Jiki Aikuwa Kamar Hadin Baki Sukace Boka Dan Tsito Miyasa Meka

Wata Irin Uwar Harara Ya Dalla Musu Amman fa Yakasa Magana

Sukuma Basu Gajiba Suka Sake Tambaya Kawai Wannan Babyn Robar Tafara Magana Kamar Haka

Tabude Murya Da Karfi Kamar Kunnu wansu Zai Fashe Lallai ne Ku Baku Horuba Tunda Kunada Bakin Magana Kusani Cewa Yanzun Ba,A Dunyar Ku Kuke Ba Kuna Kar Kashin Ikona Ne Kuma Kune Kuka Kawo Kanku To Kusani Zan Dan Dana Maku Bakar Azaba Zan Chanza Maku Kamanni Kowa Bazai Gane Kuba Bar Sai Kunbi Duk Wanda Kuka Zulunta Kunnemi Yafiyar Sa Haka Kema Uwani Mai Tubar Mazuru Zan Koya Maki Ilar Karya Alkawarin Da Kike Dauka Kuma Kike Wasa Dashi Kai kuma Zan Hadaku Da Duk Wani munafuki Mushiriki Irinka

Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Tana Daga Hannu wanta Sai Ga Wasu Irin Miyagun Hallitu hhhhhhhhhhh Ku Koya Masu Hankali Hhhhhhhhhhhh Bat Tabace ……….

****************************** A Yau Rufaida Kwannata Ukku A gidan Kuma Sun Kibari Kowa Domin mugun Nufin Su Shine Sai Ranar Auren Su Nunata Agaban Duk Yan Bukin Kowa Yaganta Ma,ana Mutane Sugane Cewa Mame da Yayanta Kalar Mabarata ne Kuma Matsayin Ridwan Baiwuce Yan Aiki ba Tanason Yimasu Mugun Wulakanci Ita da Yayanta

Ridwan ne Kwance Adakin Sa Duk Abun Duniya Yataru Yayi Masa Yawa Babu Abun Yafi Damunsa Sai Irin Yanda Ake Yiwa Mahaifiyar Su Wulakanci Ita Kuma Bazata Tankaba Kuma Itace Babba Ga Yayanta Amman Sun Dawo Kamar Wasu Yan Aiki Gashi Abba Baya Cewa Kowa Cikanka Kuma Wai mutum Da Mahaifina Amman Akeyi Masu Mulkin Mallaka

Badan Gudun Ayiwa Mame Wani Mugun Abun ba A Gurin Abba Wallahi Da yau Zanyi Maganin Duk Wasu Yan Iskan Gidan Nan him Allah Yatoni Asirin Ku Kuma Allah Yadawo da Hankalin Abba Akanmu da Mahaifiyar mu

Duk Wannan Tunanin da Ridwan Keyi Mame Natsaye Agurin Kuma Tanajin Tausayin Su Ita da Yayanta nisawa Tayi Tamatsa Gurin Sa Tazauna Abakin Gado Tace

Ridwan Miye Kedamun ka Take Yadawo Hayyacin Sa Yace La Mamena Babu Komai Bacci dai Nake Son Yi

Mame Tace Ridwan Miye Damuwar ka Ne Kada Kasawa Kanka Damuwa da Yawa Kasanifa Dukkan Nin Tsanani Yana Tare Da Sauki Kasani Mahakuri Yakan Dafa Dutse Harma Yasha Romonsa Kuma Kayi Hakuri Kada Kaji Nace Kayi Hakuri Kadauka Kalmace Kawai

A,a Ai Hakuri Babban Abune Duk Manzanin Da Allah Ya Aiko Yana Cemasu Kuyi hakuri kuma kasan Wani Abun Jin Dadi Kuwa Manzon Allah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam ) Allah Yanace Masa Kayi Hakuri Wani Gurin Ma Yace masa Kayi Hakuri Kamar Yanda Sauran zababbi Daga Cikin manzanni Sukayi

Kaga Kuwa Hakuri Babban Abune Tonima Zance Kasa Hakuri A Dukkanin Lamurran Duniya Bakomai Ke Dauwama ba Tsanani Bazai Dauwama ba Haka Dadi Dole Acikin Rayuwa Akwai Jarabawa Allah Yabamu Ikon Cin Jarabawa Amin Suka Hada Baki Harda Su yan biyun mame Dake Tsaye Abakin Kofar Dakin

Tabbas Jikin Sa Yayi Sanyi Kuma Kimar Mahaifiyar Su Takara Lunkuwa A Ransa

Haka Sukaci Gaba Fira Tsakanin Su Harda Su Dariya Take Mafiyin Damuwar Su Ta Gudu

Bayan Sun Gama Firansu Sukayi Masu Sallama Sukayi Sashen Su

Rufaida CE Kwance Bisan wata loka yayir Katifa Tana Kallon Silin Tayi Shuru Batace Komai ba Zuwa Can Tayi Wani Irin Murmushi

Wannan Matar Niza kiyiwa Aure Kamar Wata Uwata Babu Shela Kina Nufin Cewa Ni Banda Gatane Komiye To Kuwa kinjawa Kanki Dama Irin ki Nake Nema Uwani ma Tayi Dani Ta Kasa Bare Ke Koda yake Irin kune Masu Kwakwalwar Kifi

Hahhhhh Kinda Shigo Hannu Bazan Nuna Maki Komai ba Sai Zuwa Gobe Ranar Auren Kuma Sai Kinyi Kin Gama Duk Abun da Kika Tsara Zakiyi Komai Amman Bazan Taba Barin Kiyiwa Mutuniyar Kirki Abunda Kika Tsaraba


Washe Gari Kuwa

A yaune Akatashi Safiyar Bikin Ridwan Gashi Duk Su Mame da Yayanta Basusan Wacece Ba Kuma Basuga Amfasa Auren Ba Balle Suce Amfasa Sudai Fatan Su Allah Yayi Masu Zabi Na Kwarai

Acan Dakin Abba Kuwa YakasaTsaye Yakasa Zaune

Shin Mike Damunane Miyasa Zanbari Ayiwa Dana Abun Sona Auren Dole miyasa waima Miyasa Nakasa Hanawa Saima Nabashi Umarnin Yin Auren Dole Miyasa Nake Kasa Tun karar Uwar Yayana Musan Abunda Yadace Yashene Ma Nazama Haka misa Akoda Yaushe Nazama Mijin Hajiya Ne Itada Yayanta Babu Komai Sai Rashin Kunya Allah Yakawo Muna Mafita

Inajin Nayin Bayin Allah nan Tabbas Nasan Nayi Dace Da Matar Kwarai Allah Yakara Kareku Amin

Allah sarki Ramlat Nagode Allah Dayasa Wannan Yaron Yazo A Irin Wannan Yanayin Tabbas Dama Nasan Abbas Yaron Kirkine Kuma Duk Irin Shigar Da Yayi Nakan Ganeshi Domin Kuwa Nasan Tashin Sa Kuma Nasan Duk Abunda Yasawa Gaba Allah Na Bashi Nasara Akai Allah yabaku Zaman Lfy

Anty Amarya Kuwa Yau Harda Masu Dije Ta Dauko Dan Tace Yau Ranar Murnace Sai An dance him Baridai Nadubo Wannan Bagida jiyar Yarin Yar Haka Tafito Dakinta Gida Kuwa Ko ta Ina Cike Yake Da Yan Ganin Kwam Dan Labarin Bai fiye Dadiba Irin Yanda Za,Aganewa Ido ba

Hajiya Khalisa Kuwa Jin Take Kamar Ta Hadiye Zucuya Ta Mutu Dan Yar tama Bata zoba

Anty Amarya kafin Taje Gurin Rufaida Tatsaya Gurin Kwayenta Agaisa Anan ne Ma Take Tambar Hajiya Khalisa Ina Safina Dan Bata ganta ba Za,ayi Shagali Bada Itaba

Dan ne Zuciya Tayi Dariyar Yake Tace Ai Safina Bata Nan Tayi Tafi Waini Kam Ina Amaryar Takene Kinki Nuna Mani

Anty Amarya Tace La Aikuwa Can Zani Tashi Mutafi

Haka Suka Kama Hanya Sai Dakin da Rufaida Take

Suna Zuwa Bakin Kofar Babu Sallama Ba kon kwasa kufar Babu Komai Suka Fada Koda Suka Shigo Suka Fara Neman Rufaida Babu Ita Babu Dalilin ta Harsun Juya Hankali Tashe Kawai Suka Han gota Wani Lungu Ta Rakube Kamar Wata Wadda Zata Shige Ajikin Katanga

Suka Sauke Ajiyar Zuciya Atare Sai Suka Koma Gurinta Suna Zuwa

Anty Amarya Ta Hade Rai Tace Gani Nazo Cika Aiki na Akanki Kinsan Alkawarin mu Kuwa Wanda Mukayi A can Kin San Kuwa Baki Son Musha Jinin ki Ko To Ogan Mu A Yau Zai Aurawa Dansa Aurenki

Aikuwa Rufaida Ta Aza Hannu Akai Tafara Ihu Wayyo Na Mutu Aikuwa Abun Yabasu Dariya Suka Gimtse Dariyar Sukace Tayi Masu Shuru Wannan Auren Shine Kawai Zai Ce ce ta In Ba Hakaba Tazama Tasu

Ai Dole Rufaida Ta Aza Hannuta Abaki Ta Rufe Bakinta

Sukace Mata Ta Gashi Tayi Wanka Tayi Kwalliya Tace Masu Ai Ranar Da Aka zo Da Ita Tayi Wanka

Harsuna Hada Baki Gurin Cewa Kina Nufin Rabonki Da Wanka Run Ranar Da Kikazo Agidan Nan To Yanzun ma Tashi Kuyi Wani Wankan Kiyi Kwalliya Mai Kyau Tace Masu To

Suka juya Sukayi Gaba Abunsu Suna Dariyar Keta Sai da Rufaida Ta Tabba Tarda Sun Bar Gurin Ta Bush’s Da Dariya Tace Anzo Gurin Zakuyi Nadama Marar Amfani Yau Za,a Fara Wasan Allah Yanuna Muna An Daura Lafiya Tajuya Tayi Toilet Gurin Wanka Koda Rufaida Tafito Tazo Ta zauna Tafara Tunanin Sauyawar Fabi,unta Baki Daya

Alhamdulillah An Daura Auren Lafiya Ridwan ambassador Kabir Shu’aibu Da Amaryar Sa Rufaida Adamu

Ayurrrrriiiirrrrr To Kufito An Daura Kuzo Kunana Murnar Ku Koda yake Bari Na Kawo Maku Amaryar Cewar Anty Amarya Mame ce Akewa Wannan Cin Kashin Acikin Yayanta Harda Ramlat Ga Kawayen Anty Amarya da Yayanta Da kawayen su Sai Dariyar Keta Ketashi

Anty Amarya Itada Tawagar Ta Suka Dauko Amarya Alullube Basu Yada Zango Ko Inaba Sai Gaban Su Mame

Saudat ce Da Kareema Aga Gurin Bude wa Rufaida Ido Ana Bodewa Kowa Ya Kwalalo Ido Wake Ai Sai Mame Ta Mike Tsaye Haka Su Ramlat Su Anty Amarya Kuwa Kamar Idon Yafado Kasa

Tofa Miye Suka Gani Haka๐Ÿ˜ฑ

Kudai Biyoni

Hassy Soja.

Yar mutant Gusau ce

4/19/20, 7:46 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€ BANI CE BA๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja

Allah Yataimaki Kunyar Mu Mai Albarka Farin Jini (Tabbas Akwai Farin Jini)

Wayyo dadi A gaskiya yan uwa Inajin Dadin Comments din Ku sosai Allah Ya bar zumunci Amin



_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“

Bismillahir Rahamanin Rahim Da sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifina Allah Ya Jikan Sa yayi masa Rahama amin.

Page 46—-50


Kareema Fa Abun Yayi Mugun Kamata Saudat Dabas Ta Zauna Mamakin Wannan Amaryar Kowa Yake

Ita Kuwa Mame Nuna Rufaida da Dan Yatsanta Tayi Cikin Rawar Murya Tace Wace ce Wannan Kuma Daga Ina

Kuma Miyasa Ku Kawota Gurina Ramlat Ce Tace Mame Ina Ganin Su Kansu Basu San Wacece Suka Kawo Munaba

Kiduba Yanda Anty Amarya Tazama Status Kidubi Yanda Wasu Sukayi Zaman Yan Bori Anan

Hajiya khalisa ce Tayi Karfin Halin Cewa Ke wacece Ke Tana Nuna Rufaida da Dan yatsanta

Rufaida Har Yanzun Bata Kalli Kowa ba Kanta Na A Kasa

Hajiya Khalisa ce Ta Dawo Gurin Anty Amarya Tace Lallai Kin Iya Zabi Mai Kyau Yanzun Nagane Yanda Lamarin Yake

Koma Dawowa Tayi Gurin Rufaida Ta Karasa Bude Mayafin Baki Daya Kawai Ta Aza Hannu A Hanci Tafara


Wannan Shine Zabin Allah Yarinya Ga Ainahin Sakuwar Kin Nan Kinga Wannan Tanuna Mame Tace Daga Idonki Kidube Ta Kigani Ta Dago Fuskar Rufaida Datasha Ado Kamar Wata Yar Sarki Tace Ki Gaishe da Ita

Duk Wannan Zancen Da Hajiya Khalisa keyiwa Rufaida Wasu basuji Mitace Ba Wasu Kuma Ganin Suke Ai Rain in Han Kali ne

Wannan yarinyar ce Ake Nufin Tanajin Hausa Yarinya Kamar Balaraba ko Ba India

Shin Ita Wannan Ai Yarinyar Karama da Ita Amman Kuma Allah ya Hore

Kyau Da Hallita Yarinya Kamar Wata Irin Aljana Kai Ko A Aljannu Wannan Ta Dabance Anya Ba Yar Sarkin Larabawa Bace Anya ma Tana Jin Hausa

Lallai Amman Anraina Masu Hankali Akace Yar Kauyen Kayau Kuma Almajira kuma Mummuna Amman Ancuce Su

Yan Mata Wasu Sai Kishi Wasu Kuma dai Sunce

Fa,Tabarakallahu Ahsanul Khaliqin

Hajiya Khalisa Ce Taci Gaba da Cewa

Itace Mamanki Ba Sukaba Kawai Haka Rufaida Tafara Daga Kanta A han Kali Ta Kalli Mame Taduka A kunyace Cikin Coll voice Dinta Tace

Basuyi Zaton Zatayi Hausaba Sai Larabci ko Indianci

Basu Gama Tunaniba Sukaji Tace

Mama Ina Yini Anyini Lafiya Ya Akaji Da Hidima Duk Acikin Lokaci Daya Tayi Wannan Gaisuwar

Wasu kusan Sumar Tsaye Sukayi Dan Sunyi Matukar Mamaki Sosai Jin Hausa Abakinta

Mame Tasauke Ajiyar Zuciya Ta Duka Tariko Rufaida Sukayi Tsaye Mame Ta Rungume Ta Ajikin Tace

Maraba Da Zuwa “Yata Kisaki Jikin ki Tajuyo Gurin Ramlat Tace Ramlat Yar,uwa Kun Samu Wannan Shine Abunda Nake Nuna Maku Ina Nuna Maku Ribar Hakuri Yanzun Kun Kara Yarda da Zance Na

Murmushi Ramlat Tayi Itama Tazo Ta Rungumi Rufaida Tace Maraba da Zuwa Matar Yaya Bamuyi Tsam manin Ganin ki Ahaka ba Amman Yanzun Kam Munfi Kowa Dokin Ganin ki

Bamu Damu Da Kancin Sheka Runki ba Ko A Iya Daukar Wan kanki Ma Abun Burgewa ne Sannan Kuma Daga Ganin ki Munga Wadda Ta Tashi Gidan Tarbiyya

Kuma Gaki Mai Ilimi Uwa Uba Kunya Allah Ya Zaunar Ku Lafiya Kuma Allah Ya Hada Hankulan Ku

Da Amin Wasu Daga Cikin Yan Kallo Sukace

Hajiya Khalisa fa Bakin Ta Yaki Rufuwa Domin Zikin Zuciyar Ta Cewa Take Anki Cin Biri Anci Dila Anyi Mata Bakin Ciki Gashi Ta Kwana Dasu

Lallai Kuwa Ayanzun Jin Take Rufaida Kamar Yarta ce Kuma Ta Sauke Makaman Yakin Ta Kuma Insha Allah Zata Zama Wani Gin Shiki A Gurin Rufaida

Kuma Daga yau Ta Yanke Alaka da Anty Amarya

Gani take Yaufa Kamar Daren Sallah ne A Gurin Ta

Juyawa Tayi Gurin Sauran Wadanda Suka Gayyata Tace To Jama,a Ga Amaryar Da Akace Zakuyi Kallo Gashi Ance Akwai Wukanci To Masuyi Suyi Muna Jira Nasan Kowa Yanada Abunyi

Wata Mai Suffar Kwaran gwalce Acikin Kawayen Reema Tace Amman Kun Raina Muna Hankali Shine Aka Wani Jajibo mu Gurin Kallon Mai Kyau Bayan Ba Wannan Beauty din Aka Nuna Munaba Mu Zaku Yaudara To Kusani Kunci Bashi Wlh Kawai Tajuya Abunta Tayi Gaba

Haka Mutanen Su Anty Amarya Suka Ta Guduwa Saboda Anbata Masu Rai Bayan Ance Akwai Kallon Comedy Agurin Amaryar Ashe Ma Raina Masu Hankali Akayi

Har Yanzun Anty Amarya Kamar Amafalki Take Ganin Abun Wani Irin Murmushi Tayi Tace Tofa Wannan Wane Irin Mummunan Mafalki Ne Gashi Nakasa Falkawa Ke Saudat Ki Tadani Daga Wannan Mugun Bacci Mana Ke Kareema Kike koma Reema Ki Ce Mani Mafalki Ne Nake

Aikuwa Hajiya Khalisa Ta Bushe da Mahaukaciyar Dariya Tace Ke Mahaukaciyar Inace Wannan Abun Gaskiya ne

Shirinku Fa Ya Lalace Aikuwa Wani Uwar Ashar Ne Anty Amarya Tayi Ta Nuna Rufaida da Hajiya Khalisa Tace Ku Ko Kun Debo Ruwan Dafa Kanku Ke Khalisa Kin Sanni Kuma Kinsan Wacece Ni To Kisani Cewa Kin Shigo Gonata

Tajuya Gurin Rufaida Wadda Take Wani Munafukin Murmushi Anty Amarya Tace Sai Na Hallaka ki Na Wulakanta Rayuwar ki Kuma Sai Kinzama Abar Tsoro A Duk Inda Kika Dosa

Wani Murmushin Rufaida Tasake Yi Batace Komai ba Tanadai Murmusawa

Anty Amarya Ta Juya Tariko Hannun Saudat da reema Sukayi Waje Kamar Masu Shirin Tashi Sama

Ramlat da Hajiya Khalisa Sukayi Dakin Mame da Rufaida Suna Zuwa Suka Dorota Abakin Gadon Mame Hajiya Khalisa Tace To Rufaida Kinga Wannan Auren Naki Shi Ake Kirada Sauyin Kaddara Nasan Ada Ni Ba Wai Ina Sonki Bane Amman Wlh Tun Zuwan mu A Gurin ki Adazun Naji Jikina Yayi Sanyi Kuma Naji Ina Burin Taima konki Kinga Wannan Matar Duk Abun da Shirya Zai Iya Faruwa

Kuma Nasan Zata Iya Sanya Abban Ku Yasanya Asaki Wannan Yarin Yar Shin Yanzun Ramlat Babu Wata Mafita ne

Shuru Sukayi Dukan Su Suna Neman Mafita Rufaida ce Tace Kunsan Aure Raine Da Shi Idan Allah Ya Tsara Rayayye ne Tofa Babu Mai Iya Kashe Shi Kuma Idan Auren Ba Rayayye Bane Komai Dabara Bazai Iya Rayuwa ba Dan Haka

Addu,a ce Mafita

Dukan Su Sun yarda Da Zancen Rufaida Fatan Su Kawai Auren Yazama Rayayye

Suka mike Sukayi wa Rufaida Sallama Sukace Ta Kwanta Ta Futa Har Zuwa Anjima Suka fita

Suna fita Rufaida Ta Bushe da Dariya Tace Yanzun Za,a Fara Wasan Allah Ya kaimu Dare Lafiya Tabbas Hajiya Khalisa Allah Yasoki Tunda Kinyi Tubar Gaskiya Kuma Na Gamsu Da Shiryuwar ki Da Kema Kinyi Bakuwa Ayau

Amman Allah Yasoki Amman Wannan Bakar Matar da Yayanta Kun Tashi Aiki Domin Kuwa Najuyo Kanku Baki Daya Harda Bokan Naki Zakuyi Bayanine hhhhhhhhhhh


Takwanta Take Bacci Mai Nauyi Yayi Gaba Da Ita

Ko minti Biyar Baccin Bai Hadaba Rufaida Ta Falka Da Salati Abakinta

Bayan Ta Tashine Duk Abun da Yafaru Yadawo Mata Ita Dai Tasan Duk Cikin Kayanta Batada Irin Wannan Kai Itafa Arayuwar ta Bata Taba Ganin suba Abun Mamaki Duk Cikin Jakar Kayanta Wannan Kayan ne Kawai Aciki Kuma Daga wannan kayan Babu Wasu To Inama Aina Hin Kayan Suke ne Ganin Babusu ne Yasanya Tayi Sha Hada Ta Sanya Ai Kuwa Kayan Sukayi Mugun Amsarta

Tana Cikin duba Jakar ne Taga Kayan Kwalliya da Gwala Gwallai Wasuma Kamar Zinari Ita Dai Kawai Tasanya ne Kuma ni Yanzun Mi Zanyi Da Wannan Kayan Bari Nayi Kwalliyar Zuwa Gurin Talla Kofar Gidan malam

Kamar Anakoya Mata Kwalliya Haka kuma Kamar Ana Bata Umarni Haka Ta Dan dasa Kwalliya Taji Tagani Tafada A Lokacin da Takalli Madubi Saida Ta Kusa Sumewa Dan Ganin Take Kamar ba,ita ba

Tunda Taji Motsin Shigowar Su Taji Ta Koma Kamar Ba Itaba Ta Nemi Mayafi Babba Wanda Tagani Tayi Lullubi Tun Daga Kanta Har kafafunta

Wannan Shine Abunda Take Tunani Kuma Shine Ya Faru Haka Tayi Ta Zance Zuciya

Anty Amarya Kuwa Ta Kasa Zaune Takasa Tsaye ba Itaba Ba Yayanta ba Kowace Acikinsu Fuska Ba Rahma

Yanzun Momy Kinaganin Irin Kunyar Da Mukaji Kamar mu Ake duban Idon mu Ayi Muna Habaici

Anya ma Ramlat Ba,agidan Futu Take ba Anya Kuwa Babu Wata A Kasa Kiduba fa Harda Tsohon Ciki Gareta Kuma Kuma Mu Bamu Sani ba Tabbas Akwai Abunda Ke Faruwa

Ya Isa Ya Isa Nace Koma Miye Kubani Nan da Gobe Zan Nemeku Yanzun Kubani Guri

Sum sum Sukayi Waje Ita Kuwa Anty Amarya Fadin Take A Yau Dinnan Zani Gurin Boka Dan Tukunya Ba Sai Gobe ba Kuma Zanyi Yanzun Zani Kawai Ta Dauki Jaka Tayi Gaba

Ta Dauki Mota Sai Gurin Boka Dan Tukunya

Rufaida ce Ta Bushe Da Wata Irin Dariya Tace Kije Ina Jiranki Ai Anjima Zamu Game Daku Domin Ko Yarki Bazan Bariba



Su Uwani Anyi Laushi Ga Yunwa Ga Kishi Duk Acikin su Babu Mai Bakin Magana kuma Babu Wani Mai Karfi Acikin su

Yelwa Kuwa Kamar Ace Ar Ta Arta Aguje Boka Dan Tsito Kuwa Kamar Wani Kalar Halitta Haka Yakoma

Suna Cikin Wannan Halin ne Babyn Roba Suka Gani A Gabansu Kamar Wadda Taci Gudu Tace Wai Uwani Nagaji Bani Ruwa Nasha Kinji Yelwa Ke Kuma Ki Bani Abinci Inci Yunwa Ta Dameni

Boka Dan sito In Baka Yi Mani Aikin Hana Ayi Mani Kishiyaba Babu Kai Babu Ci Gaba Dayiwa Uwani Aiki Dan nima Ai banson Kishiya

Gashi Naji Ance Aikinka Kamay Yankan Wuka Yake Amman Dan Bakin Ciki Kaki Yimani Aiki

Tana Harar Sa

Tace Yauwa Maza Maza Uwani Ku Hau Iccen Can Ku debo Mani Kwakwa Maza Ku Tashi Kuma Kowace Iccen Ta Daban Kunga Iccen Can Ta Nuna Masu Ai Uwani Nadaga Kai Ta Hango Wani Irin Icce Mai Mugun Tsawo Kuma Ga Sulbi Ai Sai Hawaye Kamar Anbude Fanfo Yelwa ma Kusan Somewa Tayi Suj Jiyo Domin Yimata Magiya Kawai Sukaga Ta Koma Wata Irin Abar firgitar wa Ai Da Gudu Suka Tun Kari Iccen

Suna kuka Kuma Duk Wanda Naji Ta Kara Bude Baki Da Sunan Magiya To Tasani Iya kar Maganan Ta Ke Nan

Ai kowacen Tarike Baki Sai Kukan Zuci Suke Da Danasa ni Marar Amfani

Kai Kuma Katashi Kaga Gurin Nan Banison Ganin Ganyen Haki Ko Daya Gurin Nan Duk Hakin Da Kadauka Kacinye Shi

Ai Wata Irin Zabura Dan Tsito Yayi Ta Daka Masa Wata Irin Tsawa Ai Jiki Na Kyarma Ya Fara Dauka Yanaci Wani Mugun Daci Wani Bauri Sai Allah Yatsine wa Su Uwani Yake

Take Bace Bata Kuma Sai Gata Ta Dawo Da Wasu Mutanen Maza Su Ukku Ai Kuwa Takama Busar Dariya Rasa Hannuta Ta Kama Zagayen Su Take Su Dan Tsito Suka Daina Ganin su Lallai Kuma Kun Kawo Kanku Mahalaka cewar Dan Tsito Yana Mai Yi Masu Dariyar Zuci

Shi Dama Ambari Ya Gansu Da Yasha Dariya Ya Rage Kunci

Yelwa Sai Anzo Hawan Icce Sai Afado Suuuuuuuu dif A Kasa Uwani Kuwa Iccen Tasa Agaba Takasa Ta Ina Zata Fara


Anty Amarya ce Acikin Kun gurmin Daji Tana Tafiya Da Baya Baya………

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Daga Alkhalamin โœ๐Ÿป

Hassy Soja

Yar mutan Gusau

4/19/20, 7:49 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€ BANI CE BA ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja



_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“

Allah Yataimaki kunyar mu mai Albarka farin jini (Tabbas Akwai Farin jini)

Ina godiya sosai da comments din Ku Allah Ya bar zumunci Amin

Bismillahir Rahamanin Rahim Da sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifina Allah Ya Jikan Sa yayi masa Raham Amin.

Page 51—-55


Keeeee Uwani Mikike Nufi Ne Wai Acinkin Wata Irin Tsawa Taji Anfada Har Sai da Ta Saki Fitsari A Tsaye Bata Tan Tance Ba

Yelwa Kuwa Sumewa Tayi Har Sai da Aka Kayin Wata Irin Tsawa Sannan Ta Nisa

Ke Uwani Yunfa Tada meni Mi kuke Jirane Iyeee

Koda Suka jiyo Dan Ganin Mai Irin Wannan muryar Numfashin Su Kusan Daukewa Yayi

Dan wata Ya “kunanniyar Tsohuwa Suka Gani Saboda Tsabar Bakin ta Kamar Kwalta Dan Bakin Har Walkiya Yake Yi Idonta Kuma Kamar Girman kwai kuma jajir Dasu Gashi Batada Kiba Kamar Irin horo din nan Masu Mugun muni

Yelwa ce Tafara Addu,a Jikinta Namazari Tafara Atahiyyatu wayyo kuke Ganin mu Bamuke Ganinku ba Wassalatu Wamanfiha Wayyo Ni yelwa Dama Idan Mutum Yamutu Munafuki Haka Yake komawa Uwani Allah Ya,isana Wayyo Ni yelwa Naga Ta Kaina

Uwani Kuwa Saboda Tsoro Gashi Kuma Gurinsu Take Nufowa Yasa Tafara Wayyo Ni Uwani Naga Takaina Wayyo Ni Uwani Tir Da Mugun Halin Daya jawo Mani Shiga Wannan Mugun Halin Wayyo Allah na Nayi Nadama Wayyo Mal…….Maganar ce Ta makale mata Ganin

Wannan mummunar Matar Agabanta Nufashin ta Ida Tsayawa yayi na Wucin Gadi ga Gashin Nan Tsaiyaye Kamar Macizai

Cikin murya Mai Amsa Amo Tace Masu Ya Nayi Dakune Bance Idan Naji Muryar Dayan Ku Bazaku Kara Yin Magana ba Kuda Magana Sai dai Kuji Anayi

Ai Da Mugun Gudu Suka Duka Suka Fara Bata Hakuri Yelwa Harda su Cewa Haba Innar Mu Muntuba ta Kiyi Muna Rai Dan Allah Kinji Innar mu Wallahi Yan Duk Abun da Kike son Muyi Zamuyi Maki Ko Uwani

Ke Uwani Kibata Hakuri Mana kinajin Abunda Tace Kinsan fa Innar mu Mai Fada Acika ce

Ita dai Uwani Yar Kallo Tazama Domin Babu Bakin Magana Ganin Take Tana Kara Bude Baki Tofa Bata San Mizata Fara Fada Ba Dan Allah yagani Yan Zun Ta Saduda Mutuwa Dai Take Jira

Aljanar Dariya Tabushi Da Ita Tace Uwani Ai Ko Kin ce Kintuba Bazan Yarda ba Garama Kikoma wa Halinki na Ainahi Kilama Halin Naki Yasa Nabarku Dan Nima Kina Ban Nishadi Idan Kinyi Wani Abun Gaki Da Tuban Mazoru Shiyasa Kike Burgeni Dan Haka Ki Komawa Halinki Dan Yanzun Bazan Karbi Uzurin kiba

Kema Wai Wace Irin Azabace Ban Nuna Maki ba Amman Kinki Yin Han Kali Ai Duk Wanda Yakiji Bazaiki Ganiba Uwani

Ke Kuma yelwa Aminiya Ki Kara Dorata Ahanya kinga Zaku fi jin Dadin Zamanku A Wannan Gurin Ga kuma Bokayen Ku A Kusa Daku Kawai Ku Hadu Kuyi Ma Kanku Hanyar Barin Gurin Nan Kafin Nan Dawani Lokacin da Zan Maidaku birai

Ai jin Wannan Zance Kawai Suka Dora Hannu Akai Suka Fara Rera kuka Tace Zaku Gani Kuka Dan Yanzun ma Ina Akan bakana Dole ne Ku Debo Mani Kwakwar nan kuma Kumaza Kutashi Na Baku Minti Biyar Kacal Inkuma Ba Haka ba Hhhhhhhhhhhh

Ai Atsiyace Suke Yar Rigagan Hawan Icce Har Wani Nature Wani Gashi Iccen mugun sulbi Gareshi

Aljanar juyawa Tayi gurin Boka Dan Tsito Tace Yanaga Kazauna Kana Maida Numfashi Cikin Sauki Kuma Baka Gama cinye Ganyen ba Kuma Son Nake Gurin Yazama Kamar An share Kada Kayarda Na Kayi maka Maga Ko Kuma Kasa Aljannun ka Suyi Maka Dama Aiki Kamar Yankan Wuka Kakeyi Hhhhhhhhhhhh

Katashi Naceeeeee Ai Dagudu Dan Tsito yaci Gaba Yacin Ganyen yana Kuka

Daga Hannuwa Tayi Sama Take Gurin da Ta Ajiye Wannan Mutanen Yabude Kallo Daya Zakayi Masu Subaka Dariya

Tace Kun Gama Aikin Naku Akaina ne Iyeee koda Saura ne

Kuka Suke Kamar Ransu zaifita Suka Ce Kiyi Hukuri Dan Allah Ta Bushe da Dariya Tace Kunsan da Allah Kuke Kashi A massalaci Maza Ku Tashi Ku Taya Dan Tsito cinye Ganyen nan kuma ko Daya Kada Kubari Akasa Kuji Abunda Nafa cikin wata Irin Tsawa Ai Jiki na Mazari Suka Amsa Mata Suka Fara Cin Ganyen Ta Bushe da Dariya Tace Idan Kun Tsaya Ina Ganin Ku Kuma Sai Na Dan Dana Maku Bakar Azaba Bat Tabace Ai Da gudu Suka Fara aikin Cin Ganyen


Anty Amarya ce A Gaban Boka Dan Tukunya Tagama Kora Masa Bayani

Hhhhhhhhhhhh Kinyi Wauta Saida Nace Maki Idan kin samu Yariyar Ki Zo Mani Da Ita In Hadata da Bakaken Aljannu Sune Zasuyi Driving dinta Tayi Yanda Kike So To Yanzun Ma Ki Kawo Mani Ita Kuma Ki Tabbatar Cikin Hankalin ta Zaki Zo Mani Da Ita

Har Tabude Baki Zatayi Wata Magana yace Ban Son Gardama Nasan Mikike son Fada Kina Son Cewa Ya Zaki Tunda Tana Tare Da Makiyan ki To Ai Ke Yakamata Kiyi Mata Dabara Saboda A Yanda Nagani Kuma Kamar Yanda Nake Ganin Yarinyar Batada Wata Dabara Kuma Yarinyar Bazatayi Wuyar Yaudaruwa Ba

Boka Sunanta

Ke yadaka Mata Tsawa Kada ki yarda Ki Ambaci Sunnan ta

Nasan Wacece Ita Kawai Umarni Nabaki Kika Wota Cikin Lokaci

Baki Na Rawa Tace Angama Boka yace To Maza Ki Koma Inajiran ki Kuma Duk Abun da kika Gani Kada Kidamu Kishiyar kice Ke Biye Dake Burinta Taga Kin Wulakanta Kuma Kisani Zanyi Maki Maganinta

To Boka Nayar da Da Abunda Kace Dan Jiya Inaga Itace Tabi Ta Baa Tasanya Aka Gyara Mata Yarinyar Dan Kar Nayi Nasara Akanta Kuma Kaga Khalisa Ta Koma Bayansu Duk Tare Suka Hada Baki Da Ita

Yauwa Yanzun Kin Kara Kara Yarda ko Tace Sosai Ma Inda Tasan Gurinka Ai Nasan Da Maye Gurbina Tuni

Amman Yanzun nakara Yarda Da Kai Dari Bisa Dari Boka Dan Tukunya Yace Tashi Ki Koma Ga Wannan Kizubawa Amaryar A Abincin ta Shine Zai Sa Tafara Tsanar Wa,in can Aikuwa

Anty Amarya Kamar Tayi Hauka Dan Murna Tunda Taji Dadi Aikinta Zaici Gaba Bai Lalace ba Yan zun Kam Batada Wata Far Gaba Dan boka Dan Tukunya Ya Tsaya Mata

(Kai Jama,a Kunji Kuskuren Da Wasu Mutanen Ke Aikatawa ko Ince Wasu Jahillan Kuduba Ku Gani Wai Boka Ya Tsaya Mata Tama Mance Cewar Babu Abunda Zai Faruwa Sai da Izinin Allah Kuma Sukan mance Cewar Komai Mukaddarine Yanzun Taje Gurin Boka Yafada Mata Kishiyar ta Itama Shi Take Ma,ana Ma Tana bin Bokaye Itama Sukan Mance Cewa Kowa Da Halinsa Daban Ai Bai Zama Lallai Abunda Kakeyi Ba Yazamo Wanima Yana Yinsa Shiyasa Mata Ke Zama Kowace Bata Yarda Da Yar Uwarta ba ,Allah Ya Kyauta Kuma Allah Yaganar Damu Gaskiya Amin Ya Allah)

Haka Anty Amarya Tabiyo Hanya Murna Fal Ranta Kafin Ta Ida Zuwa Gurin Mortar ta Kai Taga Wani Katon Kare Mai Mugun Muni Yana Fidda Harshe

Ai Kuwa Anty Amarya Cikin ta Yabada Kuuuuuu

Lululu Ai Kuwa Ta Ari Nakare Ta Arta Da Gudu Shi Kuwa Karen Yadafa Mata Atsiya ce

Anty Amarya Gata Katuwar Gaske Amman Saboda Tsananin Tashin Hankali Ko Nauyin Jikinta Bataji ba Take Wannan Gudun Da Ket Takai Gurin Motar Karen Yana Ganin Ta kai Gurin Mortar Ya Yatsaya Nesa Kadan Da Ita Yana Haushi Ai Da Gudu Ta Bude Motar Ta Shiga Tana Shashhe ka Tana Sauke Ajiyar Zuciya

Ai Wani Wawan Rivers Taja Tajuya Tabawa Motor Wuta Saida Ta Fita Dajin Tashigo Cikin Gari Ta Rarrafa Gefen Titi Ta Tsaya Tana Futawa

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Tace Wai Yau Allah Yasoni Da Wannan Karen Yari keni Da sai Buzuna Wallahi Irin Wannan Gudun Yau Kuwa Ina Iya Hawan Up Kuwa Gaskiya Yau Dakin Kasa Zan Zauna Sai Na Futa Tukkan na Zan Iyar da Nufina Akan Wannan Bakin Iyali

(Kunjifa Wai Allah Yasota Taga Mutuwa Kusa Ta Tunada Allah)

Bayan Ta Isa Gidane Ta Barraje Dakin Kasa Na Gefenta Sai da Tafara Zazzage Jaka Taga kullim Maganinta Na nan Wannan Hanka linta Ya Kwanta Ta Zauna Tana Sauke Numfashi

Mame Kuwa Har Yanzun Tana Zaune A falo Tana Jiran Ridwan Wanda Takira Bayan Mutane Sun Waste Hajiya Khalisa Tayi Gida Itafa Mamakin Wannan Hajiya Khalisa Take

Wai kawar Anty Amarya Wadda Suke Kamar Cimgam Kodaya Idan Ka Tsare Gaskiya Allah Yana Tare da Kai Lallai Allah Shine Cikakken Mai Iko Akan Komai Gashi Rana Tsaka Ba Zato Ba Tsammani Sun Fara Ganin Nasara Him Ya Allah Allah Ka Karawa Annabi Daraja Amin

Allah Mai Kyauta da Kari Allah Ya Kara Bamu Nasara Akan Komai Amin

Tana Cikin Wannan Halin Ridwan Yashi go Mame Tace Ridwan Duk Yanda Kasamu Amaryar ka Karike Ta da Amana Lallai Akwai Wani Babban Al,amarin Dake A boye

Allah Yafimu Sanin miye Dan Haka Kada Naji Kuma kada Nagani Ka Rike Mani Ya,da Amana Ridwan karike ta Badan kowaba Sai ni kuma sai Dan Allah Kaji Yarona

Ridwan Murmushi yayi Yace Mame Insha Allah Zan Zamo Kamar Yanda Kike Bukata Kuma Zaki Sameni Mai Riko da Amarki Kuma mai Tsantsar Biyayya Kinji Uwa Ta Gari

Yauwa yaron Albarka Allah yayi Maka Albarka Kuma Allah Ya Saka Riko Amin Inji Sauran Kannen Sa Wanda Tunda Ridwan Yazo Suka Natsu Cikin su Harda Ramlat

Ke Sister Mi Kikeyi Har Yanzun Baje Gida ba Cesar Ridwan

Lah Yi Hakuri Babban Yaya Cewa Sukayi Na Kwana Nafuta Zuwa Gobe Sai In Koma

Haba dai Amman Wallahi Sun Kyauta Maman Biyu Ai Kuwa Sanya mata Dariya Su duka Harda Mame Sabo Ramlat Tace Ita Baza tayi Gadon Mame ba Yanzun ma Kwabe Fuska Tayi

Mame ce Tace Gashi Kidubo Mani Yarinya ta Ki Gani In Ta Tashi Kuma Kome Kika Gani Game da Ita ko Wani Hali Kada Kace Mata Wani Abu ko Kuma Nuna Mamakin Afili Kinji

Maman Biyu Wayyo mame ki daina Kin San Bana so Toyi Hakuri Ramlat Tashi Yauwa Mame ko kefa

Ramlat Na Batun Tashi Ridwan Kallo Tausayi Yake Mata Yace sister Zaki Iya Kuwa Tace Zan Iya “yan Biyu Sai Sannu Sukeyi Mata Agaskiya Suna Tausayin Yar Uwar su

Haka Ta Lallaba Ta Gashi Tashiga Dakin Koda Ta shigo Rufaida Ta Tashi

Amman Tana Bayi Haka Ta Zauna jiran Fitowar Rufaida Tana Zaune Sai Ga Rufaida Ta fito Tace Lala Anty Sannu Kinji

Ramlat Kallon Rufaida Tayi Har Zatayi Magana Kuma Sai Ta Tuna Umarnin Mame Sai Tace Yauwa Har Kintashi

Rufaida Tace eh Natashi Amman Anty Banaji Kamar Ankira Sallah ba ne

Ramlat Tayi Dariya Tace Ba Kama Bane Sallah ce Rufaida Tace Yau Bari Nayi ko Anty Kada Lokaci Ya Wuce

A Gaskiya Ramlat Ta Kara Yarda Da Wannan Yarinyar Duk da Tana Yimata Kama Da wata ko Wani To Amman kuma A,ina Barin Zancen Zucin Tayi Itama Tayi Gurin Sallah

*************************malam Kakan Rufaida ne Zaune Shida Matar Sa Suna Fira Kakar Rufaida ce Tace Nikam Malam Tun Ranar Da Rufaida Ta Fita Bata Kara Zuwa ba Allah Yasa Dai Lafiya

Malam ne Yayi Murmushi Yace Ki Kwantadda Han kalinki Rufaida Na Cikin Koshin Lafiya Sai dai Ba,anan Garin ba

Kwararo Ido Waje Tayi Tace Sub,hannallah Malam Gurin Babanta Ko Kuma Gurin waye

Malam Yace Ko Daya Kamar Yanda Nace Maki Tana Lafiya To Tana Lafiya kin San Bazan Yi Maki Karya ba ko

Tace Malam Allah Yatsare Wannan Bakar Ranar da Zan Karyata ka Malam Yace Allah Yayi Maki Albarka Allah Yadawo Maki da Iyalanki Acikin farinci Baki daya Amin Malam

Gidan Nash Rufe Ma Yake Dan Ita Na Uwani Ba Wanda Yasan Inda Ta Tafi Kin San Bata Hulda da Kowa ko Hakane Malam Allah dai Ya Shirya Amin Ya Allah

Haka Sukaci Gaba da Tattaunawa

Yayinda Malam ke ci Canada Kwan Tarwa Matar da Hankali


Abba Kuwa Yaji Abun da Yafaru Kuma Yayi Farin ciki Duk da Baisan Yar Waye ba Yaji Yana Son Yarinyar Sosai

Shidama Zai Samu Ganawa Da Iyalan Sa Ace Sun Zauna Guri Daya Da Abun Yayi Masa Dadi Sosai

Saudat ce Zaune Acikin Mortar Wani Mummunan Mutum ne Irin Alhazzan Nan Masu Katon Ciki Ga Baki Ga muni Ga Tumbi Amman Duk Wannan Bai damu Saudat ba Tunda yanada Kudi Ita Kuma kudi Kawai Agaban ta

Ke Babbar Yarinya Kinga Yau Ta Wuce Kinga Da An daura Harda Mu

Dariyar Jin Dadi Saudat Tayi Tace Kada Kadamu Wani Satin Ai Sai A Daura Auren ko

Yauwa Amman ko danafi Kowa Murna To Kifada Wa Mamanki Wani Sati Nake Son Auren OK Angama Alhajin Allah

Dariya yayi Yace Anshi Wannan Kije gida Kuma Kiyi Sauri Kada Wani Yaga Kin Fito A Mota na Kinsan Mutane DA mugun Zargi Komai Na Zargi Nima fa Ban Tsiraba Mugun Zargina Suke Amman Ki Rude Bakinki Banda Yawan Surutu Ko ina kinji Tace Angama Kudi Yana Wurin Dubu Dari Ukku Wai Tasha Sweet

Haka Ta Koma Gida Tana Murnar Tayi Samu Tana Zuwa Gurin Anty Amarya Ta Juya Kudin Ajikin ta Take Anty Amarya Ta Rude Tace A,ina kika Samu Tace Alhjane fa Yabani Yabaki Shine Ake Son yimaki Bakin Ciki Ai Harda Ni Za,ayiwa ke nan To Wlh Karya ce

Nina Wuce Amin su Nikam Wannan Kudin Sai Mun Mallake ta Baki Daya Wallahi

Kice Masa Angama Za,ayi Yanda Yake So Aure kamar Anyi An gama ne Kinji India Abban Kune Bazaiyi Mani Gardama ba

Tashi Kifita Yar Kwarai

Haka Tafita Tayi Dakinta Takira Alhaji Ta Fada Masa

Ramlat Ce Zaune Da Yan Biyu da Harda mame da Rufaida Sun Matsa mata

Sai Taci Abinci Ita Kuma Tana Kokarin Ci Dan Ganin Yan Uwa Take yiwa Wannan Ahlin Gashi dai Gida Daya Suke Da Azalumai Sunan da Ta Sanya Masu ke nan

Suna Cikin Fira Sai Sukaji Sallamar Ridwan Mame Tayi Murmushi Tace Shigo Mana Sukuma Suka Amsa Yana Shigowa Ya zauna Kusa da Mame Ya Gaishe ta Ta Amsa Sukuma Su Ramlat Suka gaisa da Shi

Ita dai Rufaida Batace Komai ba Saida Ramlat Tace Amarya Ga Angon Nan Ce Masa Tayi Yaya Ina Yinki Sai A Lokacin Ne Yadago Ido Ya Kalleta

Wata Irin Zabura Yayi Yana Nunata da Yatsa Yace Wace ce Wannan Kowa Ya Tsura masa Ido Har Suna Hada Baki Gurin Cewa Kasanta ne

Sai A lokacin ne Ya Tuno Baida Amsa Ya Koma Ya zauna Yace A,a

Kawai Dai Amman Naga Kamar Fuskar da Nasani ne Mame Tace Nima dai Ramlat ma Tace Nima dai Sai dai Nakasa Tunowa Amman Insha Allah Kamar Tayi Yawa

Sukuwa Two win Basu San Takan Zancen ba Itama Rufaida bata San Nufin Su ba

Haka Suka Gama Firar Su Da Zasu Kwanta Dakin Ramlat da Rufaida Daya

Mame Tayi Masu Sallama

Dare Mahuta Bawa Anty Amarya ce Kwance Sai Bacci Take Kamar Matatta Kawai Sai…………..

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_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

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Wow Gaskiya Jiya Kam Dolene Inyi Rawa

Rawa Rawa Rawa๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸปRawa Rawa Rawa๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸปComments yayi Comments Ashe Da Addu,o Inku Muka Himma๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸปRAWA RAWA RAWA

.Allah Ya taimaki kunyar mu mai Albarka Farin jini (Gaskiya Akwai Farin jini Tabbas)

Bismillahir Rahamanin Rahim Da sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifina Allah Ya Jikan Sa yayi masa Rahama Amin.

Page 56—60


Anty Amarya ce Kwance Sai Zanga Minshari Take Kamar Wata Jaka Ga A/C Ga Fanka Duk Ita Kadai Babu Wata Daga Ganin Baccin Nan Kasan Batada Damuwar Komai

Can Cikin Bacci Taji Kamar Tafado A Kasa Ai Kuwa Tafalka da Wani Irin Mugun Ihu

Tana bude Ido Ta Ganta A Kasa Wan war Ai Kuwa Duk Sanyin A/C Nan Zuface Ke yi Mata Ambali Ba Kakkauta wa

Sai Faman Dube Dube Take Kamar mai Neman Wani Abu

Sukuwa Su Reema da Saudat Afirgice Suka Tashi Babu Addu,a Ba Ambaton Sunnan Allah Kawai Dai Sun Tashi Har Suna Rige Rigen Fita Saboda Jin I hun Mahaifiyar Su Fita Sukayi Sai Dakin Mahaifiyar Su

Shiga Sukayi Da gudu Suka Fada Babu Sallama Wanda Hakan Ya Haifarwa Mahaifiyar Su Mummunan Tsoro Inda Ta Afka Saman Gado Da Gudu Ta Rufe Jikin ta har kanta Ruf Sai Rawar Sanyi Take

Ganin Haka ne Yasa Suma Suka haye Saman Gadon Suna Tambayar ta Lafiya Miyasa meta Jin Muryar Yayanta Yasa Tayi Saurin Bude Mayafin Tana kunduma Masu Ashar Uban Wa yabaku Ikon Shigo Min Daki Ko Nakira kune

Da Kallo Suke Binta Da Ido Dan Yau Mugun Mamaki Take Basu

Saudat ce Tayi Karfin Halin Cewa mome Lafiya Miyasa Mekine Munji Kuwar kine Acikin Bacci

Sauke Ajiyar Zuciya Anty Amarya Tayi Tace Oh Ashe Dai Kuma Kunji Nimafa Shi Naji Kuma Nadauka Daya Daga Cikin kune Dan Muryar Dayan Ku Naji

Tofa Sukace Atare Mome Mukuma Muryar ki Mukaji Hhhhhhhh Suka Kama Dariya

Momy Kinji Yanda Hanjin Cikina Ya Kada Nadauka Wani Abun ne Yafaru

Hhhhh Saudat Baki ga Irin Gudun Da Nayi ba Allah A tsorace Nakawo Nan Hhh momy kinga Irin Yanda Kika Kara Tsora tani

Kai Dallah Ku Rufe Mani Baki Kuna Nufin Akwai Abunda Zai Iya Tsorani Har Nayi Gudu Kawai Haushi Kuka Bani Nayi Niyar Zuwa Gurin kune Sai Ga Ku da Gudu Kamar Wa,Inda Aka Koro

Kai momy Mu Akwai Abunda Muke Tsoro ne Nifa Kin Ganni Nan Nafi Karfin Inga Abu In gudu Sai Kace Wata Wawiya reema ce Mai Wannan Maganar

Him Nifa momy Mutanen Nan Nake So Muyi Murufe Babin Su Da zufa Naga Fitar ki Kuma Nasan Inba Gurin Boka Dan Tukunya kikaje ba Bazaki Ki Neman Muba

Eh Can Naje Nifa Dazun Nayi Mamakin Abunda Yafaru Yanzun Nagane Duk Makircin Wannan Khalisa ne

Him momy Ki Hada Ita Mana Nifa Duk Wani Wanda Yake Son Wa,in can Mutanen Ban Son Shi ko kadan

Momy Babu Wani Aikin Da Zakiyi Yanzun Kin gafa Yanzun Karfe Biyun dare ne Idan Akwai Kawai Ki Bamu Muyi Aa Babu Komai Kunji Dai Yanda Za,ayi Da Wani Magani Da Yabani Abawa Amaryar Taci Da Taci Zan Kaita Gurin Shi kuma Cikin Hankalin ta Yake So

OK Indan Wannan ne Kada Kidamu Zan Yi Duk Yanda Yadace

Yauwa momy Tunda Naji Kince Matar can Baza,a Iya Haukata Taba Kuma Bata Koruwa To Yayanta fa Him Kada Kidamu Ai Muke da Riba Domin Abban Nasu ma Tashi Tazo Karshe

Wat Momy Abban su Ko Kuma dai Abban mu

Oh oh Wai Namanta Im Am Dama in Zance Abban kune Dalilin da Yasa Nace Abban Su kunga Yanda Yadamu Dasu Ku Bai Damu Dakuba

OK Yanzun Muka Gane Zancen fira fa Tayi Masu Dadi Kawai Sukaji Kamar Takun Mutum Take Sukayi shuru Mun bani Wani Yajimu Kutashi Muga Wane Munafukin ne Haka suka Tashi Sukayi Waje

Amman Abun Mamaki Kowa basu Gani Suka Dawo Daki Suna Dariyar keta Kai Muncika Damuwa Wallahi Babu Kowa fa Kawai Mune Mukaji

Suna Cikin Wannan Zance ne Kawai Anty Amarya Taji An Dauke ta Da Wani Uban Mari Wanda Saida Ta Wun Tsula Tayi Tambun Kamar Wata Boll Sai Gata Kwance Akasa WanWar Take Tasaki Wani Uban Ihu Wanda Sai da Yayanta Suka like Kunnu wansu Duka

Wani Mugun Mamaki ne Yaka masu Shin Uban waye Yayi Mata Wannan Uban Marin Wanda Sai da Sukaji shi Har Cikin Ransu

Gurin ta Sukayi Nufin Zuwa Amman Kafin Isar Su Anyi Sama da Saudat Kamar Wata ledar Ita Ba kasaba Kuma Ita Basama ba Wayyo Momy Ki Taimake ni Wayyo Kareema Kirawo Mani Abba Ya Taima keni Wayyo Momy Baki Sonane Kun kura Mani Ido Wayyo

Kareema da Anty Amarya Kuwa Kamar An Dasa Su Suma Tsoron Motsawa Suke Dan Ganin Suke Da Sun Motso Suma Hakan ce Zata Faru Dasu

Ganin Ba Sarki Sai Allah yasa Kareema da Anty Amarya Suka Ari Na kare Daniyar Barin Dakin Har Sun Kawo Gurin Bakin Kofar Kai Sukaji Angam Da Kofar Sai da Suka Doki Kofar Suka Fadi Kamar Kayan Wanki

Ai Kuwa Suka Fara Ihun Neman Ceto Gashi Babu Wanda Yazo

Saudat Kuwa Sai Anyi Sama da Ita Tabugi Silin Sai Ayo Kasa Da Ita Ta daki Gadon I hu Take Tana Kiran Anty Amarya Amman sun kasa Nufo Inda Take

Jan Anty Amarya Akayi Qiiiiiiiii Sai Toilet Aka Dagata Sama Akayi Jifa Da ita Kanta Yadaki Tails Aka kara Daukarta Aka Dora Kanta Ruwan ya Taru A Toilet Aka Dinga Dura Mata Su Anty Amarya fa Anji Jiki

Can aka Yar da Ita Bakin ta yadaki Tails Sai Jini Harda Hakori Biyu Sun Zube Ganin Hakorin ta Biyu Akasa ne Yasa Ta Fara Ihun Neman Taimako Wayyo Wallahi Gidan nan miya gune Arasa Mai Ceto Wayyo Boka Dan Tukunya Kazo da Rundunar Shaidanun Aljannun ka Kayi Muna Maganin Wannan Masifar Wayyo Boka Ka Kawo Dauki Wayyo koma Waye Yake Son Kashe ni nida Yarana Sai Naga Bayan Sa Wayyo

Atsiyace Ta Samu Ta Baro Bayin Ai Kafin Da Karasa Gurin Kofar Sai Tayi Turus Ga Hakorin ta Biyu A Hannunta Ganin Tayi An dauki Reema Ana Ta Jifa Da Ita Ta daki wannan katan Gar Adawo da Ita Adaki Can Haka Ake Tayi Da Ita

Saudat ma Haka Har Yanzun Ayi Sama Da Ita Adawo Kasa Anty Amarya Ganin Halin da Abun sonta Suke Ciki Ya Sanyata Dakewa

Wai Uban Waye Inba Tsoro ba Afito Muyi Gaba da Gaba

Ai ko Komai Tsayawa yayi Take Yayanta Suka Zube A Kasa Kowa Sai Maida Numfashi yake Ai Da gudu Tayi Kan su Suka Run gume Juna Suna Kuka Momy

Mun gode Kinyi Kokari Kin CeCe mu Kayi Hakuri Yanzun Bazamu Koma jin Tsoron Komai ba

Ai kafin Su Ida Zan can Su Sukaji An Bushe da wata Irin Dariya Mai Firtarwa Ai Take Duk Jikin Su Ya Dauki Mazari

Hhhhhhhhhhhh Yaro Dai Yaro Ne Da Nayi Niyar Barin Ku Haka Nan Amman Yanzun Kam

Kun Kira Ruwa Hhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhh

KALTUMEEEE Kijawa Kanku Ruwa

Hhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhhhhh

Ganin Sukayi Sakatar Kofar Ta Shiga Kanta Kuma Kofar Bayin Ta Ruge Gaff Da Datse Da Kanta Wutar Dakin Ta Dauke Dif Dakin Ya Koma Ko Tafin Hannu Ba,a Iya Gani Dulun Dulun Haka Dakin Ya Koma

Wayyo Momy Kin Jawo Muna Mugun Abu Wayyo Momy Mima Yakawo mu Dakin ki mun bani momy Abba Kazo Kayi Taimako Wayyo mami Yaya Ridwan wayyo Hassan Husaina Wayyo Bakuwar Amaryar mu Wayyo Wai Ina Ma,ai Katan Gidan Nan Ina kuka Shigane

Ashe Tsanar da Mutane Keyi muna Har Takai Nan Wayyo Wayyo Mutuwa

Wata Irin Tsawa Aka Daka Masu Kai Munafukan Banza Kuyi Muna Shuru Ba Kunce Ayi Gaba da Gaba ba To Gani Nan Agaban Ku Kuyi Duk Abun da Kuke Ganin Zaku Iya Gani

Gaaaaaaniiiiii A Gabaku Ku Bude Idon Ku

Ai Kuwa suna Bode Ido Wata Kalar Nadama ce Ta Kamasu Domin Da Sun san Mugun Ganin da Zasuyi Da Basu Bude ba Dan Wata Irin mummunar Hallitace Ita ba Mace ba Kuma ba Namiji ba A Dur kushe A Gaban su Wuta Na fita Ajikin ta Bal bal bal Bakin ta A goshi Yaki Ido daya Gare ta A tsakiyar Kai Gashinta Kuwa Halshen Wutane

Wannan Kallon dasu Saudat da reema Sukayi ne Ya Haddasa Masu Somewa

Ita Kuwa Anty Amarya ka Motsi Tayi Tazama Mutum Mutumi Tazama Wata Status da Ita




Kaltume Kin ganni To Tashi Kirama kinji Kaltume Naga kee Jarumace Miya Tsorata kine Makira Ya Kinyi Shuru Nafiso Kitashi Kidake ni

Tashi Tsaye Aljanar Tayi Amman dakin Yayi Mata Kadan Sai da Ta duko Sai tin da Anty Amarya take Tasa Hannu Da daga ta Sama

Anty Amarya Ce Tace Dan Allah kiyi Mani Rai Wallahi Basan Cewa Ke bace Ai da Banyi Maki Rashin Kunya ba

Inma Banda Ni Da Banda Cikakken Hankali Mizai Sa Nayi Gigin Furta Kalma Daya Kiyi Hakuri Bazamu Koma Shiga Lokacin Kuba

Hhhhhhhhhhhh Kaltume Kinga Jikin ki Kuwa Kashi ne Ke Zuba Ashe Dai Ke Matso Raciya Ce To Yanzun Kam Zan Barki Amman Sai Kinyi Mani Tsallen Kwado Sau Dari

Dari Kuma Ta Kwararo Ido Waje eh Dari Ko Bazaki Iya Bane in Koya Maki

Aa Wallahi nayi Ajiye ni Nafara Aikuwa Aka Ajiye ta Tafara Ita Kuwa Wannan Aljanar Dariya ne Kawai Take

Hhhhhhhhhhhh Kaltume Kee Dai Wallahi Katuwa ce Hhhhhhhhhhhh Kin Ganki Kuwa

Anty Amarya Kukan ma Baya Fita Dan Bakara min ciwo Take jiba Inda Hakorin ta Suka fita Bakin Yakoma Wani Irin Katon Gaske jin take kamar ba bakin ta ba

Wannan Aljannar Bata Bar Anty Amarya ba sai da Taji Ankira Sallah Sannan Tace Kin Gama Nikuma Nayi Nan Bat Tabace

Ai Kuwa nan gurin Anty Amarya Ta Fadi Kamar Kayan waki Ai sai Baccin Wahala Ya dauke ta

Kusani fa Duk Wannan Budurin Babu Wanda Yasan Abunda ke Faruwa

To Anty Amarya makon Kije Ki Kimtsa Kanki Ga Lokacin Sallah yayi Kiyi Sai Ki Kwanta baccin Asara to Allah ya Kyauta

Ridwan ne Akwance Ya Kasa Bacci Him Shin wai ni A,ina Nasan Wannan Yarinyar Allah kabani Ikon Tunawa

Mikewa Yayi Tsaye Yaje Can Yadawo Yakai gwauro Yakai Mari Ya Kwance Ya Saka Nikam dawa ma Take Yi Mani Kama ne Nifa Wallahi Duk Inda Nasan Mai Kamarta Nasani

Abba Yes Da Abba Take Kama Amman Kuma Ai ba Wani kama bace

Ya salam Allah Kabani Ikon Tunawa Haka Dai Ridwan Ya Kasance

To waima A,ina ne Anty Amarya Ta Samota Anya Kuwa ma Da Abba Take Kama Kai Ina Anty Amarya da Tatsani Wani Ya Rabi Abba To Inama Zata Yarda kai Wallahi Na shiga Rudani

Haka Ridwan Ya Dauro Alwala Tafara Nafil fili Dama shi Haka Yake Wannan Koyar war mame ce Kuma Alhamdulillah Duk Yayan ta Sun Dauka

To Ridwan Asuba Ta Gari

Ramlat Ce da Rufaida Akwance Inda Ramlat Ke Zaune Ta Rabka Uban Tagumi Tana Kallon Rufaida Dake Kan Sallaya Rana Addu,a Tana Kuka

Ita Kuwa Mamakin Wannan Yarinyar Take Tabbas Wannan Yarinyar ta Santa To wai Inane

Kuma karamar Yarinya da Tunani Haka Har Ace Tana Sallah Tana Kuka To Miye Damuwar ta Lallai Tana Son Wannan yarinyar Har Cikin Ranta Shin Mike Damunta Oh Allah Sarki Allah ya yaye Maki Damuwar ki kanwata kuma Antyna

Rufaida Kuwa Mahaifiyar ta Take yiwa Addu,a Allah Ya Dawo Mata da Ita Cikin Aminci

To sai Muce Allah Yasa Kiga Mahaifiyar ki cikin Koshin Lafiya

Rufaida Kici Gaba Da Hakuri Kadan Ya Rage Lokaci Kankani Ya Rage Kisani Rufaida Komai Nisan Jifa Kasa Zai Dawo Kuma Karshen Alawa Kasa Mai Hakuri yakan Dafa Dutse Yanzun Ina Wahalar Da Uwani Ta Baki Ai Tazama Tarihi To shima Wannan Ya Kusa Zama Tarihi Kidai Ci Gaba da Bin Duk Abun da kika ga Na doraki Kisani Cewa Kece Da Babbar Ribs Kuma Wannan Mutanen Da Kike Ganin State Dake Akwai Abunda Yake Boye A Tsaka Ninki Dasu Kisani In Lokaci Yayi Zaki San Duk Wani Abunda Ya Shige Maki A,Duhu San Kuma Ranar Kisani Mahaifiyar ki Tana Cikin Koshin Lafiya

Wani Abunda Zan Kara Samar Dake Nasan Zakiyi Farin Cikin Jinsa Shine

Idan naga Comments mai Yawa

Insha Allah zaku samu Sauran Zuwa Anjima da dare Insha Allah

Takun Dai ce

Hassy Soja

Yar Mutan Gusau

4/19/20, 7:52 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ยฎ๐ŸŒ


_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“


๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€ BANI CE BA ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja

Wow Lallai Kuwa Kunyi Ruwan Comments Harda Sharhi๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿป

Bismillahir Rahamanin Rahim Da sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukawar Ga Mahaifina Allah ya Jikan sa yayi masa Rahama Amin.

Page 61—65

**************** Wani Abunda Zan Kara Sanar Dake Nasan Zakiyi Farin Ciki da Jinsa Shine

Rufaida Rufaida Rufaida Tashi Lokacin Sallah Yayi Rufaida

To Rufaida Naso Sanar Dake Wani Wannan Abun Amman Kitashi Kiyi Sallah Kin San Sallah Nauyi Gareta Idan Ka Sauke Zakaji Komai Lafiya

Amman Idan Tana Kanka Komai Saurin ka Basauri Bane Kinsan Ba,a Wasa Da Sallah kin Rin kayin Sallah Akan Lokacin ta Idan Kikaga Mutum Na Miyagun Ayukka Baya Tsare Sallah Yana Wasa Itane Sallah Na Tsare Mutum Saga Mummu nan Aiki

Tashi Kiyi Sallah Nima Sallah Zani Sai Allah Yasake Kaddara Saduwar mu

Kuma INA Mai Horon ki Ki Rike Addu,a Addu,a Takobin Muminice Sannan Ku Wannan Mutane Ki Rike su Sosai Akwai Abunda Yake Boye koma Miye Sannu A hankali Zakin San shi No Nawuce Bat Tabace wa Ganin Rufaida

Rufaida Kitashi Mana Aikuwa Rufaida Ta Tashi Tare da Addu,a Abakin ta (Bismillahi Alhamdulillahil laazi Ah,yanaa Ba,ad Ma Amatina Wa,Ilaihin nushur)

Bude Ido Tayi Taga Ramlat Akanta Tashi Tayi Zaune Tace Anty Har Angama Sallah ko A,a Rufaida Kin Dai Kusa Makara Gaya Can Ana Sallah

Da Sauri Rufaida Tayi Bayi Ta Dauro Alwala Tazo Tayi Sallar Rama,Atainin Fijir Bayan Ta Idar ne Ta Zauna yin Azkar Bata Tashiba Said da Ta Gama Sannan Ta Gaida Ramlat Bayan Sun Gama Gaisawa me Rufaida Ta Mike Tayi Hanyar Fita

Ramlat Tace Rufaida Ina Zuwa Kuma La Anty Zanje Gurin Gaida Mame ne Daga Nan Nayi Kichin A,a Amarya Dawo Mana

Indan Mame ce Zata Zo Dakanta Zoki Zauna Dawowa Tayi Tasamu Bakin Gado Ta Zauna Kusa da Ramlat

Tace Yauwa Anty Mane Bazuwa Gaida Ita Akeyi ba A,a Rufaida Ita Ke Zuwa Kin San Ko Danmi Yasa Take yin Haka A,a Miyasa Anty

Sabo Ganin Gurin Kwanciyar Yayanta Da Kuma Ganin Shin Sun Tashine Kokuwa Idan Tazo To Zata Ganar was Idonta Kalar Tarbiyar ta Da Kuma Ganin Abunda ke Gudana Gameda Iyalanta

Allah Sarki Mame Yauwa Anty Dan Allah Naji Kunce Inayi Maku Kama Da Wanda Kuka Sani Shin Mace Ko Namiji

Rufaida Miyasa Kikayi Damu Da Wannan Zancen Haba Anty Nagafa Duk Kun Shiga Rudani ne

Him Rufaida Bazan ce maki Mace ne Ko Namiji ba Saboda Gabaki Daya Mun Manta

To Anty Miyasa Bazaki Barni Nashiga Kichin Ba Nayi Aiki Haba dai Amaryar mu Ina ke Ina Zuwa Kichin Kisani Rufaida Badan Wannan Anty Amayar Ba da Iyalanta da ko Yan Aikin Gidan nan Sunada Matsayi Amman Insha Allah Lokacin Nazuwa

Kada Kidamu Anty Mahurci Mawadaci Hakane Kam Rufaida Naso Muci Gaba Dafira Amman Zuwa Anjima Zan Koma Idan Ma Na koma Zan sa Yaya Yakawo Ki Dan Bazan ce Yan Aiki ba Dan Duk Cikin Gidan nan Daga Mame Sai Yaya Ridwan Sai Hasan da Husaina Bayan Wannan Babu Wanda Yasan Inda Nake Aure

Shin Anty Kina Nufin Kowa Bai Saniba Eh Rufaida Bari Kiji Dalilin Wannan Abun Take Ramlat Tabawa Rufaida Duk Abunda Yafaru To Kinji Dalili

Allah Sarki Wallahi Mame Tabani Tausayi Nafi Tausayin ta Akan Kowa

Ka Haifi Yayanka Amman Azo Anuna Maka Fin Karfi Amman fa ko Abba Nasani Ba,ason Ransa ne ba Naji Kince Kafin Auren Anty Amarya Kune Yan Gaban Goshi Amman kisani Mutum Bazai Haifi Dansa ba Yace Bai Sonsa Kuma Kince Idan Akasa Shi Yayi Maku Abu Marar Dadi Saurin Barin Gurin Yake ya Koma Daki Yarufe Kansa Kinsan kuwa ,Ba,a Son Ransa bane

Hakane Rufaida Lallai Ke Karamar Yarinya ce Mai Hankalin Manya Wasu Kuwa Manya ne Amman Babu Hankali

Dariya Rufaida Tayi Tace Anty Ke nan Nifa Tausayi Kike Bani Wannan Katon Cikin Jiyanda Kike Wahala Allah Dai Ya Sauke Ki Lafiya

Mame ce Tace Amin Ya Allah Yarana Antashi Lafiya Lafiya lau mame ya Hayaniyar Jama,a da kuma Hidimomi Alhamdulillah To Ku Kwanta Kuta Sai Zuwa Anjima ko Yan gidan Mame Dariya Sukayi Kowace Ta Haye Gado Ita Kuwa Mame Tayi Dakinta

To Bara Muleka su Anty Amarya

Su Anty Amarya Ana Nan Tule Kamar Kayan Wanki Saudat ce Ta Motsa Tace Reema Dan Allah Tadani Wallahi Nakasa Tashi Zaune

Wallahi Kowa ya Tada Kansa Nimafa Tun Dazun Nake son Tashi Kareema ce ke Wannan Zancen cikin Muryar Rashin Lafiya Baki Suka Hada Gurin Kiran

Momy Kizo Ki Taimaka

Muna Mutashi Munkasa Tashi Cikin Wahalalliyar Murya Anty Amarya Tafara Magana Tana cewa Dallah Ku Rufe Mani Baki Dan Ubanku Bayan Kun Some Kun Barni Anata Gana Mani Azaba Harda Tsallen Kwado

Wani Irin Tashi Zaune Sukayi Suka Kwararo Ido Awaje Tsallen kwado Momy. Tace Zanyi Maku Karyane

Aikuwa Suka Bushe mata Da Dariya Hhhhhhh momy Wallahi Naso Idona biyu Hhhhhh

Ke Saudat Inga fa Momy Harda Zawo Tayi hhhhhh Haba kareema Gaske Nake Jin Warin Dunge Duk Yacika Dakin Hhhhhh

Ai Anty Amarya Jin Take Kamar Ta Tashi Ta Make Su Amman Babu Hali

Sukuwa Tashi Sukayi Kowace Tanufi Hayar Fita Anty Amarya Tace Yanzun Kuna Nufin Bazaku Taimaka Mani ba Ko Zawon Nan Kudan Wanke Mani

Ke Saudat Dake Akefa Inji waye Kareema Dake Take Nikam Badani Take Ba

Wai Momy Bakece Kikace Ke Jaruma Bace Gashi Ambarki Kwance

Ai gwara ma kija Ciki Kije Ki Wanke Yafi Maki Ai ke Kika Jamuna Kuma Kika Jawa Kanji Ai Duk Tsuntsun da Yaja Ruwa Shi Ruwa Kan doka Dan Haka Kowa Yayi Ta kansa

Kuka Anty Amarya Tafashe da Shi Haka Taja Jiki da Jan Ciki

(Wal,Iyazu Billah Allah Karamu da Irin Haihuwar Wannan Yaran Ya Allah Kabamu “yaya na kwarai Masu Tausayin mu)

Haka Su Anty Amarya Akasha Jinya Ta Kwana

Kwanaki Shidda Duk Wannan Abun da Faru Basu Yarda Sun Baro Sashen Suba Koda Yaushe Suna Sashen Su Idan Shakiyan cin Yayan Yatashi Zasu Zauna ne Su Tariyo Abunda Yafaru Sukafa Dariya Musamman Idan Suka Kalli Bakin Anty Amarya

Duk da Ayaune Zata Asibiti Asanyo Mata Hakorin Roba

Duk Shirin Su Akan Kai Rufaida A Gobe Yana Nan Kuma Sun Gama Shirya Komai

Ita kuwa Rufaida Tana Zaune A Gurin Mame ne Kuma Ridwan Baya Nan Tun Ranar da Ramlat Ta Koma Shima Yayi Tafiya Kuma Yana Nan Yana Tunanin Ina Yasan Mai Kamar Rufaida

Abba kuwa Har Yau Bai Hadu da Rufaida ba koda Yaushe Sai dai Suyi Hannun Riga

Ayau ne Su Anty Amarya Suka Shiya Zubawa Rufaida Magani A Abinci

Kuma Yaune Tafiyar Kuma Gobene Auren Saudat Wanda Suke Kidan Su da Rawar Su

Sun Anshi Kudi Gurin Alhaji Muntari kosu Kansu Basu San Adadin suba Gashi Alhaji Muntari Ya Hana Ayi Duk Wani Hidima Nabikin Auren Kawai Yake so A Daura Ko Yan biki Yace Kada Atara

Kuma Sunyar da saboda Su Lashe Money ne

Kareema ce Zaune Sashen Mame Ta Kasa Ta Tsare Husaina Kuwa Fira Tayiwa Rufaida Duk Wani Motsin Kareema A Idon Rufaida ne Rufaida ce Race Kareema Dan Allah Idan Kunada Sobo Irin Wanda Kuke Hadawa Inaso Kinji

Ai Kuwa Kareema Baki Na Rawa Tace Eh Akwai Ma Kuwa Bari Nakawo Maki Tashi Tayi Tana Sauri Kamar Zata Kife Murmushin Gefen Baki Rufaida Tayi Da Sauri

Husaina Tace Anty Rufaida Dan Allah Kada Kisha Na Rokeki Him Husaina ke Nan Kizuba Ido Kiyi Kallo Nasan Mi Nakeyi Har Zata Kara Magana Mame Tace

Ya,isa Haka Nan Kada kidame ta Ai Kinji Abunda Tace ko shuru Tayi Tazama Wata Kalar Tausayi Rufaida Tace Kiyi Hakuri Babu Abunda Zai Faru Sai Alkhairi kinji Saki Ranki Yau Ranar suce Amman gobe Kuma Dariya Tayi Kawai Sai Aka Canza fira

Kareema Kuwa Da ihu Ta Isa Gurin Anty Amarya Ta Labarta ma Hhhhhh Manya Zaki Sha Sobo Maza Dauko Azu Maganin Jiki Na Rawa Suka Zuba Magani Harda Wanke Bayan Robar Dan Kar Agane

Yi maza Ki Kai Mata Ai Da Gudu Ta Kaiwa Rufaida Amsa Rufaida Tayi Ta Bude Agaban Kareema Tashanye Ta Ajiye Robar Kareema Saboda Murna Da Gudu Ta Fita Sai Gurin Anty Amarya Aikuwa Suka Kama Rawa Harda guda

Rufaida kuwa Dariya Tayi Mami ce Tace Rufaida kin Tabbar Babu Wata Matsala Cewa Tayi Eh Mame kwantar Da Hankalin Ki

Kar Nake Ganin Su Iska Na wahaladda Mai Mayan kara…….

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Daga Alkhalamin โœ๐Ÿป

Yar mutan Gusau

4/19/20, 7:52 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ยฎ๐ŸŒ


_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“


๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€ BANI CE BA ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja

Kai Amman na jidadi sosai wlh ina godiya sosai masoyana Allah Ya Bar Zumunci Amin.

Gaskiya naji dadin comments din Ku sosai Allah Ya bar mu tare Amin.

Bismillahi Rahamanin Rahim DA sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifina Allah Ya Jikan sa yayi masa Rahama Amin.

Page 66—-70


Anty Amarya CE Ita da yayan ta Suketa Kulle Kullen Tafiya Gurin Boka Dan Tukunya domain Yaune Tafiyar

Saboda Harda Alhaji Muntari Akeso A Hada Shikuwa Ambassador Korar Kare Akeson Ayi Masa Idan Rufaida Ta Kwashe Masu Duk Wata Kadara Tashi Takardune Makullan Motoci Makullan Gidage Dai Dai da Account Nashi Za,a Dauke ATM Din Shi Duk Wata Takar dar Mallakar Gida Ko wani Company Kai Harma da Takardun Banki Baki Daya da Takardun Karatun Sa

Hhhhhhhh Sai Naga Bayan Wannan Iyalan Wannan Alkawari ne

Ni Kaltume Said Naga Bayan Ku Hhhh

Rufaida CE Zaune Cikin Daki Ita Daya Sai Faman Dariya take Ita Daya

Mame CE Tayi Sallama Ta Shigo Rufaida Lafiyar ki Kuwa Anya Kina Ganin Babu Damuwa Nifa Naganki Yau Kamar Ranar Da Aka Kawo ki

Murmushi Rufaida Tayi Tazo Tariko Hannun Mame Ta Zaunar da Ita Tace Mame na Kiyar da Dani Wallahi Babu Abunda Zai Faru Sai Alkhairi Inaji Ajiki na Komai Yakusa Zuwa Karshe

Sai Dai Kash Abba Zaiyi Wata Yar Rashin Lafiya Kuma Sannan Yau Akwai Baki Agidan Nan Kuma Bakin Alkhairi

Tsorata Mame Tayi Takwararo Ido Waje Tace Rufaida A,i na Kika San Wannan Labarin Nifa Yau Mamaki Kike Bani

Murmushi Rufaida Tayi Tace Mame Zanfada Maki Wani Abu Amman Sai In Kinyi Alkawarin Taimaka Mani Duk da Nasan Ko Bance Alkwari ba Zakiyi

Mame Son Nake Yanzun Zanje Falo Zan dinga Shamaku Kamshi Zan Dinga Wani Abu Narashin Kyautawa Amman Ina son kidin ga Tambayata Miyasame ni Kiyi Abun Wanda Kowa Zai Yarda Na Chanza Da Gasken

Mame nasan Zaki So Jin Ba,asi Amman Kada Kidamu Da Sannu Zan Warware Maki Koma

Mame kinyar da Haba Rufaida Dan Wannan Ai Bakomai Bane Amman Ga Dukkan Alamu Sun Nuns Cewa Wannan Ba Ai Nahin Rufaida Ta Bace

Bazan So Afada Mani Sirrin Dake Boye ba Bisa Ga Tilas tawa taba Amman Zan Jira Lokaci Kamar Yanda Ake Bukata

Murmushi Rufaida Tayi Tace Mame ke Nan Wannan Halayar Taki Suke Kara Mani Ganin Girma da Darajar ki

Allah yakara Kareki Da Kariyar Sa Keda Ahlinki Yanzun Dai Lokaci Na Wucewa Kiyi Saurin Tarbar Yaronki Kuma Yau Insha Allah Za,ayi Komai

Am Mame Wannan Auren Da Aka So Yiwa Ramlat Tofa Icce Ya Juye da Mujiya

Bangane ba

Nasani Baki Gane ba Amman Yanzun Haka An Daurawa Saudat Aure Wanda Aka Dawo Dashi Yanzun Bada Dadewa ba Amman Kuwa Sun Rifta Domin Kuwa Kwadayi Mabudin Wahala

Naso Hadawa da Ita Saudat Din Amman Nabarta Yanzun Duniya ce Zata Koya Mata Hankali Komai Yafaru da Ita To Kwadayin tane Yaja Mata

Ramlat Shigo Mana Kin Tsaya Abakin Kofa Nasan Kinji Komai Kuma Nasan Zaki Yarda Tunda Kinga Yan Daurin Aure ko

Mame data Maida Idonta Akan Kofa Taga Inda Ramlat Zata Shigo Aikuwa Taji Anbude Kofa An Azo Kafa Kara Bude Ido Tayi Ganin Wanda Yabude Kofar Yashigo

Mikewa Tsaye Mame Tayi Tace Ramlat Miyaka woki Gida A wannan Lokacin Duka Duka Yaushe ne Kika Koma Wato Mugunyar Dabi,a Zaki Koyawa Kanki ko Tazare Ido Tana Makawa Ramlat Harara

Hade Hannuwa Ramlat Tayi Tace Mame Kiyi Hakuri Wallahi Ba Haka Bane Tarema Da Kayana Nake Yadawo Danine Gida Haihuwa

Saboda Tafiya ce A Gabansu Momy Ma Tawuce Ita da Dady Kin San Har kokin yan siyasa Dan ma Naga Abba Kamar son Yake Ya Ajiye Ya Huta

To Naji Suda Sarkin Labari Ki karasa Shigowa

Koda Ramlat Tashigo Cewa Kawai Tayi Allah Yabamu Nasara Anty na Koma Ince Mamana Dan Nariga da Nasan Komai

OK Ku Fita Ramlat Gani Nan Fitowa Da Sannu Zaku San Komai Da Yardar Allah

Fita Sukayi Ita Kuwa Rufaida Tafara Shirinta


Amman momy Naji Dadin Wannan Auren Da Akayisa Ayau Gashi Zakuyi Tafiya Badani ba Koda Yake Shine fa Zai Zo Daukata kin San Yace Bai Son Gayyar Nan Shiyasa Aka Dawo Da Auren Yau

Yanzun Shike Nan Duk Wata Wahala Takare Mani Yanzun Kune Aciki Amman Idan Aka Kwaso Dukiya Kusan dani Dan Bazan Yarda Ayi Mani Rowaba Idan Kuwa Kukayi Kuskure Duk Sai Natona Maku Asiri Ay he Dan nasan ki Momy Gurin Son Kudi Ko Danki Zaki Iya Kashewa Balle muda muke Mata Ba Sonmu Kike ba Namiji Kikaso Sai Gashi Kin Haifi Mata Biyu

Ke dalla yiwa Mutane Shuru Wawuyi Kai Ai Tun Yanzun Kike Batun Tona Muna Asiri Tashi Kitafi Mijinki Najira Dan Nagama Yimaki Mai Wahalar Daura Auren Kinga Yanda Muka Sanya Akayi Auren Kinga Mun Wuce A Ganmu Ace Za,a Kushe Auren Saboda Bakin Ciki Kuma Ina Fada Maki Bazama Zakiyi Araina kiba Kiduba Yanda Nake Mulki Dan Haka Yanzun Aiki Nakine

Kuma Ba Ragi Babu Ragisa Shin Waima Matansa Nawa Yayan sa Nawa

Oho Nikam Babu Ruwana Naira Kawai Nasani

Hahhhh Saudat Amarya Aikam Muna Zuwa Gurin Boka Dan Tukunya Zan Sa Amallake Maki Alhaji Muntari kuwa Za,ayi Aiki Da Cikawa Muda Talauci Sai,dai Muji Ana Fada In Munzo Yiwa Abba Jaje hhhhh

Su Abba Za,a Dan Dana Rayuwar Talauci

Him Ai Bazaiji Daci Kwarai ba Kin San Baban sa Shima Almajiri

Saboda Warin su Nakeji Na Talauci Shiyasa Na Hana Kuna taccen Tsohon Rabar sa Ni Yanzun ma Ko Amace Ko Araye Oho Masa

Kai Amman momy Kinyi Taimako Da Mun Tashi Cikin Dattin Talauci Hhhhh Suka Tabe Harda Anty Amarya

Kirrrrr Kiran Wayar Saudat Yashigo Hello Alajina Ka Iso ne OK Gani Nan Zuwa

Bye mom bye sis Sai munyi Waya Naji Duk Abunda Yake Tafiya juyawa Tayi Taja Trolley dinta Ta Tafi Abunta Babu Rakiya

To Amarya Munce Aje Gidan Alaji Lafiya

Rufaida Tafito Ansha Kwalliya Har Angaji Fuskar nan Kamar Me Sai Walkiya Take

Tafe Take Tana Ran gwada Kamar Zata Karye Shigowar Anty Amarya Ke Nan Itada Kareema

Suma Su Mame Ana Zaune Su Ramlat Hasan Husaina Ridwan Wanda Dawo warsa ce Ake Wannan Shagalin Domin Husaina da Kanta Tashiga Kichin Ta Hada Masa Abinci Da Kanta

Anty Amarya ce keyiwa Su Mame Habaici Ita Ai Maisa,Ace Tunda Gashi Yarta Ta Auri Miji Wanda Yadace Da Su

Amman Mame Haka Zata Dauwa ma Kullum Cikin Kukan Talauci Yarta Kullum Tana Gida gurin Cin Arziki

Amman Zanyi Maganin kune Fitowar Rufaida ne Ido Yako Kanta

Wata Mahau kaciyar Dariya Ce Su Anty Amarya keyi Itada Kareema Harda Rike Ciki

Kallon Rufaida Suka Karayi Suna Tafa Hannu

Ridwan Juyawa yayi Yaga Abunda Akeyiwa Dariya Kasa Hadiye Dariyar sa Yayi Shima Ya Tayasu Dan yarinyar Bata Bashi Haushi Saima Burgewa

Husaina Wani Haushi ne Yakamata Tafara Gunguni Wai Danmi Za,ayi Mata Dariya Ai Gyara Mata Za,ayi

Ramlat ce Tace Sannu Rufaida Amarya Wannan Kwalliya Haka

Ina Zuwa Baki Rufaida Ta Murguda Tace Miye Ruwanki Kikeyi Mani Shisshigi Ramlat Tace ni Tana Mai nuna Kanta Rufaida Tace Wanda Ya Tsargu Shuru Ramlat Tayi

Ita kuwa Husaina Tace Amarya Miye Haka kinga Kanki Kuwa

Fuskar ki Tayi Furum Furum da powder Ja Ai Powder Tayi Yawa Wannan Jam bakin Sai Kace Duka Kika Shafe shi Kwalli Kuwa Ba,a Magana Riga Daban Zani Daban Dan Kwali Daban Ga Wata Uwar Damara Da Kikaci Kamar Mai Zuwa Dambe

Harara Rufaida Ta Watsawa Husaina Tace Aikin Ke Nan Sanya Ido To Nafi Karfin Ku eehe

Mame Tace Rufaida Kina Hankalin ki Kuwa Kike Sa,insa da Yan Uwanki

Haba dai Suwaye Yan Uwana Nikam Banda Yan uwa Anan Ta Nuna Su Ramlat Harda Mame

Ridwan dai Baice Komai ba Amman Yanzun Kam Mamaki Yake Anya Yarinyar Nan Ita Daya Take

Kai Gama Mamaki ba Yaga Anty Amarya Tacewa Rufaida Ke Yar kauye Zo Nan Sum sum Rufaida Taje Gurinta Harda Dukawa Akasa

Wata Irin Gudace Anty Amarya Ta Ran gwada Ayurrriiiiiii Ayuriiiiiiriiiiyuuriii

Him Duk Tusa Kanku Kunga Yanda Abu Ya Kasance hehehe

Tashi Muje Munyi Unguwa Sai Mundawo Maki Da Tsaraba Muje Gaba Sukayi Rufaida Na Biye Dasu Sai Faking Space Suna Zuwa Rufaida Tace Masu Fitsari Take Ji Bari Nako Nakara Jan Kunnen su Dan Nabar Kayana

Tafawa Anty Amarya Tayi Ita da Kareema Kamar Wasu Sa,anni Cewa Anty Amarya Tayi Minti Biyu

Da Dan gudu Rufaida Takoma Falo Ta Isko Mame Tayi Tagumi Dagudu Ta Karasa Gurin Mame Ta Duko Gurin Kunnenta Tayi Mata Rada

Mame Jinjina Kai Tayi Kamar Wata Kadan Garwa

Komawa Tayi Gurin Ramlat Itama Tayi Mata

Da Dan gudu Ta juya Har Takai Bakin Kofa Tajuyo Tace Sauran Kuma Kuje Kutaba Mani Kaya Dan Bani Nan Mutum Yaga Aikin Dan Kauye da cikawa

Anty Amarya dake Labe Wata Dariya Tayi Tace Yarinya kin Shigo Hannu

Rufaida Kuwa Cewa Tayi Him Zan Gane Waye Ahannu Ku Koni

Bayan Fitar Rufaida me Ridwan Yayi Murmushi Yace Him Mame Da Yayanta Abun Nan Naku Shirine

Amman Zamu Sanine Intayi Wari

Dariya Sukayi Su Duka

Matsawa Tayi Suka Bude Mata Mota Da Kansu Suka Rufe Anty Amarya Tabawa Mota Wuta

To Zuwa Anjima Insha Allah Za mu Hadu Daku Gurin Boka Dan Tukunya Dan Jin Yazata kaya

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Hassy Soja

Yar Mutan Gusau ce

4/19/20, 7:52 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€ BANI CE BA ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja



_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“

Ina godiya sosai Allah Ya bar mu tare Amin

A gaskiya na jidadi sosai Allah Ya bar zumunci

Wow masha Allah Ina yinku over ๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž๐Ÿ’ž

Gaskiya na jidadi sosai Comments din Ku sosai Allah Ya bar zumunci Amin.

Bismillahi Rahamanin Rahim DA sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifin Allah Ya Jikan sa yayi masa Rahama Amin.

Page 71—75


Tafiya Su Rufaida Keyi Saboda Dadin Mota Harda Gyen gyadi Tafara

Su Anty Amarya Kuwa Cikin Nishadi Suke Jin Suke Sunfi Kowa Sa,a A duniya Suna Cikin Tafiya Motar Tayi Tsaye Tsaf Akan Titi Ita Batayi Gaba ba Kuma Batayi Baya ba

Mamaki ne Yakama Anty Amarya da Kareema Sufa Sun San Lafiya Motar Take

Bude Gaban Motar Kareema Tayi Tace Momy Motar Nan Banga Wata Matsala Gareta ba Na dauka Ruwane Babu Ashe Ba Haka Bane Bari Dai Akara Kin San Wannan Motar Zata Bata Muna Time mssssss

Anty Amarya ce Taja Wani Dogon Tsaki Jin Take Kamar Tafashe Da Kuka Dan Bakaramin Haushi Abun Yabata ba

Sun Kusan Awa Biyu Babu Motar data Gifta Kuma Sunyi Sunyi Motar Ta Tashi Amman Takiya

Komawa Cikin Motar Sukayi Sai da Suka Zauna Sannan Rufaida Ta Falka Tace Anty Amarya Yakamata Ku Kara Tada Motar Agani Ko Allah Zai sa Motar Tatashi

Shuru Sukayi Kamar Dai Suyi Gardama da Ita ko Kuma Suci Mata Mutumci Amman Tunowa Da Maganar Boka Dan Tukumya Dayace Masu Kada Suyarda Sukawo Masa Rufaida Ba,ahayyacin taba Ko Kuma Bada Son Rantaba Yasanya Anty Amarya Kame Bakinta Tayi Shuru

Kareema Har zata Fara Yiwa Rufaida Masifa Anty Amarya Tace Kada Kifara Kyaleta Gwada Ki Gani Kila Motar Tatashi Amman Ai Munfita Bukatar Hakan Ko

Shuru Kareema Tayi Sai Cika Take Tana Batsewa I wa Balam Balam Key din Ta sanya Ta Tayarda Motar Cikin Ikon Allah Tayarwa Biyu Cikin Ta ukkun Motar Ta Tashi

Murna Gurin Anty Amarya da Kareema Kamar mi

Rufaida Kuwa Murmushi Tayi Ta kara Gyara Zamanta Haka Suka Cigaba Da Tafiya

Koda Suka Isa Inda Anty Amarya keyin parking Mamakine Yakama Kareema Har Sai da Takasa Hakuri Tace Momy Kuma Mutum ne Ke Rayuwa A Wannan Gurin

Tsawa Anty Amarya Tayi Mata Tace Kiyi Mani Shuru Mana Kina Son Musamu Matsala ne Iye

Shuru Kareema Tayi Rufaida Kuwa Yi Tayi Kamar bata San Akan Miye Suke Zance ba

Ganin Itace ne yasa Rufaida Fara Juya Tana Murna Harda Tsalle Sai Dariya take Tana Nuna Itace Tana Fadin Sunan su

Anty Amarya Kuwa da Kareema Sai Kallonta Suke Dafari Sun Danji Tsoro Amman Daga Baya Suka Gane Kauyan Cinne Tatashi Sai A Lokacin Ne Suka Kara Yarda da Dan kauye Duk Inda Yake Baya Boyuwa

Anty Amarya Ce Tace Ke Natsu Ban Son Hauka Gurin Nan Akwai Katon Kare Karama Kinatsu

Ai Sai Rufaida Ta Daina Wannan Abun Suka Dauki Hanya Sunyi Tafiya Sosai Cikin Duhun Itace Inda Kareema Saboda Tsabar Tsorata Rungume Anty Amarya Tayi Kafarta Kafar Anty Amarya

Anty Amarya Kuwa Abun da Yaso Bata Mamaki Bai Wuce Rashin Jin koke koken Abubuwan Da Tasaba Jiba

To Amman Ai Kuma Ba,Abun Mamaki bane Ganin Yau Sunada Yawa Harsu Ukku Sannan Kuma Dan Tukunya Yasan da Zuwan su

Isar Su Kusada Bukkar Boka Dan Tukunya kenan Anty Amarya Tabude Murya Iya Karfinta Ta farayiwa Boka Dan Tukunya kirari

Wanda Sai da Ta firgita Yar ta Kareema domin Kuwa Kareema Tunda Take Bata Tabajin Anty Amarya da Maka mancin Wannan muryar ba

Itafa Batama Dauka Mutum ne Me Irin Wannan Maganar ba Amman Juyawarta Sai Taga Anty Amarya Tajuya Da Baya baya Tana Tafiya Tana Wannan Ihun

Wani Aikin Sai Kai Boka Dan Tukunya Wani Abun Mamaki Sai Gwani Na Gwanaye Wanda Babu Wanda Ya Isa Ya Gansa Ko Yazo Gurinsa Sai Ya Gawurta

Sai kai Bokan da Babu Irin sa Aduniya Sai kai Boka Dan Tukunya Wanda Bai Maida Kisan Kai bakin Komai ba Wanda Ya Gawurta Anbuga An Barka Ganin ka Ma Sai Batacce Wanda Baya Kallon Kowa Sai Batacce Sai Kai Boka Dan Tukunya Wanda Yamaida Sarki Ba Ko Bawan Kaskan tace Wanda Yake Maida Mai kudi Talaka Acikin Kwananki Kalilan

Gani Nazo Nazo da Duk Abunda Ka Bukata Wasa da Bukatar Ka Tamkar Wasa da Rayuwane

Hakika Yau Aiki Zaiyi Kyau Kuma Ga Yarinya Kamar Yanda Kake so Idan Zatayi Kwanaki Duk Babu Wanda Ya Isa Ya Hana

Hhhhhhhh Wata Irin Mahauka ciyar Dariya Boka Dan Tukunya yakeyi Duk Ilahirin Wurin Amsa Dariyar Yake

Hhhhhhh Gaskiya ne Kin Cika Umarni na Baki Daya Dan Haka Matso Gani Nan Bayan Iccen Tsamiya Ina Ganawa da Sarkin Aljannu na duniya

Sanan Kisa Abokan Tafiyar ki Tafiya da Baya baya Jikin Anty Amarya Na Kyarma Tace Angama

Juyawa Tayi Tace Ku Maza Kuyi Yanda Akace Kareema ce Tace momy Rufe Mata Baki Anty Amarya Tayi Tajuya Kareema Taja Hannun ta Suka Fara Tafiya

Ganin Rufaida A Tsaye Bata ko Motsaba Yasa Anty Amarya Katsa Mata Tsawa Tace Mikike Jirane Yar Kauye

Har Yanzun Dai Rufaida Bata Motsaba A Hasale Anty Amarya Taci Gaba Da Jan Hannun Kareema Har Suka Isa Inda Boka Dan Tukunya Yake

Ai Dan Tukunya Wata Mahauka ciyar Dariya Yakece Da Ita Boka Dan Tukunya yace Saura Amaryar

Anty Amarya Tace Angama Har Zata Juya Taji Boka Dan Tukunya yace Kibarta Takawo Kanta Dan Tun Yanzun Nafara Aiki Akanta

Kamar daga Sama Kuwa Sai ga Rufaida A gaban su

Bushewa Da Dariya Boka yayi Yace Kinga Nasa Aljannu Sun Kawota

Anty Amarya Dariya Tayi Tace Boka Dan Tukunya Indai Kaine Kawuce Nan

Zauna Anan Gurin cewar Boka Zama Kuwa Rufaida Tayi

Zamta Keda Wuya Wata Iron Uwar Guguwa Ta Tashi Bukkar Boka Dan Tukunya Wata Irin Kaara Sukaji Anyi Mai Figitar wa

Take Boka Dan Tukunya Ya Mike Tsaye Cikin Rawar Jiki Da Mummunan Tashin Hankali

Dole Su Anty Amarya da Kareema Suma Suka Mike Tsaye

Amman Banda Rufaida A Yanda Ta Zauna Haka Take Kanta Akasa Bata ko Motsaba

Wa Irin Girgiza Bukkar Dan Tukunya keyi Taruge Baki Daya Zuwa Can Kuma Wuta Takama Bukkar Baki Daya Wutar Ci Takeyi Sai da Komai Ya Kone Tukuna Boka Yadora Hannu Akai Yana Ihu

Anty Amarya Ganin Boka Dan Tukunya Na Ihu Sai Ta Rude Ta Rike Kareema Ta Kama Hannun ta Da Suka Bar Rufaida Zaune Da Niyar Subarta Agurin

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Amman Kuma me Anty Amarya Ta Kada Daga Kafarta Dan jin Take Kamar babu Kafa Ajikin ta

Kareema Jin Anty Amarya Ta Kasa Gudu Yasata Cewa Momy Mikika Tsaya Yine Kizo Mu Gudu ko kafin Kareema Ta Rufe Baki Kawai

Sauran Mayan Aikin Boka Dan Tukunya Harda Tukunyar Taxa Dake Gefen Su Suka Kama da Wuta bal bal bal

Boka Dan Tukunya Ne Ya Rude Yafara Sabbatu

Shike Nan Tukunyar Ta Kone Ta Mutu Wayyo Karyata Ta Kare Dama Da Tukunyar Nake Takama

Bakin Anty Amarya Na Rawa Tace Boka Sakar Mani Kafa Nayi Gida Nafa Aikin

Boka Yace Ke Rufe mani bakin ki Wayasa Nima koma Kinda Sa Hannu Gurin Karyani

Rufaida CE Ta Wani Irin Bushewa Da Dariya Dariya take Ba Kakkauta wa




Kurufe Mani Baki Banzaye Azzalumai Matsafa Mushrikai

Hhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Kun Dauka Duniyar Takuce Kun Dauka Ku Me Bawa Kanku Nasara To Kusani Babu Abunda Yake Samuwar Bawa Sai da Iznin Allah Sannan Kuma Kusani

Tunda Nashigo Rayuwar Ku Kunzama Tarihi Kuma Kusani Baku Kadai Bane Agurin Akwai

Tanuna Wani Gefe Daya Wata Irin Zabura Sukayi Su Duka Suna Nuni Da Hannun su

Kune Waye Yakawo Ku Gurin Nan Waye Ya Nuna Maku Inda Muke

Alhaji Daman Kunsan Gurin Nan ne Kai Inah Bazai Yuyuba Kuna Nufin Gaba Dayan ku Kunsan Inda Nake Zuwa

Wani Banzan Kallo Abba Yayi Mata Mame Kuwa Murmushi Tayi Tace Ai Duk Abunda Kukeyi Aboye Kusani Allah Baya Bacci Kuma Baya gengadi Kuma Duk Abunda kukeyi Wata Rana Zai Bayyana Kamar Wannan Ranar

Ridwan ne Yace Kaico Da Halinku Tunda Kun kasa Yarda Da kaddarar Allah Har Sai Kunyi Shirka

Murmushi Ramlat Tayi Tace Ku Atunanin Ku Rufaida Saboda Bukatar Ku Ta Yarda Tabi Ku To Bari Nasanar Daku Abunda Baku Saniba Yanzun

Duk Wannan Abun Aikin Rufaida ne Duk Abunda Kuke Kullawa Tasani Kuma Ko Maganin da Zaku Bata A Abun Sha Tasani Shiyasa Ta Aika Kareema Ta Amso Mata Kuma Ta Shanye Agabanta Ku A Bahagon Tunanin Ku Asirinku Zai Kamata Shi Yasa Tayi Maki Basaja Tazo Agaban Ku Tayi Muna Rashin Kunya Wanda Daman Mun San Hakan Sannan Kuma Bayan Kun Fita Sai Ta Dawo Ta Sanar Damu Zata Tsayar da Motar

Mubiyo ta Abaya Dan Ganewa Idon mu Abunda Zai Faru Kina Fita muka Sanar da Yaya Ridwan Zamu Biku Da Baya Dan Ganin Inda Zaku Dosa To Mun biyo Bayanku Kuma Munga Inda Motar Ta Tsaya Shi Yasa muka Koma

Muka Nemi Abba Koda Abba Yazo Ce Masa Mukayi Tafiyar Gaggawa Ta Taso Kuma Harda Shi Aciki

Abba Yaso Musawa Amman Yakasa Kuma Bai Tambayi Ina Zamu ba Haka Muka zo Muka Sameku Muna Zuwa Dan Mesa Daku Motar Ku Ta Tashi Wanda Nasan Aikin Rufaida ne to kuma Munji Komai Kuma Munga Komai Dama Ance Gani Ya Kori ji

Abba Yanzun Kaga Kalar Matar ka da Yayanka Cewar Husaina wadda Me Jin Kamar Takasu Da Duka

Hasan yace Cube Ku Har Dai Kai Katon Banza Anty Amarya Kunji Kunya Wallahi

Abba darker Ya Bude Baki Yace In Alhaji Kabiru Ambassador Nasake ki Kursum Saki Ukku Allah Ya,isa Tsaka nina Dake

Wata Irin Ihu Tayi Aguje Tazo Gurin Rufaida Daniyar Shakure ta Amman Kafin Ta Kawo Anyi Sama Da Ita Ansakota NASA Jikake Tim Ta Rafki kasa

Kareema Kuwa Cewa Take Na Tsaneki Rufaida da Kafin Ta Ci Gaba Bakinta Ya rufe Ruf

Rufaida cewa Tayi Kuja Abba Kutafi Yanzun Zan fito Hannu Ta daga Ta Nuna Gurin su Anty Amarya da Boka da Kareema Take Gurin Yayi Wani Iron Duhu

Suyawa Rufaida Tayi Tace Sai Mun Hadu Daku

Ta wuce Tasamu Ridwan Rike da Abba suka Saka shi mota Sukayi Gida Har Rufaida


Hassy Soja

Yar mutant Gusau

4/19/20, 7:52 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€ BANI CE BA ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy Soja



_{ฦ˜ungiya Domin, wayar da ฦ™an mata Farin jini writer’s domin ci gaban Mata.}_

โ˜…{ F J W A}โ˜…๐Ÿ“

Ina Alfahari da Ku Mosoya Na A yanda Kuke Nuna Mani Kauna

A gaskiya Naji dadi Sosai Allah Ya bar Zumunci Amin



Page 76___80


Amarya Saudat da Angonta Acikin Mota Sai Fira Suke Suna Dariya Tafiya Sukayi Sosai Wadda Saudat Takasa Boye Mamakin ta

Tace Dear Har Yanzun Bamu Isa ba Murmushi yayi Yace Mun Kusa Zuwa Dai Amarya Saurin Mi Kike Keda Kike da Alhajin ki Daya A Gabanki mun kusa Zuwa Fadata Kinji ko

Saudat Bata Sake Cewa komai ba Sai da Sukayi Tafiya Mai Nisa Sosai Dan Sai da Suka Bar Garin Abuja Sosai Suka Tasamma Garin Kaduna Amman Basu Kai ga Kaduna Suka Yanki Wata Hanya Wadda Babu Mota Gaban su Kuma Babu Ita Abaya

Sunyi Tafiyar Kusan Rabin Awa Amman Babu Gida Gaban Su Kuma Babu shi Bayan su Sunyi Tafiya Sosai

Sannan Suka Iske Wani Irin Katon Gida Kamar ba,a NAGERIA Ba Ada Har Saudat Taji cikinta Na Juyawa Amman Kuma Ganin Wannan Gidan Sai Taji Hankalin ta Ya Kwanta

Wani Remote ne Ya Fidda Ya Latsa Take Get din Gidan Yayi Sama Shikuma Yaja Motar Sai Cikin Gida

Gidan Wani Irin Rikitaccen Gidane Wanda Bazaka Gane Ai Nahin Yanda Yake ba In Banda Kukan Tsun tsaye Babu Abunda Kakeji

Kafin Su Isa Parking Space Ma Aiki ne Dan Inda Kafa Zaka Je Gurin Tofa Sai Ka Hada da Gudu Sannan Zaka Isa Cikin Minti Ishirin

Isar Su Gurin Ke Nan Alhaji Muntari Yace To Amarya Ga Fadata Nan Mukarasa Ajiyar Zuciya Saudat Ta Sauke Dan Yanzun Kam Tafara yin Sanyi Game da Angonta

Sun Danyi Tafiya Suka Isa Bakin Kofar Shiga Harabar Gidan Sunyi Tafiya Nan ma Suka Isa bakin wata Kofar

Yanzun Kam Matsawa Yayi Bakin wani Corridor Ya Dan Taba Wani Abu

Ai kuwa Kofar Tafara Budewa Sannu Sannu Zuwa Can kofar Ta Bude Matsowa Yayi Inda Take

Yace Mujeko Shiga Sukayi Cikin Falon Wani Irin Duhune Sukayi Arba dashi Kamar Wani Mugun Kogo

Wani Irin Tsoro Da Faduwar Gabane Suka Riski Saudat Atake Sai Ta Runtse Ido

Wani Abu Ya Danna Sai ko Dakin Yakawo Wuta Wani Mugun Haske Ya Gauraye Dakin

Yace To Bude Idon ki Mana Cikin Tsoro Tabude Dakin Budewar ta Keda Wuya Taga Ko Ina Haske Ajiyar Zuciya Ta Sauke

Tasamu Kujera Ta Zauna Cemata Yayi Kiji rani Ina Zuwa cewa Tayi To

Wuce ta Yayi Yashiga Cikin wani Daki Kusan Minti Talatin Har Tagaji Dajiran Sa Sai Gashi Yafito Ya Sauya Kayan Jikin Sa Yafito da Jajayen Kaya Fuskar nan Babu Rahma Babu Alamun Annuri Wasu Matane Biye Da Shi Su Kusan Tara Kowace Kagani Tana Cikin Alamun Kamun Yunwa Da Wahala

Ai Da Sauri Saudat Ta Tashi Tsaye Jikinta Na Mazari Karasowa Yayi Ya Zauna Ya Dora Kafa Daya Akan Daya

Cikin Wata Irin Tsawa Yace Kuzauna Kafin Ya Ida Rufe Baku Dukan su Sun Baje Akasa Kamar Masu Neman Afuwa Amman Banda Daya Daga Cikin Su

Yarage Su biyu ne Atasaye Wata Tsawar Yakoma yi Akaro Na biyu Wanda Sai da Saudat Tasaki Fitsare Take Ta Zauna Ita Kuwa Dayar Kin Zama Tayi

Hhhhhhhh Nasani Nabila Dama Bazaki ji Tsorona Ba Amman Kisani Kin Rigada Kin Shigo Babu Fita Ke Ko Mutuwa Kikayi Anan Tofa Gawar ki Bazata Fitaba

Murmushi Wadda Aka Kira da Nabila Tayi Tace Ta Allah Bata Mutum ba Kuma Idan na mutuma Lokaci nane Yayi Kaga Ita Mutuwa Dama Ba,a Guje Mata

Duk Inda Mutum Yaje Tana Tare Dashi Kuma Tana Dauka Kaga Kuwa Miye Abun Tsoro Anan Balle Harma Takaini Da Gudun Mutuwa

Miye ma Acikin Duniyar Ai Sai dai Fatan Cikawa Da Imani

Murmushi Yayi Yace Naji Yarinya Taro Yarone Bai San Wuta ba Sai Yataka

Nabila Aikin Gama Yagama Tunda Aka Bani Kyautar Ki Amman Kash Kin Cika Taurin Rai da Yawa Da Yanzun Baki Duniyar Amman kisani Zan Haka Maki Tarko Kuma Sai Kin fada

Him Aini Zuciyata Tariga da Ta Bushe Na Daina Jin Shakkar Kowa kuma Bana Tsoron Komai Sai Allah na

Ina Fatan Ka Gane Domin Shine Gatana Kuma Mai Bani Kariya Aduk Inda Nake

Kune Mahaukata Kuke Ganina Kamar Banda Gata To Kasani Allah Shine Gatana Kuma Sai Allah Yakawo Karshen Irin Ku

Azafafe Yatashi Yayo Kanta Har Yadaga Hannu Mikuma Yatuno Sai Yafasa Ya Juyo Gurin Saudat yace

Maraba da Zuwa Fadata Kisani Kin Aurowa Kaki Jaraba Na Auro kine Saboda Kwada yinki Kuma Nasan Duk Abunda Uwarki Keyi

Kisani kin Shigo Gidan Yunwa da Azaba Ga Wani Albishir Jinin kine Dodona Yake so

Shiya Turani Kawoki Amman Da Sharadin Aure Daman Yace Da Kinzo Gidan Nan Da Aure To Nasake ki Babu Abunda Mike Bukata Agareki Sai Shanye Jininki Kuma Mu Kwashe Kayan Cikin ki

Daga Nan Anwuce Gurin Hhhhhhhhhh

Wata Iron Kuwa Saudat Ta Watsa

Shikuma Cewa Yayi Wannan Shine Abunda Nake sonji

Yadubi Nabila Yace Kinji Yanda Zakiyi

A,uzu Bi Kalimatillahi Tamatin min Sharri Ma Khalaqa

Wata Iron Zubura Yayi Sai Kan Saudat Yakama Duka Kamar Jaka Saida Yaga Bata Motsi Ya Sallaketa Yatafiyar Sa

Yabasu Atsaye Babu Wanda Yabi Ta Kanta Sai Nabila Tajata Suka koma Inda Suka Fito


Su mame Sun Isa Gida Inda Ridwan Ke Tallabe da Abba Wanda ke Fama da Ciwon Kai Mai Tsanani

Mame Kuma Tallabe Da Rufaida Wadda bacci Yakama Tun Fitowar su daga Gurin Boka Dan Tukunya Itama Mame Daurewa Kawai Take Dan Itama Bata Jin dadin Jikinta

Suna Isa Falo Suka Yada Zango Inda Turin Zaman Ne Ciwo Yatasowa Ramlat Ganin Halin da Ramlat Take Cikine Yasa Mame Tace Husaina Takai Rufaida Daki

Ita kuma Ta Koma Gurin Ramlat Suka Sa Driver Ya kaisu Asibiti

Basu Dade Da Fitaba Abba Yasamu Bacci Mai Nauyi Koda Ya falka Ridwan ne Zaune Kusa da Shi

Abba ne Yace Ridwan Lafiya dai Naga Kamar Kayi Nisa Atunani

Murmushin Farin Ciki Ridwan Yayi Yace Alhamdulillah Abba Sannu

Yauwa Ridwan Kazan Wani Mummunan Mafalkin Da Nayi

Ridwan ne Yace Abba Bar Zancen Nan Tashi Kayi Wanka Muje Asibiti

Subhanallah Asibiti Gurin waye Abba Gurin Su Mame

Mamen ce Taku Babu Lafiya A,a Abba Ramlat ce Me Labour Ramlat cewar Abba Da Sauri

Aikuwa Take Abba Yatuno Komai Ashe dai Ba Mafalkine ba Da Gaske Ne Wayyo Allah Amman Wannan Matar Ta Cuceni

Tashi Abba Yayi Da Sauri Yace Muje ko Ridwan

A,a Abba Kabari Kayi Wanka Mana A,a Ridwan Muje Kawai Har Abba Nashirin yin Tun tube

Yanda Abba Yafitone Yasa Su Two win Kasa boye Mamakin su Sukace Abba Lafiya Dai Cewa Yayi Kuzo Muje Asibiti Mana

Husaina Tace Ku Tafi Abba In Zan Zauna da Rufaida OK

Muje Kawai Hasan

Ko da Suka Fito Harabar Gidan Duk Wanda Yaga Abba Tare Da Yayansa Mamaki yakeyi Sai Hamdala Ma,aikatan Gidan Keyi

Ridwan Ke Jan Motar Suna Isa Ana Shaidawa Mame Ansauka Lafiya Ansamu Baby Boy Murna Gurin su Ba,acewa Komai Sai Hamdala

Mame ma Ganin Abba Agurin Ba Karamin Jin Dadi Tayiba Har Sai da Bakinta Yakasa Rufewa

Ganin Ramlat Lafiyar Ta Lau yasa Aka Sallame su Suka dawo Cikin Farin Ciki

Isar Su Gida Ke Nan Suka Isko Rufaida da Husaina Suna Tsallen Murna

Har yar Rigaga Akeyi Gurin Daukar Yaron

Abba Kuwa Idon Sa Ya Sauka Akan Rufaida Baki Na Rawa Yace Ke Zo Nan

Ai Ido Kowa Yake Bin Abba da Shi Abba Yakara Cewa Kuna Nufin Baku Gane Ko Wacece Ita ba

Mame Tace Duk Munso Ganeta Amman Mun Mace Inda Muka San Fuskar

Matsawa Abba Yayi Yariko Hannun Rufaida Wadda Ta Zama Status

Zama Abba Yayi Yace Masu Kuma Duk Ku Zauna kowa Guri Yasamu Ya Zauna Abba Yace

Yaya Sunanki Cewa Tayi Rufaida Abba Ya Jinjina Kai Yace Rufaida Ina Asma,u Auta Ina kuma Malam Da Inna

Ai Rufaida Zare Ido Tayi Tace A,INA Kasan Mamata da Kakan nina Cikin Ware Ido Da Alamar Tsoro Tayi Wannan Zancen

Abba Yace Kin Taba Jin Ana Cewa KABIRU Dan Gidan MALAM SHU’IBU Wanda Yake Abirni Bai Dawoba

Ai da gudu Rufaida Takoma Daki Ta Bin Ciko photon Da Tamso Gurin Kakarta Wanda Bata Bude ba Balle Tagani

Koda Ta Dauko Budewa Tayi Tazaro Ido Ganin Tabbas Shine Kawunta Da photo Tafita Da Gudu Ta Kaimasa Ta Fada Jikin Sa Tana Kuka

Dubawa Yayi Yami kawa Mame kowa Mamaki take Ashe Dai Suna Tare da Farin Cikin Su Basu Saniba Sun Godewa Allah Da yasa Basu Gujeta ba

Abba be Yake Tambayar ta Ina Kowa Da Kowa Anan Ne Sukaji Mummunan Labarin Batan Asma,u Auta

Kuka Abba Yake Kamar Karamin Yaro

Ya Akayi Kika zo Nan Anan ma Tabasu Labari

Abbane Yace Tabbas Wadda Takoki Nan Itace Ta Dauki Mahaifiyar ki Kuma Itace Ta Karya Duk Wani Abu Wanda Akayi Mani

Ya Allah Kasa Tadawo Ko Musamu Mugane Inda Taboye Muna Abarson mu

Shurun shi Me dawuya Sukaji Ance……..

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Takundai ce

Hassy Soja

Year mutan gusau ce

4/19/20, 7:52 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€ BANI CE BA ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja

Ina alfahari da Ku masoyana yanda kuke nuna Mani kauna ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

A gaskiya In jidadi comments din Ku sosai Allah ya bar zumunci Amin.๐Ÿฅฐ

Ina yinku over๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ



Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifina Allah ya Jikan Sa yayi masa Rahama Amin.



Assalam Alaikum Ko Zaku Iya Bamu Masauki

Mamaki ne Yakama Duk Wanda Ke Gurin Saboda Basuga Lokacin da Suka zoba Sannan Daganin Wannan Mutanen Ba Yan Najeria Bane Shin Yama Akayi Suka Shigo Batare da Anzo Neman Azini ba

Daga Ganin Shigar Wannan Bayin Allah Tabbas Kasan Cewa duk Inda Suka Fito Gidan Sarauta ne Sannan Kuma Hutu Ya zauna

Abun mamaki ma Taya Akayi Suka Iya Hausa Har Haka Duk da Sunji Hausar Bata Zauna Sosai ba

Da Sauri Rufaida Ta Mike Tsaye Tana bin Matar Da Ido Murmushi Mame Tayi Tace Bismillah Shima Abba Cewa Yayi Ku Shigo Mana Ga Wuri Ku zauna

Ida Shigowa Sukayi Wata Mata ce Tashigo Tare da Wasu Wanda Dagani Ita Matar Ita Keda Mulki Sauran Kuwa Duka Hadiman Tane

A Kujerar Ta Zauna Su Kuwa Sauran Sunkai Su Bakwai A Kasa Suka Zazzauna

Bayan Matar Ta Zauna ne Tace Rufaida Kin Shaida nine ko Zaki Tuna Inda Kika Sanni

Girgiza Kai Rufaida Tayi Tace Naso Nagane Amman Naka Tunawa kuma Nasan Muryar

Zuwa Can Kuwa Rufaida Tace Yauwa Natuna Mama Kece Me Zuwar Mani Amafalki Kina Lallashina Kuma Kece Kika Sanya Nazo Garin Nan Dan Bazan Taba Mance Muryar kiba Insha Allah

Yauwa Yar Kwarai Yarin yar Kirki Kinyi Kai Sosai Tunda Har Kika Shaidani

To Zauna Magana Zamuyi Daku Duka Zama Rufaida Tayi bata Sake Cewa komai ba

Abba Kuwa dasu Mame Sun Kasa Gane Mi Hakan Ke Nufi Dan Sun Shiga Rudani Dan Basu Gane Mi Hakan Yake Nufiba

Cewa Tayi Ku Kwantar da Hankalin Ku Kuma Kada Kuji Tsoro Nazone Dan Warware Maku Duk Abunda Ke A Duhu Yanzun Ku Natsu Kuji Wace ce Ni Da Kuma Dalilin Zuwana

Da farko dai Sunana Sarauniya Farhanatul Nur Al,mansur Ni yar Sarkin Aljannuce Kuma Mijina yariman Wata Masarauta ce

Nazo Ziyara ne A Wannan Kasar Cikin Kakanin Ku Akwai Wanda Yayi Aiki Da Aljannu Acikin sune wani Yayi Aiki da Kanen Kaka na To Saboda Ziyara

Da Mutunta Juna Yasa Ahlinsa Dake Zaune Akasar nan Suna Kai Muna Ziyara Sune Suka Shaida Muna Rashin Lafiyar Sa Shiyasa Mukazo Duba shi Wannan Shine Zuwana Na farko Akasar Nan

Bari Nasanar Daku Abunda Wasu Mutanen Ke Dauka Wasu Basu Dauka Cewa Muma Da Muke Aljannu ba Muna Ciwo To Kusani Ba,abun Mamaki Bane Muma Bayin Allah ne Muna Yin Ciwo

Bari Nadora Maku Inda Natsaya Dan Nan Baku Fahim ci Komai ba Sai In Nakare To Zuwan Da Nayi ne Allah Yasa Mun samu Yaji Sauki Shine Muka Shirya Yawon Shan Iska To Agurin Yawon ne Nabiyo Ta Garin Ku Kai Kabiru

Nazo Wucewa ne Nayi Shigar Yaro matashi Mara jin Magana Inda Nake Jan Duk Wanda Naga Kansa Na Hayaki

Duk da Naji Cewa Mutane Basuda Hakuri Ko Kadan Kuma Zamana Agarin Nan Nashaida Wasu Daga Cikin Halayen Mutane

Duk da Na Hana Hadimmai Na Suyiwa Kowa Wani Abun Cutar wa Saboda Inayin Shigar Mai Hakuri Kuma Inayin Akasin Haka

Mutane Wasu Basu Dauki Hakuri Abakin Komai ba Amman Ni Inason Mai Hakuri Sosai

To Acikin Wannan Yanayin Ne Narashin Jine Naje Gonar Malam Shu’aibu Wato Mahaifin ka

Nayi Masa Barna Sosai Kuma Na zauna Ina Jiran Zuwan Sa Saboda Na Hango shi

Koda Yazo Yaga Aika Aikar Da Nayi Masa Nadauka Zaiyi Masifa ne

Kuma Dai dai Nan ne Mahaifina Yabiyo Bayana Ransa Ya Baci Akan Abun da Na Aikata Bayan Shigar Danayi Ga Kuma Gurin da Na zauna Sannan Kuma Ga Barnar Danayi wa Malam Shu’aibu Har Mahifina Zaiyi Magana

Sai Ga Malam Shu’aibu Yazo Inda Nake Amman Baiga Tawagar Mahaifina ba Kuma Baiga Nawa Hadimman ba Wanda Suke Duke Suna Jiran Hukun cin Mahaifina

Zuwan Sa keda Wuya Yayi Sallama Yace Assalamu Alaikum Bawan Allah Ko Kasan Wanda Yayi Wannan Aikin

Mahaifina ne Ya Hana Kowa Yin Wani Abu Akai Kuma Yana Kallon Malam Shu’aibu

Malam Shu’aibu Ci Gaba Yayi Da Cewa Dan Allah Baka San Wanda Yayi ba Cewa Yayi To Babu Komai Har Yajuya Zai Wuce

Cikin Rashin Ji Irin Na Bil Adama Nace Masa Malam Ai Tunda Bakaga Kowa Anan ba Kasan Nine ko

Juyowa Malam Shu’aibu Yayi Yace Amman Kayi Kokari Tunda Baka Dauki Hakkin Kowa ba Kasani Nayafe Maka

Bani daya Wannan Bawan Allah Yabawa Mamaki ba Dukan mu Wannan ne Yasaka

Mahaifina Yace Lallai Wannan Bawan Allah Zamu Taimaka Masa Da Izinin Allah Sannan Kuma Zamuyi Yaki Da Duk Wanda Yayi Nufin Chatata Masa

Tabbas Malam Shu’aibu A lokacin Bai San waye Niba Bayan Wannan Lokancin Kuma Naci Gaba Da bibiyar Sa

Akwai Wata Rana Yadawo Masallaci Ya Hadu da Wata Karamar Yarinya Tana Kuka Kowa Yazo Gurin Yakan Wuce tane

Dan Mutane Cewa Suke Bazasu Iya Tabata ba Wata Kilama Aljanace

Amman Zuwan Malam Shu’aibu Bai Wuce ba Sai da Yatsaya Gurin Yarinyar Yana Tambayar ta Cewa Ina Tafito Kuma Waye Ya Tabata

Yarinyar Kallon Sa Yayi Tace Masa Inna tace Ta Aikeni Kumu Kudin Yafadi

Haka Kuwa Malam ya tambaya Nawane Tafada Masa Yakawo Wasu Kudin Tabata Duk Wannan Abun Akan Idona Ya faru

Bibiyar da Nake yiwa Malam ce Yasa Nagane Kyawa Wan Dabi,un sa

Kuma Naga Yanda Ya Taimaka wa Marayan Allah Wato Malam Adamu Mahaifin Rufaida

A Cikin Wannan Lokacin ne Nasamu Shiga Gidan Malam Kuma Nasamu Abunda Nakeso

A Lokacin Kaine da kawai Agurin Malam Shu’aibu Amman Naga Kai Kafi Son Boko Fiye da Tunanin ka Sannan Kuma

Nice Nata Yimaka Taimako A Gurin Karatun ka da Kuma Neman Aiki

Sai da Naga Kacika Sakaci da Addu,a Saboda Harkar yanayin Aiki Sannan Kuma Baka Cika Zaga Mahaifin kaba Yasa Nabar ka kagane Miye Duniya

Amman kuma Kasani Anyi Tabibiyar ka Amman Babu Nasara Tunda Ko Bana Kusa Da Kai Akwai Hadimmai Na Dan Haka Ko Wannan Mukamin Naka Da Karasa Shi Tun Tuni

Domin Akan Shirya Kashe ka Yafi A Girga Sannan Kuma Ko Kwance Maka Burkin Moto Anyi Kusan Sau Goma

Allah yasa Matar ka Tana Kokarin Tuna Maka Zuwa Duba Mahaifin ka Ganin Kana Yawan Kawo Mata Uzuri Yasaka Ta Daina Tuna Maka Wannan Abun da Kuka Aikata

Shiyasa Nabar Maku Kaltume Tashigo Gidan Ku Domin Koyar da Ku Hankali Da Kun Tunada Su Malam Da Abun Bai Kai Haka ba Damma Allah yasa Kana tunawa da Kanwar ka Kafin

Har ko kinka Suka Dauke Maka Hankali Kama Daina Tuna Zuwa Inda Suke

Kuma Mance Hakkin Iyaye Akan “Yayan Su Kamance Duk Wata Wahala Da Sukayi Dakai Tun Kafin Zuwan ka Duniya Har Zuwa Lokacin da Kamallaki Duk Wata Dukiya Dakake Da Ita

Kasani Duk wata Musiba Allah Yana Kare Bayinsa Bisaga Addu,ar Iyaye To Kai Kuma Ka Mance da Hakan Duk da Tarin Ilimin Ka Gashi Saboda Wannan Allah Ya Jarab ce ka Da Mata Mushrika

Bawai Dan Ban Iya Komai Akaiba Kawai Nabar ka kane Ko Allah nasa Katuna Iyayen ka

Yaranka ma Sau biyu Kana Zuwa Dasu Sannan kuma Ridwan ne Sai Ramlat Kawai Amman Banda Sauran

Kanji Wannan Game da kabiru Sauran Asma,u mahaifiyar Rufaida

Nice Na Karbi Haihuwar Asma,u A lokacin Ina Zaune ne Agidan Malam Shu’aibu Ina Kula Da Asma,u Sosai Allah yasa Mani Sonta A sanadin Son danake Yiwa Asma,u ne Yasaka Yarima na Barina Akasar Inda Nasanya Wasu Daga Cikin Haddimai na Kula Mani da Kabiru

Nikuma Ina Kula Da Asma,u Tun Tasowar Asma,u Naga Al, Amura Masu Riki Tarwa

Tabbas Nasan Tsaka Ninta da Adamu Akwai Aure Harda Iyali

Malam Shu’aibu ya sanya Auren Asma,u da Adamu Ganin Yarasa Mai Bashi Mata Saboda Halin Matar Sa Uwani Wadda Da Bin Bokaye Tasamu Tashigo Gidan Sa Kuma Itake Kora Masa Mata Harda Hauka tarwa

Saboda Ina Son Malam Shu’aibu Yasan da Nine Yasa Nafara Yun kurin Hana Haure A Wannan Ranar Ne Kowa Yasan Dani Harda Adamu

Anyi Aure Lafiya Alhamdulillah Duk Abun da Uwani Keyi Akan Asma,u Takasa yin Nasara Tunda Taga Haka bata Hakura ba Sai da Takoma Bayan An Haifi Rufaida Inda Suka Chanza Shawara Saboda Nakan Batawa Bokaye Aikin Su Indai Zasuyi Aiki Akan Asma, u

Shawarar Da Suka Chanza Kuwa Itace Danne Asma, u Da Filo Ko kuma Su Zuba Mata Miyar Kuka Abayi Idan Taje Wanka Tafadi Kuma Kafin Tafito Sun Makure Rufaida Ta Mutu

Sunyi Shiri Sosai Kuma Zasu zo da Maganin da Dazarar Taji Muryar Uwani Tofa Dole ne Ta Mutu ko kuma Ta Haukace

Nikuma Sai Nasa wa Asma, u Jin Wani Abu Zai Faru Da Ita Shiyasa Tabar wa Malam Adamu Wasiya Tabar Masa Rufaida A Hannun sa

Shigar Ta Akin Dakin ne Na Dauketa Nayi Wannan ne Dan Kada Afadawa Adamu wata Magana Akan Batan Asma, u

Najewa Malam Shu’aibu A cikin Barcin Sa Kamar yanda Nake Zuwar wa Rufaida Nasanar Masa Abun da Nayi Dakuma Dalili

Wanda Uwani Tayi Mugun Kafi Akan Asma, u Kuma Duk Wanda Yaje Gurin Wani Boka Akan Rufaida nike zuwa Dakaina Gurin yin gargadi

Wannan ne Ya Hana Uwani Cin Nasara Akan Rufaida kuma Nike Dauke Kudin Uwani Dan Insa Rufaida Tagane Ba Ita Tahaife ba

Saboda Wani Makirci Da Suka Hada Na Uwani Ta Rike Rufaida Kamar Yar Cikin ta Yanda Zasu Bakan Tamara In Ta girma Sannan Ta Sangar Tata Tanda Zata Tashi Lalatatta Rufaida Shiyasa Nikuma Na Tsiri Daukar Kudin ta Nazuwa Gurin Boka Da Take Tarawa

Saboda Kudin ne Ta nuna Tsanar Rufaida Afili Sai Ta Chanza Shawara

Shiyasa Take Dukan ki Rufaida Kinji Tarihin Da Malam Bai Sanar dakeba nabari Uwani Na Dukan ki Bawai Dan Ban Iya Komai Akanki ba

Sannan Wani Albishir Mai dadi Shine Yanzun Haka Nasa Akawo Maki Mahaifiyar ki Kai kuma Kanwar ka Abar Sonka Ku kuma Gwoggon Ku

Wani Abun Farin Cikin Tare da Adamu Mahaifin ki Rufaida Shima Adamu Na Dauke shine Na Hada shi da Matar Sa Asma, u Tun Lokacin da Kukaga Yayi Tafiya Bai Dawo ba Ni Nahana su Dawowa

Saboda Ina Son Fara Aikina Akan Duk Wani Azzalumi Malam Shu’aibu Agaskiya Mutumen Kirki ne Yayi Hakuri Sosai Ga Rashin Kabiru Babban dansa Ga kuma Rashin Autar Sa Kuma Harda jikar Sa

Amman kuma Malam Shu’aibu Yariga da Yasan Duk Wannan Abun Tun da Jimawa

To kunji Abun da yashige maku Aduhu Kun kuma ji Tarihin Abun da Baku Saniba

Ga baki Daya Gurin Kukane Me Tashi Sannan Tace Yanzun Lokacin Murna ne Ba Kuka ba

Yanzun Ridwan Tashi Kashigo da Baki Gasu nan Abakin Get

Ai Da Gudu Ridwan Yatashi Yana Zuwa Yaga Mace da Namiji Abakin Get Kallo Daya Yayi Masu Yagane Lallai Wannan sune Gwaggon Shi kuma Iyayen Rufaida Da Gudu Ya Karasa Gurin Su Ya Rungume ta Yace Kushi go Gwaggo na

Hannun Sa Suka Rika Sukayi Cikin Gidan Isar Su Babban Falon ke nan Abba Yayi Ido Biyu da Kanwar Sa da Aminin Sa Aifa Da gudu Suka Run gumi Juna Suna Kukan Farin Cikin

Mame ce Ta Task Tariko Hannun Asma, u Ta Hadata da Rufaida Tace Ku Rungumi Juna Dan Kusamu Sassauci Acikin Ranku

Da Sauri Suka Rungumi Juna Suna Kukan Farin ciki

Rufaida ce Tace mamana Ashe Zan Ganki Azahiri Ashe Nima Inada Mama Kar Kowa

Mamar ce Tace Rufaida ni Na sanki Kuma Ana Kawo Mani ke Ki Kwana Atare Dani Sai Gab da Asbane Ake Maida ke Kin dauka Amafalki Ne Kike Ganina Ko

Daga Kai Rufaida Tayi Maman Tace To ba Mafalki Bane Faskiya ne

Kara Rugumeta Tayi Tana Hawayen Farin ciki

Malam Adamu ne Yace Rufaida Ni kuma Anmace Dani ko Ai Dagudu Tayi Gurinsa Ta Rungume Sa Tana Hawaye

Tace Abbey na Nayi kewar ka Shima Rungume Yarsa yayi Gaskiya Fadar Irin Farin cikin Wannan Ahlin Suke ciki Baya Faduwa

Wannan Matar ce Tace To Zan Wuce Gurin Su boka Yakamata kuje Gurin Malam Shu’aibu Gobe In Allah Yakaimu Kuje Harda su

Mai jego Dan Kara Ganin Tushen Su

Sallama Tayi Masu Tace Sai Wani Lokacin koda Tatashi Sunyi Mata godiya Sosai Murmushi Tayi Tace Masu Sai mun sake Dawowa Shan Bikin Suna ko Asma, u

Rufe Fuska Tayi Suka Suka Sanya Dariya Da murna Rufaida Za,ayi Kanne Ko Kanwa

Juya Sukayi Kafin Su Ida Fita Kofa Suka bata bat

Sukuwa Babin Fira suka bude Inda Rufaida Take Makale Da Iyayenta Shima Ridwan yana Tare da Su Ga kuma Jaririn Ramlat

To Bari Muleka Gurin Su Uwani mugani

Wai Wai wai Him Wayyo Allah Mun tuba Munyi Nadama

Yelwa Wallah Kishin Ruwa Yadame ni Ga Uwar Yunwa Ga Fitsari

Wayyo Allah Yakawo Inna Aljana Allah ya Huci Zuciyar Inna Aljana

Uwani Har Kinada Bakin Magana Ki Duba Ki Gani Haduwa Ta Dake Babu Wani Abunda Ya Tabuka Mani Sai Tarin Nadama

Uwani A Gaskiya Ina Mai Bakin Cikin Sanin ki A Rayuwa Anya Uwani Kina Tuna Kalar Mugun Abun da Kikayi A Rayuwa Kisani Uwani Wallahi Nayi Tuban Gaskiya

Yanzun Kiduba Wa Incan Bokayen Ashe Suma Bazasu Iya Attaka Komai ba Inda Zasu Iya Da Sunyi wa Kansu Magani

Boka Dan Tsito kiduba Yanda Duk Suka Koma Kalar Tausayi Duk da Ba,abun Tausayi A gare Su Kiduba Yanda Sukayi Katon Ciki Lamar Masu Shirin Haihuwa ko Ruwan da Muke Dan Samu Muyi Kurbi Ukku Su Basu Samu

Yanzun Uwani Wannan Abun fa Azabar Duniya ke nan Inga Azabar Lahira Tabbas Munyi Mummunan Kuskure Kuma Kuma Jahilci ne Yajawo Muna Duk Wannan Abun

Shiru Yelwa Tayi da Tagama Wannan Maganar Hawaye Nazuba A Idon ta

Uwani ma Kukan Take Harda Shashshe ka Hawaye Zuba Kawai Yake Idonta Duk Sunyi Kumburi Saboda Kuka

Cewa Take Cikin Rawar Muryar Wallahi Yelwa Nayi Nadama Ta Gaskiya Tabbas Mahaifiya ta Ta Cutar dani Da Ace Inaga Dangin Mahaifina Da Nazama Yarinyar Kiki Kuma Abar so Ga Kowa Amman Yanzu Miye Amfanina Shin Wai Mahaifiyata Ta Taba Tunanin A,INA Nake

Koda Taji Zafi Nasan Wa,inda Na Cuta Sun fita Shiga Wannan Halin

Tabbas Bani son In Mutu da Hakkin Jama,a Yanzun Taya Zanfara Neman Wanda Nacuta Shin Yanzun A,ina Zan Gansu Na Rokesu Suyafeni ShinKo Hakkin Malam Adamu ma Kawai Ya Ishe ni Wayyo Ni Kaina Uwani Innata Kin Cuceni Kin dorani Mummunar Hanya Ya Allah Natuba

Su boka Kuwa Nishi Daya days Take Fita daga Bakin Su Ga Wasu Ruwan Kumfa Na Fita Aba kunan Su

Duk Wannan Abun da Suke A Tsaye Take Tana Kallon Su Kuma Duk Abun da Suke Fada Tana Jinsu

Matsowa Tayi Tace Tabbas Uwani Kunyi Kuskure Amman Ku Tubar wa Allah Sannan Kuma Ku Koma Duk Wanda Kuka Cuta Kunemi Yafiyar Sa

Yanzun Zan Maidaku Gida Jen ku In Kun Gyara Kanku juyawa Tayi Gurin Bokayen Tace Kuma Zan Maida Ku Dajin Ku Kuci gaba Da Inda Kuka Tsaya

Hannu Tasa Nuna Su Take Suka bace Bat

Sannan Ta dubi Gefen ta Tace Kun Ganar wa Idon Ku Wannan Mutanen Masu Iron Halinku

To Kusani Duk Abun da Kuka Shuka Shi Zaku Girba Dan Tukunya Zan Maida kai Dajin Da Kafito Nasan Baka Mance da Sharadin Tsafin kaba Dan Haka Jinin ka da kokon kanka Nasune Tunda Kabari Tukunyar Ta Fashe Kasani Suna nan Suna Jiranka Kuma Yanzun Nan Zaka Koma ka Girbi Abinda Ka Shuka

Wayyo Innata Kiyi Mani Rai Wayyo Tukunya Bakiyi Mani Amfaniba Afusace Ta Nunashi Take ya Bata bat

Ku Kuma Bazanyi Maku Komai ba Amman Zan Baku Sharadi Dole Ki koma Ki Fadi Gaskiya Kitonawa Kanki Asiri Kisani Nafada Masu Wani Amman Kisani Kuka Kuskura Baki Fada ba Zan Dawo Kuma Zan Iya Baku Albishir mai Dadi

Saudat Akan Saudat Take Tasanar dasu halin da Saudat Take ciki Kuma Tace In Baki Tonawa Kanji Daya Sirin ba Zanzo Nafada Kuma Kisani Dole Zan Maida ke Almajira Kamar yanda Kike A can baya

Hhhhhhhhhh HANNU ta Saga Take suka Bace Bat

Saudat Kuwa Yaune Za,ayi Aikin Shan jininta da kayan cikinta Alhaji Muntari ne Yadaga Wuka Zai Caka Mata A ciki

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Hassy Soja

Year mutan Gusau ce

4/19/20, 7:52 PM – +234 706 361 7906: ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒฒ

๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€ BANI CE BA ๐Ÿ™†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€


(Aljana ce)


Hassy soja

A gaskiya masoyana ina jidadi comments din Ku sosai ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

Ina Alfahari da Ku masoyana yanda kuke nuna Mani kauna Allah ya bar zumunci Amin๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

Bismillahir Rahamanin Rahim DA sunan Allah mai Rahama mai Jin’kai

Sadaukarwa Ga Mahaifina Allah ya Jikan Sa yayi masa Rahama Amin.

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______________________Ya daga Wukar Ya Caka mata Ke nan Ita Kuwa Saudat Tariga da Sadakar Sai Addu,a Take Neman Taimakon Allah Wadda Nabila Ta koya Mata




Wannan Addo,in ne Takeyi Dan Sun Shigeta Sosai Saboda Nabila Karfa mata gwiwa kuma Tafada mata Tasa Ranta Allah Sai Taimaketa

Yadaga wukar Yayo Kanta Gadan gadan daniyar Chakamata Kawai

Sukaji Wata Irin Kara Tare da Gurnani Marar Dadin ji Kuma Take Gidan Turnuke da wani bakin Hayaki da wari Marar Dadin Ji

Take gidan Yafara Wata Irin Girgiza Kamar Zai Rushe yafado Kansu

Shima Muntarin Wata Irin Kara Yafasa Yasaki Wukar Tafadi Kasa

Take Idonun Sa Suka Fara Fitar da Wani bakin jini

Ganin Halin Da Muntari Yashiga ne Yasa Saudat Kara murya Gurin yin Addu,a

Tashi Tsaye Tayi Ta Juya Da Gudu Karo Taci da Nabila Wadda Ta Jawo Sauran Mutanen Da Suka Rage Su Biyar

Kiyi Sauri Wallahi Kafin Gidan Ya Rushe da mu Dan Wasu Guraren Sun zube

Ai kuwa Da Gudu suka kama Neman gurin Tsira Basu Samu Hanya ba Gashi Gidan Saura Kadan Ya Rushe kuma Inda Sukene Yarage Masu

Kafin Suyi Wani yun kurin Guduwa Sukaga wata katan ga Zata Fado Masu Kawai Wani Irin Iska mai Mugun Karfi Ya ke waye su Kafin Kifta Ido Har Ankawo Su Nesa Da Gidan Aka Ajiye Su

Hango Gidan Sukayi Yakama da wuta Ya Rushe Sai da Gidan Yagama Rushe wa Sannan Han kalinsu Yadawo Kansu

Sai Alokacin ne Suke Mamakin Waya kawo su

Nabila ce Tace Nidai Abunda Nasani Shine Lokacin da Aka Dauki Saudat Tanayin Addu,a To Muma Addu,ar Mukeyi

To Kun San Bayan Anfita Da Ita Nima Nafita To bin Bayan su Nayi Ganin Dakin da Aka Shiga da Ita ne Wanda Tunda Muke A wannan Gidan Bamu Taba Gani ba

Ashe Gurin Kujerar da yake Zama In Yana Nan Ashe duk Kisan Da Yakeyi Wannan Gurin Yake Shiga Hannun Kujerar ne Makulillin To Kafin Ya Rufe Kofar Nayi Saurin Dauko Ruwa A Firj

Ina Dauko wa Nabude Nakama Yin Addo,o Ina Tofawa Aciki Bayan Nagama ne Nasha Na shafe Jikina Baki Daya Duk da Nasan Kasada ce Amman Nariga da Nasawa Raina Taimako Duk Junnan mu Tunda Akafara Dauki Dai dai Nasan Wata Rana mune Awannan Halin Shiyasa Nake Sanku Yin Tsayuwar Dare Duk da Nasani Cewa Wasu daga Cikin mu Kwadayi ne Yajawo su

Bakamar niba Nida Akayi Sadaka dani Tunda ni Marainiya ce

Nayi Niyar Yin Jihadi Nasan Allah Zai Taimake ni

A Haka Nayi Ta Bibiyar Hanyar Har Allah Ya Taimake ni Na Gane Wani Daki Wanda Ba,a Ciki Aka Kai Saudat ba

Ina Shiga Dakin Da yake Abude Yake Nashiga Sai dai me Ashe Da Rabon Nayi mummu nan Gani Ai Kuwa Wani Katon Dodone Mummuna Baida kyawon Gani

Wani Irin Gunani Yafara Harda Su Fadin Kin Kawo Kanki Yarinya Kisani Mutuwar kice Kikazo Ansa Kinyi Gaggawa

Cikin Wata murya Abun Tsoro Hannu ya Daga Kafin Yakawo Inda Nake Tayin Addu,a Kawai

Naga An Amshe Robar Ruwan Hannu na Anwatsa wa Wannan Halittar Wata Irin Kara Halittar Ta Kwatsa Kuma Cikin Gurnani Saida Gidan Ya Amsa

Har Gidan Yayi ta Girgiza Kuma Wannan Halittar Narkewa Takeyi Kamar An Narka Dalma

Kawai Ya Tarwatse Agurin Sai Tsutsi ke Motsi Nidai Ban San Wanda Yafitar dani ba Sai dai Na Ganeni Abakin Kofa Inda Kuke

Nazo Najawo Ku Mukayi Gurin Saudat Atare To Sauran Bayanin Duk Kun san shi Ban San Wanda Yafidda muba Yakawo mu Anan Gurin ba

Kowa Acikin su Nisawa Yayi Suna yiwa Allah Godiya da Kuma Addu,ar Allah yakara Tsare Bayin sa Aduk Inda Suka Shiga Amin Suka Amsa bani Daya

Saudat ce Tace Tabbas Mukam Bamuyi Sa,ar Mahaifiya ba Tunda Tasa Muka Rayu Cikin Duhun Jahilci Kuma Tasanya Muka Tashi Cikin Tsanar Mahaifin mu Da Yan Uwan mu gashi Babu Makaran tarda Muke Zuwa Ta Addini Ko Ta Boko

Ki Godewa Allah Saudat Gabaki Daya Suka Juya Ganin Mai Maganar Wata Mata Suka gani Kyakyawa Daga Gani Kasan Mulki Ya Zauna

Murmushi Tayi Tace Kada Kudamu Kuma Karkuji Tsorona Nice Nafitar da daku Da Taimakon Ku Hakika Addu,a Ba Karya Bace

Nabila Kinyi Jihadi Allah Yakara muna Karfin Imani Yanzun Zan Kaiku Gidajen Ku In banda Nabila

Nabila Zan Hadaki Da Uwaye Na Kwarai Kisani cewa Kukan Rashin Iyaye Yakare Agare ki Kisani Cewa Daga Yanzun Kema Kin Zama Ya Mai Cikakken Gata

Murna ce Takama Nabila Tayi ta Godiya

Sannan Tace Saudat Yanzun Kigane Duniya Ko To Kisani Hakkin Mahaifin ki ma Ya Ishe ki

Sannan kuma Yanzun ne Zaki Gane Miye Tarbiya Kuma Zaki Gane Miye Hakki Kuma Dukkanin Azzalumi Karshen Sa Baya Kyau

Yanzun Duk Ku Rufe Idon Ku kowa Rufe Idon Yayi Sai da Akace Su Bude Suka Bude

Ganin kansu Sukayi Zazzaune Atsar Falon Gidan Bude Idanu Sukayi Ganin Gurin Cike Yake da mutane

Zumbur Saudat Ta Tashi Tsaye Da Gudu Tayi Gurin Abba Ta Kama Kafarsa Ta Na kukan Nadama

Abba Dan Girman Allah Kayafe ni Wallahi Allah Abba Nayi Nadama Ko mawa Tayi Gurin Mame Tarike Kafarta Taci Gaba da Kuka Mame Dan Allah Kuyafeni Wallahi Nayi Nadama kuma Ku Kun sani Momyn muce Ke Sanyawa Mina Yin Badai dai ba

Mame Kun San cewa Duk Abunda Aka Dora Yaro Dashi Zai Tashi

Amman Yanzun Natuba Nabi Allah Nabiku Kamata Mame Tayi Ta Tayar da Ita Zaune Ta Rungume ta Tace

Tabbas Saudat Kunyi Kuskure Amman Laifin Mahaifiyar Kune

Mun Yafe Maki Kuma Abban Ku Ya Yafe Maki Kinji Allah Yatsare Gaba Amin Kowa Yace

Abba ne yace Saudat Ba Laifin Ku Bane Nawa Laifin Yafi Yawa Amman Dan Allah Kuma Kuyafe ni

Ta dawo Gurin Abba Ta Rungume Shi Tana kuka kafin Sukara yin Magana Sai Ga Anty Amarya Ita da Kareema Kamar mabarata

Da kuka Kareema Ta Riga Da Gudu Tafada Akan Saudat Tana Kuka

Saudat Kece Kika Zama Haka Saudat Sannu Kinji Wannan Abun Duk Laifin Momyn mune kiyi Shiru kinji

Saudat ce Tace Yi Shuru Kareema Kinemi Yafiyar Abba Da mame

Aikuwa Kareema Tayi Gurin Abba Da Kuka Kuka Takeyi Tana Rokon su Yafiya Duk Suka Yafe Mata

Anty Amarya ce Tace Saudat Kareema Kun Mance Danine Har Kuke Rokon Wasu Yafiya Agabana To Kusani Daga Yau Na Shafe Ku Daga Cikin Yayana Allah Yatsine maku Shegu Danasan Haka Zaku Zama Dana Kashe Ku Da Hannuna

Hhhhhhhhhh Hhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh Tunda Kuka Tona Mani Asiri Kuma Sai natona Maku Asiri

Hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhhh hhhhhhh

Jifa Tayi da Dan kwalinta Tafara Hauka Tace Yara Bari kuji Abunda Naboye Maku

Alhaji Asiri Nayi Maka Ka Aureni Sannan Kuma Ada Ina Bara ne Abakin Titi Kana Bani Sadaka To Da kudin Da nake Tarawa be Ahannu na Nasamu Nayi Maka Asirai Duk da Nasha wuya Kafin Nasamu Boka Dan Tukunya Yayi Mani Aiki Akanka Sannan Kuma Nasha Kwashe Maka Kudi Ina Kaiwa Boka

Tarayyata Da boka Dan Tukunya Tayi Tsanani Wanda Har gurin sa Ina Kwanaki Idan Nace Zange Garin mu To Gurinsa Nake Zuwa Yanzun ma Wannan Yayan Ban Sani ba Ko Nakane Koba Naka bane

Hhhhhhhh kuje Kuyi Gwaji Ku Gani


Sannan Kuma An rigada Anyi Masu Asirin Su Tsaneka da Duk Wani Wanda Yake da Hadi Da Jininka Kuma Boka yace Duk Sanda Suka Dan ganta Kansu Dakai to Asiri Ya Karye kuma Karshen Abun Duke Wani Aiki Da Akayi Zai Lalace Kuma Ni

Zan Haukace Nabi Daji Kuma Sauran Aljannun Dan Tunya Su Dauke ni Hhhhhhhhhh

Tashi Tsaye Tayi Tafara Taka Rawa Tana Fadin

Nazama nazama nazama Nazama Matar Aljan Nazama Matar Su Aljannun Dan Tukunya

Hhhhhhhh Waje tayi Dagu Babu Wanda Yayi Yun Kurin Tarota

Su Saudat Kuwa Kuka Kawai Suke Cikin Mugun Tashin Hankali

Wannan Aljanar ce FARHANATUN NUR Tace Koda Bakuyi Gwaji ba Wannan Yaran Kowa Yagani Yasan Nakane Kuma Jinin ka

Idan Har kayarda Da cewa Yayan Kane To Naka ne Idan Kuma Ka Musa To Kasani Sai Anyi Gwajin

Ridwan Be Yace Tabbas Abba wannan Yayan kane Kada Kasawa Kanka kokonto

Mame ma Cewa Tayi Kaso Yayanka Kayi Masu Gata Kamar sauran Yaran

Maman Rufaida ce Tace Kutaso Yarana Kusani Yayana Yana Kaunar jinin Sa

Mahaifin Rufaida ma Cewa Yayi Dan uwa Kaji Yanda Kowa yafada Yanzun Kaine Kawai Muke jira

Mumurshi Abba Yayi Yace Banda Ja Duk Abunda kuka Fada Dai dai ne Anan ne Abba Yasanar dasu Suwaye Iyayen Rufaida da Matsayin su

Rungume Su Maman Rufaida Tayi Sukace gwaggo Munyi Murna Da Ganin Ku

Rungume su Tayi Tajawo Hannun Rufaida Dana Ramlat dake Kusa da Rufaida dasu Two win Wanda Tunda Aka Fara Rigima Basuce Komai ba

Saboda Maganar Manya ce batasu bace Shiyasa Basu Saka Bakiba

Hada Hannu wan Su Tayi Tace Ku Zauna Lafiya da junan kada naji Kada nagani Cewa Sukayi Insha Allah

Sarauniya Fahanatun Nur ce Tace To In Kun Gama Ku dawo Mu Iyar da Zance

Natsuwa Sukayi Suka bada Hankalin su Gurin ta

Cewa Tayi Kunga Wannan Yarinyar Cewa da Nabila Cewa Sukayi Tabbas

To Nabila fa Marainiyar Allah ce Babu Uwa Babu Uba Mahaifiyarta Ta Rasu Tun gurin Haihuwar Ta Tabarta Ga Mahaifinta ne Tunda Itama Iyayenta Bata san suba

Ita ma Rikon ta Goggon ta Tayi kuma Tayi Mata Aure Irin Na Rashin Gata Tayi Mata Aure ne Da Baban Nabila Saboda Shi Matafiyi ne Ba Mazauni ba Tunda Akayi Auren Yatafi da Ita Wani Garin Shike Nan Bata sake komawa ba Har Tarasu

Koda Rikonta Yakoma Ga Mahaifinta Yaga Abun Zaiyi Masa yawa Sai Ya Auro wata Banyan Auren Da Shekara Ukku Tafara Gallazawa Nabila

Inda Allah Yataima keta Mahaifin ta In Zai Fita Yana Kaita Islamiya Safe da marece

Shekarar Nabila Sha Ukku Aduniya Mahaifita Yayi Hatsarin Mota Ya Rasu Tun Da Mahafin Ta Yarasu Wahala Ta Dawo Gidan Wahala Yar Aiki Ta Dawo Da Ita wahala babu Irin Wadda Bata Bata

To dama Taso Sanyata Karuwanci Amman Allah Baibata Iko ba Tasha Hada mata Tarko Allah na Tseratar da Ita

Ganin Muntari Dan Shan Jini ne Yasaka Ta Sayar Masa da Ita Sannan Tasanar dasu Duk Halin da Suka Shiga Har fitowar su Har kawowa Yanzun

Kowa Ka Kalla Hawaye ne A Idonsu Tabbas Sun Dauki Nabila Amatsayin ya Wasu kuma Yar uwa

Rungume Nabila Su Rufaida Sukayi Abba Yace Nabila min Tayaki Murna Kin samu Iyaye da Yan uwa kinji Yar Albarka

Sunyi Farin ciki Sosai Tafiya ce Suka Shirya Inda Sarauniya Farhanatun Nur Tace Su Shiga Motoci Zata saka Akai su Yanzun

Haka kuwa Suka Cika Umarni Sun Dan fara Tafiya Me Nan Lamar Amafalki Sai Gasu Sun Isa

Isar su Garin Ke nan Basu Tsaya Ko Ina ba Sai kofar Gidan Malam Shu’aibu

Suna Tsayawa Malam Nafitowa Daga Cikin Gida

Ai Da gudu Rufaida Ta Isa Inda Malam Yake A Tsaye Sake da Baki yana Ganin Kamar mafalki ne yakeyi Sakin Sa Tayi Tayi Cikin Gidan Gurin Kakar su Da Gudun ta

Wayyo Kakata Nayi Kewar ki Fito Kiga Abun Farin ciki Da Sauri Inna Tafito Ganin Rufaida ne Yasakata murza Ido Tace Dagaske Koda Mafalki

Kai Inna Da Gaske ne Bani Katuwar Tabarma Nasan Yau Sai Bacci Yakasa Daukar ki

Shiga Tayi Ta Dauko Tabarma Ta Shimfida Ta Zaunar da Inna

Akofar Gidan Kuwa Abba ne yafara Fitowa Mamaki ne da Farin ciki Yake ji Kafin Yakarasa Inda Malam Sai kuma Idon Malam Yasauka Gurin Maman Rufaida Asma,u Auta Ai Da gudu Tazo Gurin Malam Ta Rungume Sa Shima Abba Rungume su Sai kukan Farin ciki Sukeyi Su Mame Da Iyalanta Kuwa Gidan Suka Shige Suka Isko Inna da Rufaida Said Hira Suke Ta Yaushe Rabo

Inna Ganin Mame da Iyalanta ne yakata Mikewa Atsaye Cikin Rawar Baku Tace Matar Kabiru Ke kece Nake Gani

Karasowa Mame Tayi Ta Rungume Inna Tana bata Hakuri da Neman Yafiya Ita Kuwa Inna Cewa Take Munyafe Maku Sakin Mame Tayi Tayo Gurin Sauran Jiko Kinta Ridwane Tafara Rikewa Tasake Sa Tayi Gurin su Ramlat Ta Anshi Babyn

Matswa Ridwan Yayi Gurin Rufaida Yace Wato Ke Harda su Gudu Ko Kin Ma Mance Tare Mukazo Said Fira kukeyi Luna Dariya Yana yimata Hararar Wasa To Inma Wani Abun Tabaki Kika boys Dan Kar Inci Wallahi Dauko Shi yace Tare Da Zama Kusa Da Ita

Rufaida Race Wayyo Yaya Fira kawai Mukeyi Su Mame Kuwa Da Inna da Ramlat Saudat Kareema Nabila Has an Husaina Da Kallo Suka Bisu Dan su Basu Tabs Ganin Sunyi Magana ba Amman yau Harda su Dariya

Matsowa Sukayi Suka Zauna Inna Tabude Baki Tayi Magana Me Nan Sai Ga Malam da Abba da Baban Rufaida da kuma Auta Maman Rufaida Take Inna Ta Mikawa Nabila Yaron Tayo Kan Iyalanta

Hardasu Tuntube Tazo Gurin Abba Tace Kabiru Auta Adamu Daman Kuna Raye Lallai Allah Shine Abun Godiya Rungume Yaranta Tayi Suna Kukan Farin Ciki

Malam be Yace Azazzauna Kowa Zama Yayi Inna Na Tare Da Yayanta Guda Biyu Dan kuwa Ayau Babu Wanda Yakaisu Farin ciki

Bayan Malam Ya bude Taro da Addu,a Akabawa Abba Dana Ya Fadi Duke Wani Abun da Yafaru Tun daga Farko Hat Karshe Tabbas Su malam da Inna Abun Ya Girgiza Su

Sunyi wa Allah Mai girma mai Iko Akan Komai godiya Sannan Sukayiwa Aljana Farhanatun Nur Addu,a Da Amin Ta Amsa Ta Taya Malam Murnar Ganin Iyalan Sa Tayi Masu Sallama Ta Tafiyar ta

Haka Wannan Ranar Suka kasance Cikin Tsantsar Farin ciki Gashi Sunji Auren Rufaida Da Ridwan Wanda Yanzun Suke Baiwa kowa mamaki Irin shakuwar da Tashiga Tsakanin su

Mutane Kuwa Said Zuwa Tayasu Murna Akeyi

To Allah yatabbatad da Zaman lafiya da Aminci Acikin Wannan Ahlin

Uwani ma Tazo Taroki Yafiya Kowa Ya Yafema Amman Baban Rufaida Yabata Ticket dinta Har Ukku Tayi Kuka Tayi Dana Sani ba Adadi

Anty Amarya Kuwa Duk Wanda Yayi Mata Kallo Data Bays Fatan sakewa Saboda Anriga da An chanza Mata Kamanni Baki daya Kuma Acikin Dajin Take Ita daya Said Hauka Takeyi Tuburan

Allah yarabamu da aikin Danasan Amin

Boka Dan Tukunya kuwa Cikin Yashe ya mutu

Boka Dan tsito ma Cikin Sa da Kansa Sun Fashe

Allah yasa mucika da kyau da Imani


To Duka duka An an Nakawo Karshen Littafina Mai SUNA BANICE BA ALJANACE







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